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Riak CS Build Your Own Cloud Storage


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Riak CS Build Your Own Cloud Storage by Pavan Venkatesh

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Riak CS Build Your Own Cloud Storage

  1. 1. Build Your Own Cloud Storage
  2. 2. About MeSolutions
  3. 3. About BashoOur Mission is to Be The Leader in Distributed Systems•  Founded January 2008•  115+ employees•  Headquartered in Cambridge, withregional offices in San Francisco,Washington DC, London and Tokyo•  Makers of Riak & Riak CS•  Thousands of Users Worldwide includingover 20% of the Fortune 50•  30,000+ downloads per month now upfrom 19,500 in Dec 2011•  Strategic Partners include Citrix, IDCFrontier, Yahoo! Japan, and Microsoft
  4. 4. Product SuiteBasho’s  distributed  systems  technologies  EnterpriseDSOpen  Source  Distributed  Database  Commercial  Distributed  Database  Distributed  Cloud  Storage  Pla7orm  • Always-­‐available,  scalable,  ops-­‐friendly  NoSQL  database  • Over  35,000  downloads  per  month  • Thousands  of  users  worldwide  • Version  1.0  unveiled  September  2011  • Adds  mulK-­‐data  center  replicaKon  &  Basho  24x7  support  • Enables  Secondary  Search  and  MapReduce  Clusters  • Requires  commercial  contract  and  secure  download  • Version  1.4  in  May  2013  • Expands  with  mulK-­‐tenancy,  large  object  support,  metering  and  Amazon  S3  API  • Enables  public  and  private  cloud  storage  • SoXware  released  to  open  source  on  March  20th  
  5. 5. Overview
  6. 6. Riak CSis...enterprise cloud storageRiakS3-compatibility multi-tenancy per user reporting builton topoflarge object storage
  7. 7. Enabling you to host your ownPUBLICPRIVATE&CLOUDSor….Reliable Storage Behind Apps
  8. 8. Riak CS Use CasesPublic CloudStorageS3 Without AWS Cloud Drive(General Content Storage)Backup-as-a-ServiceArchival andPreservationStorage forInternalClients / Depts.
  9. 9. Riak CSRiakStanchion
  10. 10. Riak CS nodefor every 
node of Riak1
  11. 11. How ItWorks
  12. 12. Riak
NodeLarge Object Riak CS
S3APIReportingAPIRiak CS
S3APIReportingAPIRiak CS
S3APIReportingAPIRiak CS
S3APIReportingAPIRiak CS
S3APIReportingAPI1. User uploads anobject1 MB2. Riak CS
breaks objectinto 1 MB chunks1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB3. Riak CS
streams chunksto Riak nodes4. Riak replicatesand stores chunks
  13. 13. Under TheHood
  14. 14. RiakRiak is a distributed NoSQL key-value store Store anything: text, images More Flexible
  15. 15. RiakRemains flexible in the long run, because of design
  16. 16. RiakHigh availability Low-latencyHorizontal scalability Fault-toleranceOps friendliness
  17. 17. RiakMasterless•  No master/slave or different roles•  All nodes are equal•  Write availability and scalability •  All nodes can accept/route requests
  18. 18. RiakNo Sharding•  Consistent hashing•  Prevents “hot spots”•  Lowers operational burden of scale•  Data rebalanced automatically
  19. 19. RiakAvailability and Fault-Tolerance •  Automatically replicates data•  Read and write data duringhardware failure and networkpartition•  Hinted handoff
  20. 20. USERSmulti-tenancy:Riak CS will trackindividual usage/statsaccess_key secret_keyusers identified by users authenticated by
  21. 21. BUCKETSusers create buckets.buckets are like objects in buckets.names are globally unique.
  22. 22. OBJECTSstored in any file type.
  23. 23. Basic OperationsS3 API Commands s3cmd mb s3://pavan-test s3cmd ls s3://pavan-test s3cmd put README.txt s3://pavan-test s3cmd get s3://pavan-test/README.txt
  24. 24. Features
  25. 25. Riak CS Large Object Support•  Started with 5GB / object•  Now have multipart upload•  Content agnostic
  26. 26. Riak CS S3-Compatible API•  Use existing S3 libraries and tools•  RESTful operations•  Multipart upload •  S3-style ACLs for object/bucketpermissions•  S3 authentication scheme
  27. 27. Riak CS Administration and Users•  Interface for user creation,deletion, and credentials •  Configure so only admins cancreate users
  28. 28. Riak CS New Stuff in Riak 1.3•  Multipart upload: parts between5MB and 5GB •  Restrict access to buckets based onsource IP
  29. 29. Multi-Datacenter Replication•  For active backups, availabilityzones, disaster recovery, globaltraffic•  Real-time or full-sync•  24/7 support•  Per-node or storage-based pricing“[deploying Riak CS] reduces the risk of using AWS and allowscustomers to store their data in their own data centers, on theirown terms.” - Alex Williams, TechCrunch
  30. 30. Riak CS
  31. 31. Operations
  34. 34. QUERY USAGE STATSStorage and access statistics trackedon per-user basis, as rollups for slicesof time•  Operations, Count, BytesIn,BytesOut, + system and user error•  Objects, Bytes
  35. 35. Partnerships
  36. 36. Citrix CloudStack•  Combined platform for computeand storage •  Summer ‘13: integratedauthentication support•  Videos on our blog
  37. 37. Roadmap
  38. 38. •  Open stack integration•  API•  Keystone authentication•  Expand S3 API support•  Object versioning support•  Cloudstack integration work
  39. 39. QA riak-users