Exclusive Offer - Free Site Report and Home Design


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Brisbane Unique Homes also offers their clients the expertise, free of charge, of their interior designer, who can help with colour selection for both the interior and exterior of the home. http://www.brisbaneuniquehomes.com.au

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Exclusive Offer - Free Site Report and Home Design

  1. 1. Exclusive Offer - Free Site Report and Home DesignAs the shortage of good building blocks becomes more desperate, and new housing developments takelonger to bring to the market, buyers are increasingly looking to established suburbs for a suitablebuilding block. Brisbane Unique Homes specialize in custom designing homes to maximize a block’s bestfeatures, and along with House Builders Brisbane, will create a home that is as unique and individual asthe occupants.The company is owned and operated by the Taylor family, and the principal, Jim Taylor has 30 years ofexperience in building homes. In his quest for perfection, Jim has assembled a team of the besttradespeople, all fully licensed, with a reputation for high-quality work.Jim personally supervises construction, and his hands-on approach is appreciated by the clients who feelcomfortable knowing that their home is as important to Jim as it is to them.“We visited the site many times to check on progress, and often ran into Jim” said Nathan and Gayle. “Itgave us great peace of mind, as we drove away, knowing that our future home was in such safe hands.”Brisbane Unique Homes offers a free site report and custom designs as part of the total home-buildingpackage. The process starts with a site inspection which identifies the features and challenges, andreports on the best aspect to take advantage of light and breezes, where to locate the living areas, roofdesigns that maximize opportunities for solar panels and hot water systems and a dozen other vitaldetails.“We didn’t realize it at the time, but the site report actually laid the groundwork for the design of ourhome. The design team worked with our ideas and the information in the report to create an absolutelystunning and unique design,” said Marcus and Sandra. “Going home at the end of a busy day is a delightand we never get tired of the layout or any of the gorgeous design features.”The design team at Brisbane Unique Homes is a mixture of wise experience and youthful enthusiasm.These attributes, along with the most up-to-date computer aided design system, combine to producecreative and unique custom designs that blend with the overall style philosophy of each individual client.As the design takes shape, the clients can actually see on the computer, 3-D concept drawings of theinside of the home, allowing them to plan furniture placement, window coverings etc. before theground is even broken. It’s a similar story with the outside, and as the images appear, the design teamand the clients make suggestions and changes, until every idea has been explored.Brisbane Unique Homes also offers their clients the expertise, free of charge, of their interior designer,who can help with colour selection for both the interior and exterior of the home. The end result is asmooth and stylish blend of colours and décor that complement the style of home the clients have
  2. 2. chosen, whether it be contemporary, ultra-modern or retro.The company operates with a fixed-price contract, and a 25 year structural guarantee, a feature thatonly the best Home Builders Brisbane can offer. Along with a 12 month post construction maintenanceprogram, efficient systems and refined building techniques, Brisbane Unique Homes can providespectacular, award-winning homes to custom designs at affordable prices. No longer is this type of style,service and quality the province of the super wealthy.http://www.brisbaneuniquehomes.com.au