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Build Your Centre presentation from August 27th provincial engagement event. http://buildyourcentre.ca

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  • -I would like to take a few minutes to review this project, our industry and our business.
  • PROJECT OVERVIEW-Review points on slide
  • INDUSTRY OVERVIEW – CANADIAN SNAPSHOT -The Canadian meetings and conventions industry has a strong record for economic results with a history of solid growth – it is a strong contributor to the Canadian economy. -According to the 2008 Conference Board of Canada economic impact study for Meeting Professionals International, the industry:Generated more than $71 billion/year in industry outputProduced more than 670,000 meetings per year Generated more than $14 billion in annual tax revenue to all levels of government And, created the equivalent of over 550,000 full-year jobs (this is the most recent data available, currently being updated)
  • INDUSTRY OVERVIEW – COMPETITION & FACILITY LIMITATIONS -The Canadian market has always taken a strategic approach to expansion. Expansion is occurring nationally and regionally. The most recent announcement came from Winnipeg which is moving forward with the redevelopment of its current convention centre. -The limitations of our current facility continue to be one of the primary reasons our clients go elsewhere. In fact, 55% of our current facility does not meet industry standards. Our functional capacity islimited to one mid sized convention at a time.-An architectural assessment of our current site found that structurally, our current footprint does not offer the flexibility required to meet the specifications for the new convention centre. -Because of our facility limitations, we continue to lose events and the jobs and benefits that they generate. -Between June 2007-March 2012, Nova Scotia haslost over 100 national and international events that we couldn’t accommodate, with the facility cited as the primary reason why clients are not choosing Nova Scotia. Examples of lost business: Assembly of First Nations – 1,000 delegatesCanadian Co-operative Association – 550 delegatesWorld Council of Credit Unions – 2,500 delegates
  • TOTAL PROJECTIONS-With the new convention centre, we are projecting growth across each of our customer segments. Most importantly, we will: 1. Focus on growing the number of single, larger events 2. Focus on hosting concurrent small to mid-size events 3. Increase the number of national and international events hosted, attracting more new visitors to Nova Scotia-We project that during the first 10 years of operations, the new convention centre will attract and host a total of 6,800 events and 2.2 million visitors. Notes:-08/09 is representative of an average operating year-During the last 10 years we hosted 6,400 events
  • Introduce yourself, say your title, department, Provgov
  • Here to talk about the Convention Center and provide some information to get you thinking about how the entire province might benefit
  • This is part of a much larger project that will include office towers, hotel, etc. Provide the opportunity for Nova Scotia to be a financial centre.
  • Estimate of direct provincial government revenue - $51.6 million; spinoff $34.1 millionThese amounts are in 2010 dollars – so inflation has been taken out of the numbersIn the Convention Centre carried on business at the same level as 2009 the difference would be about $40 million between the two. This is probably conservative since the estimate from the new World Trade Centre does not include local and consumer and tradeshow delegates that the current centre does. As well, with some convention becoming larger we are no longer able to host those that we did previously.
  • Almost half of Conference and Convention Visitors from outside of Atlantic Canada extend their stay to see the province. Extend stay an average of 2.4 nights. That means there is a huge opportunity to grow the number of people who stay longer and spend more.
  • Delegate Spending is already significantly higher than the average visitor to Nova Scotia. If we can start to build on the opportunity for pre and post visits, their spending will continue to increase
  • Only hfx convention visitorsExplain:Currently Halifax convention visitors already travel throughout the province, and there is a huge opportunity for growth.
  • Visitors from outside of Atlantic Canada are visiting destinations around the province. Here are the top ones noted from our Visitor Exit Survey – there’s lots of room for growth
  • You may have heard through the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency industry and government are working together to develop a long-term Tourism Strategy. Our strategic goal is to…Tell people in layman’s terms what it means…attract more, stay longer, spend more
  • Some of the ways the Nova Centre will support this new strategy will be to get people around easily, inspire them to discover everything NS has to offer and create new opportunities for all of us to work together to build tourism in NSSummarize:We look forward to hearing from you on how we can collaborate as One Nova Scotia and influence policy and programs to build tourism and create jobs and prosperity throughout the province
  • -The new convention centre is an investment in our economy and our community. Beyond the direct economic benefits, this is an opportunity to: Position Nova Scotia as a destination of choice: World-class infrastructure to match ourworld-class reputation for hosting will position us for success. This will generate increasedexposure for Nova Scotia and visitation toareas throughout the province. National andinternational delegates extend their stay with pre- and post-convention travel across NovaScotia, supporting tourism with stays in local accommodations and visits toattractions. (Stephen will speak to the economic and tourism impacts in more detail) Create spin-off opportunities through delegate and planner spending for local industry andsuppliers. Events require a range of services and products, planner spending supports NovaScotia companies through things such as offsite facility rentals, event labour, event marketing,local food and beverage, logistics, transportation and entertainment. Work with key sectors to proactively and strategically attract events that connect to localbusiness and industry.Attracting visitors that otherwise would not travel to Nova Scotia,meetings and conventions generate exposure to influential audiences focused on business,professional and scientific development. Meetings and conventions attract knowledge in fieldsthat align with government policy, including education, health, science, technology and energy. Build on our strong research base and post-secondary community by attracting the best and the brightest in the world. Meetings and conventions showcase Halifax and Nova Scotia to a diverse audience of professionals and decision-makers, acting as gateways to our province that build our international profile and position Nova Scotia on the world stage. Develop a community facility that will allow non-profit groups to raise more money and inturn fund more programs for Nova Scotians (i.e. Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia,Children’s Wish Foundation of Nova Scotia).  
  • NS Consultation Presentation - Sydney NS

    1. 1. The New Convention Centre –Industry & Business Overview
    2. 2. Project Overview – Convention CentreProvince of Nova Scotia, Halifax Regional Municipality & Government ofCanada partnering to fund new convention centre - $164.2M -PNS & HRM each contributing approximately $56M -Government of Canada contributing $51MFixed-price, turn key facility; no payments Rank until facility is completeRank has responsibility for cost overruns, design & construction riskMulti-level convention centre, approximately 120,000 sq ft of rentablespace (290,000 gross sq ft)LEED Gold certifiedOpening in January 2016
    3. 3. Industry Overview – Canadian SnapshotCanadian meetings & conventions industry is a strong economiccontributor: Generated more than $71 billion/year industry output Produced more than 673,000 meetings/year Generated more than $14 billion in annual tax revenue Created equivalent of over 550,000 full-year jobs *Conference Board of Canada 2007/2008 Canadian Economic Impact Study Update for Meeting Professionals International
    4. 4. Industry Overview – Competitive EnvironmentRecent expansions in Canada: new Ottawa Convention Centre, VancouverConvention Centre, Niagara Convention Centre & Winnipeg ConventionCentre expansion recently announcedRecent expansions in Atlantic Canada: new Fredericton ConventionCentre, expansion of Moncton Coliseum, new Charlottetown ConventionCentre & St. John’s Convention Centre expansion underway55% of current WTCC does not meet industry standardsJDA Architects assessment confirms current footprint can’t accommodateproposed expansionSince 2007, Nova Scotia has lost over 100 national & international eventsdue to facility limitations
    5. 5. Market Potential – Projected Future BusinessYear Total Events Total Delegate & AttendeesFiscal 08/09 584 163,365(actual, for comparison)Projected Year 5 671 220,000Projected Year 10 735 250,000Total 10 Years of 6,800 2.2 millionOperationsThe new convention centre with larger, more flexible space allows for: 1. Hosting larger events of up to 3,000 attendees 2. Hosting more concurrent small & mid-size events 3. More national & international events
    6. 6. Nova Centre Economic opportunities for the whole province
    7. 7. Agenda1. The Business Case2. Economic Opportunities3. Long-term Tourism Strategy
    8. 8. Benefits: Construction Phase• Building the Convention Centre will result in: – $9.5 million in provincial government revenue (direct and spinoff) – Employment Benefits • 900 person-years of direct employment • 800 person-years of indirect employment
    9. 9. Benefits: Operations Phase • Operating the Convention Centre will result in: – $85 million in provincial tax revenue (direct and spinoff) in first 10 years – $40 million more than from current World Trade Centre • Impacts will come from: – Employment, food, accommodations, security, logistics, entertainment, transportation, retail, etc.Source: Economic Impact Assessment of the Proposed Redevelopment of a World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax, Gardner-Pinfold, 2009
    10. 10. Tourism Opportunity: Pre & Post Trips Almost half of delegates from outside of Atlantic Canada extend their stay to see the provinceExtend stay to see the province 47% Attend event only 53% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
    11. 11. Tourism Opportunity: Increase Delegate Spending Spending per Person, per Day $201 $98 All Visitors Convention Visitors
    12. 12. Halifax Convention Visitors travel the province Regions Visited Outside of Halifax Fundy & Annapolis Valley 19% South Shore 17% Northumberland Shore 16% Cape Breton 4% Eastern Shore 1% Opportunity for growth Yarmouth & Acadian Shore 1%
    13. 13. Popular stops for Out-of-Region Convention Visitors Peggy’s Cove 25% Lunenburg 20% Mahone Bay 17% Truro 13% Cape Breton 9% Digby 7% Wolfville 7% Antigonish 6% Chester 6% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
    14. 14. Long-Term Strategic Goal for Tourism in Nova Scotia:Focused on the visitor – to attract more of them,increase spending, and encourage longer stays – to build overall industry profitability.
    15. 15. Nova Centre Supports the Tourism Strategy• Improve access to key tourism assets and experiences• Encourage convention visitors to experience the entire province and inspire them to come again• Focus on partnerships to attract more visitors and showcase Nova Scotia
    16. 16. Provincial Benefits & OpportunitiesPosition Nova Scotia as a destination of choiceGenerate increased tourism; pre- & post-convention travelSupport local industry & business community through provision of goods &services; showcase Nova Scotia productsBuild our international reputation through business development &business attractionCreate learning & training opportunities – leverage research expertiseSupport non-profit & community groups