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Teena Hughes of http://BuildAWebsiteTonight.com share 33 great website tips from SEO, to online marketing, CMS and other topics.

To download the PDF, visit http://BuildAWebsiteTonight.com/33-top-website-tips.html and sign up for the 33 days of tips.

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33 Top Website Tips from BuildAWebsiteTonight.com

  1. 1. Hi, my name’s Teena Hughes and I’d like to answer some of your questions about websites. Of course there are a lot more questions than 33, but I thought that might be a nice number to start with :-) This is my website ... I hope you enjoy these tips ... let me know what you think :-) Teena Hughes © 2010
  2. 2. Navigation & design Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  3. 3. Plan your site on paper, show how the pages will link and fow together. When you see your website on paper like this, it helps to visualise how people will easily move through the website. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  4. 4. Your main pages should never be more than one click away. You can achieve this by adding Menu buttons or links. PS - extra tip! Search engines LOVE HYPERLINKING from lots of your website words to other pages. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  5. 5. Create a site map with hyperlinks pointing to every page you wish to share with website visitors. Most website software, content management systems (CMS) and blog software all make it easy to add a sitemap to your website. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  6. 6. Site maps can be broken down into categories. If you can create an indented version (like the sample shown), that's even better. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  7. 7. Always test every new page link and every hyperlink when you create and/or update your site. Always. Don't forget. Really. PS - hyperlinks are when you create a link from a bunch of words which will take you to one of your other web pages. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  8. 8. Set up 'link checker' software. Better to fnd out a link for your new product isn't working, than sit by the phone or computer, forlorn and lonely. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  9. 9. Don't put dates on your website if you're not going to maintain it by updating it regularly. No-one wants to see "Last update June 2005". No-one. Same goes for "number of visitors" - don't do it if you get less than 500 visitors a day. Please. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  10. 10. Got a shopping cart? Make a sample product for $1.00. Test it, buy something, test the entire purchase process to see what your visitors see. Are your follow-up emails friendly? Everything go smoothly without a hitch? Excellent. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  11. 11. Give visitors a reason to come back Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  12. 12. You have to have a Newsletter. Yes - you do, don’t argue with me over this. I mean it. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  13. 13. The Newsletter Sign-up box should be visible on all pages, and stand out. Build up a list of interested folks who want to hear what you have to say. Nurture them. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  14. 14. Newsletter sign-ups should have a Thank You page on your site, not the newsletter software's site. Make it personal and inviting, start building the relationship with people who've trusted you enough to give you their email name. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  15. 15. Add a bonus offer or something cool to your Thank You. How about also adding a friendly short video Thank You on the Thank You page? Nice touch. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  16. 16. Every question you receive about (or via) your website becomes a topic for your newsletter - you'll never run out of topics. Trust me. If you do, give me a call. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  17. 17. Once you start building your list, you must go back to people and offer great information. Specify how often you'll get back to them - don't constantly bombard people with your sales pitch. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  18. 18. Ask for feedback and questions - communicate with your followers. Remember that every question becomes a topic. Solving client & visitor problems with your product/service is the best thing you can ever do for your business. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  19. 19. Images Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  20. 20. Name images with the keyword phrase for that one web page. Add hyphens between words if you like: purple--cow--wearing--tutu.jpg Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  21. 21. Use ALT tag on images to include keyword phrase. "Purple cow wearing tutu - handmade earrings" Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  22. 22. Use DESCRIPTION tag on images to include keyword phrase. "Purple cow wearing tutu - handmade earrings by the artist Arabella Arithmeticitus" Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  23. 23. Provide visible text as well as images for the search engine crawlers/robots. Don't merely depend on images - add text on page as well to describe image (using keyword phrase). Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  24. 24. Make sure to ... Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  25. 25. Avoid frames in your website design. Like the plague. Honest. Trust me. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  26. 26. Avoid an all-Flash site. Same plague. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  27. 27. Write in understandable phrases and sentences. Don't be too technical or 'dry' on your website or your web visitors may not understand you. Simple concepts. Simple easy-to-understand writing. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  28. 28. Search Engine Optimization - SEO - Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  29. 29. Avoid using your website designer as your SEO specialist and Marketing specialist …. unless you know they have experience in those areas. Same goes for family and friends, and your dentist. Trust me on this. I see too many websites which have no SEO, they don't rank, and the website owners have no idea. Ask for references -- don't assume they are good at this. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  30. 30. Avoid (again - like the plague) website builder software and content management systems which don't allow you to add your own Meta Tags to aid in search engine optimization. You can thank me later ... Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  31. 31. Optimize your site – you absolutely must do this. If you don't know how, start learning or have a specialist in SEO help you out. You do want your website to be successful ... don't you? PS - you can read about SEO on my website page. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  32. 32. There is more to optimizing than Meta Tags. Read next Tip, ask your SEO person, or post a question for me. Glad to help. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  33. 33. Include both on-page and off-page optimization. Both are equally important. On-page optimization is the Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords) as well as Heading Tags, anchor text, bold, italic, image tags etc. PS - on-page optimization are things you should do, but that alone won't get you to the top of the search engines results for the keyword or keyword phrase. That's when you start to get clever : Off-page optimization basically consists of all of the other factors which are NOT located on your webpage, that the search engines look at when ranking a website. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  34. 34. Online marketing Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  35. 35. Use a Press Release template to make sure you cover all the who, what, when, where, why questions, and provide all necessary links and information. You can fnd a template on my website if you don't have one. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  36. 36. Online Press Releases are very important to announce a new product, new service, new equipment, new story about how you solved customer problem with your product/service. Make it an interesting story, to captivate the reader - don't make it a technical specifcation or blatant plug - it won't work nearly as well. Think of them as "announcements". Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  37. 37. Distribute your Press Release through the right channels to be in Google News within 24 hours, which can bring instant visitors, instant Twitter mentions and social networking mentions. If you don't blow your trumpet, who else will? Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  38. 38. Use Twitter to aid in your marketing efforts, but don't tweet TOO much about news. Include retweets about others to use the 'social' side of social marketing, which encourages others to retweet your news too. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  39. 39. Don't let your website wither and die Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  40. 40. If you want search engines to keep sending you visitors, you need to keep tweaking your website. Search engine robots love new content, and reward you with traffc. One paragraph a week will help more than none whatsoever. One new page a week is great. One new page, a couple of blog posts, a few tweets and answering a few questions online per week is fantastic. Aim for fantastic. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  41. 41. Fresh content brings the search engine robots scurrying back to your site to see what all the activity's about, over and over - it's true. Even a simple 'Question of the Week' box which appears on every page will update EVERY page, once a week. See the simplicity? It doesn't have to be hard. Add something fresh. People love that. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  42. 42. Congratulations! You've made it through these 33 top website tips! Because you've hung in there and read all the way through, I'm going to give you a few more tips as a special bonus :-) 34 - Create a Facebook Fan Page for your business. 35 - Create a Squidoo Lens page for your business. 36 - Start using videos to keep your visitors on your website, use a Youtube Channel. 37 - Create great incoming links by posting thoughtful questions on others' blogs & sites. 38 - Create lots of great content. 39 - Remember to enjoy every day of your journey, as you follow your dream. 40 - Thank people who help you along the way, give more than you need, laugh often. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  43. 43. Thank you for reading this far! If you'd like to know more tips about websites, search engine optimization, website marketing online and off - let me know. These are some of the things I've been doing for my websites and my clients' websites for years. If you haven't signed up for my VIDEO newsletter YOUR BIZ HOT TIPS, now might be a good time to do that. Just click this link to go to my website and sign up today. Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  44. 44. ... one last thing ... I’d LOVE to hear from you! What are your thoughts, opinions, or questions about these tips? Are you excited? Has the penny dropped on something you've been wondering about? If so, please share your experiences on my webpage. And if you got a lot of value out of these tips today, do me a favour and share the link with your Twitter and Facebook friends by using the share buttons on that page! Looking forward to talking to you again shortly… Wishing you much happiness and success, Teena Hughes Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7
  45. 45. Teena Hughes helps website owners and business folk understand websites, the power of SEO and Online Marketing, and teaches techniques via coaching, training and information products. For more information on any of these services or products, contact Teena today via email, phone or Skype: Contact form Phone Australia: (+61) 0408-801-808 Contact Teena for Skype details. Read about Teena on the website http://BuildAWebsiteTonight.com/ Teena Hughes © 2010 - Version 7