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PaaS on top of CloudStack


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Arash Kaffamanesh presents a lightning talk during Build A Cloud Day on Platform as a Service. While most open source solution in the Cloud as focused on the IaaS layer, the Platform layer is starting to see some increase development and testing. RedHat OpenShift is seeing great traction but software like Appscale, Stackato and Cloud Fundry are also being used. In this presentation Arash presented several protoypes of deploying a Platform as a Service solution on top of a CloudStack based cloud. Not shon in the slides is the fact that Stratos from WS02 is being voted as an Apache project in the incubator. the PaaS area is heating up.

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PaaS on top of CloudStack

  1. 1. Building a PaaS on top of CloudStackBACD Amsterdam 2013, June 13thhttp://www.cloudssky.comArash Kaffamanesh
  2. 2. Agenda  PaaS vs. Open PaaS  PaaS on top of CloudStack  AppScale (OS)  Cloud Foundry (OS)  Stackato (CF proprietary)  CumuLogic (proprietary)  Choosing an Open PaaS solution on top of Apache CloudStack  AppScale  Cloud Foundry (with BOSH?)  Challenges and Solutions  Auto-Scaling  Hybrid Cloud with AWS / GCE / GAE?  Metamesh CloudCache (Infinispan)  Supporting „ANY“ Language and „ANY“ Framework  Real World Demo (What Enterprise Customers are looking for)
  3. 3. PaaS vs. Open PaaS  AppScale (OS)  AppScale implements Googles Cloud Platform, App Engine, in open source  Focused on Python, Java and GO  CF: Cloud Foundry (OS)  Open Source PaaS from VMWare, now belongs to Pivotal (GE, EMC, VMWare)  Will be supported on OpenStack / vSphere and AWS through Pivotal  Can, could or should be supported through Apache / Citrix for CloudStack?  Stackato (based on CF, proprietary)  Developed by ActiveState  Cloud Foundry LXC enhanced version (proprietary)  Runs on Citrix CloudPlatform (XenServer) out of the box  Shall run on Apache CloudStack 4.1 with XCP / KVM  Claims to be Polyglot: support „ANY“ Lang. and „ANY“ Framework (also .Net )  CumuLogic  Founded by top SUN Guys (proprietary)  Supports Java, PHP, DbaaS, ElasticCache, LBaaS
  4. 4. Open PaaS solution on top ofApache CloudStack  AppScale  Works! 100% Open Source.  Was shown on top of CloudStack on CeBIT 2013  Challenges: Auto-Scaling on top of CloudStack  Auto-Scaling supported on EC2 and Eucalyptus  Cloud Foundry  Claims to remain Open Source  Comes with proprietary Web-Interface similar to Stackato Console (inSep. 2013)  Challenges: Build and Deploy with BOSH on CloudStack  Use Chef, CFengine, Puppet?  Configure the Network (Multicast / UDP support)  Integrate with Infinspan (Data Grid Platform)  Cloudify OLD Java applications  Other OS PaaS Solutions: RedHat OpenShift Origin on CloudStack?  How, Why, Why not?
  5. 5. AppScale on CloudStack
  6. 6. AppScale rock & rolls on CloudStack 
  7. 7. StackCloud (Stackato on CloudStack)
  8. 8. Thank You for ourattention!