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Automated Participation based Social Media Solution


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Automated Participation based Social Media Solution

  1. 1. Automated, Participation based Social& Digital Promotional solutions forShows, Events and ConferencesA Win Win Win forOrganizers, Exhibitors and Attendees
  2. 2. Why do you need a platform like ours?Organizers:Increased Revenue through sale of Social/Digital promotion tools (suchas gifts, discounts, contests, sweepstakes) to exhibitorsLarge untapped sponsorship sales opportunity on venue screens andweb propertiesExplosive show/event exposure across all relevant social media anddigital channelsdriven by attendee and exhibitor participationGenerate Deep Attendee Social and Event profilesShowcase a unique Virtual/Real world experience that drives attendeeparticipation and excitement (perfect for seminars and conferences)Develop an unparalleled quantity of genuine, organic attendee content injust days
  3. 3. Exhibitors:Drive Booth/Exhibit traffic and attendee participationCapture detailed attendee informationDrive sales and education through direct “email delivered”product/company information and promotionsQuickly Build Social/Digital communities by leveraging show traffic intosocial engagements and spreading the brand across multiple networksGenerate, collect and publish genuine, organic social content
  4. 4. Attendees:Enhanced show experienceAbility to actively participate in seminars, events and activitiesReceive all show information in email form directly to their inbox
  5. 5. How it works:Set up a simple promotion Exhibitors/Sponsors can supply product Exhibitors information, provide special offers, or discounts for social media actions taken by the attendees that visit their booth, event, seminar etc Check in and receive a 25% discount Use #tag or @mention to receive - - - - - Use #tag to be on our wall or receive a -------
  6. 6. How it works:Or even run a sweepstakes or contest Exhibitors/Sponsors can also choose to Exhibitors build their social networks at the same time by running contests and sweepstakes using the same simple actions. These promotional tools can be placed on their Facebook page or Web/Mobile properties from the same dashboard Some Easily deployed promotions include: •Instagram photo contest • Tweet caption contest • Check in Sweepstakes
  7. 7. The Attendees Part: Attendees Attendees Register to be eligible to receive information, discounts, prizes and participate in seminars, events and contests
  8. 8. Engagement Process: Attendees Content Attendees participate by submitting content In exchange exhibitors through their social offer prizes, gifts, networks (as they would discounts, notoriety or normally do) using a enter the Attendee in a specific #tag to engage contest or Sweepstakes. with exhibitors and Rewards participate in show seminars and events Show Exhibitors
  9. 9. Leveraging Content: Attendees We then publish this content to the appropriate web, mobile and social properties As well this content can be displayed in the exhibitor booth and on screens throughout the venue Show Exhibitors
  10. 10. Deeper guest understanding:Through the Exhibitors can beattendees “social” given a deeperparticipation during profile on potentialthe show we can customers as wellgenerate detailed as the opportunitysocial profiles to connect socially Attendees Content Publish Publish Rewards Show Exhibitors
  11. 11. Generate Sponsorship Ops:Sponsors cangenerate social anddigital content aswell as booth trafficby engaging thelive audience Sponsorships can be sold for screens as well as a variety of digital properties including an interactive mobileAttendees can show guiderespond using theappropriate socialplatform to receiverewards or make iton the big board
  12. 12. Create attendee memories: We can also provide a “show in review” for each participating attendee reminding them of event highlights and information they collected.