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Writing a Plugin for Apache CloudStack


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Alex Huang describes how to extend CloudStack through the plugiin infrastructure.

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Writing a Plugin for Apache CloudStack

  1. 1. Writing CloudStack Plugins by Alex Huang
  2. 2. A little bit about me• Cloud.Com Founding Engineer• Software architect for CloudPlatform• Responsible for overall architecture, performance, and scalability• Committer and PPMC member• BS from UC Berkeley and MS from Stanford
  3. 3. Extending CloudStack Networking 2. prepare (Network, Nic, DeployDestination, VmInfo) 1. prepare (part of start vm) Network Network Element PluggableService Manager Device Configuration MyDnsDeviceSer Admin API (CRUD) vice DnsService 3. addDnsRecord(ip, fqdn)Demonstrates one way to MyDnsDeviceMa MySQL MyDnsElementinform an external DNS nagerserver when an instancestarts. AgentManag 4.Enqueue AddDnsRecord er QueueClasses shaded blue form aplugin / service bundle tointegrate an external DNS MyDnsDeviceResserver. Clients of the ServerResource ourceinstance can then use DNSnames to access the 5.API call to Dns Deviceinstance.
  4. 4. Outline• Setup developer environment• Checking out source code• Setup devCloud• Setup a new plugin project• Write code• Write a unit test• Testing your new plugin• Potential Problems
  5. 5. Tools Needed• JDK• MySQL• Maven• Eclipse – M2e – Pydev – EGit• Cygwin if on Windows
  6. 6. The future needs you!Project web site: lists:cloudstack-dev-subscribe@incubator.apache.orgcloudstack-users-subscribe@incubator.apache.orgIRC: #CloudStack on
  7. 7. Thank You! Alex Huang Email: alex.huang@gmail.comBlog: