CloudStack Collaboration Conference Opening Remarks


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Citrix VP of Product Marketing, Peder Ulander offers a history lesson on CloudStack during his opening remarks at the CloudStak=c Collaboration Conference.

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  • Apache CloudStack is now much more than just Citrix
  • Recognize the PPMC and have them raise their hands. Moving to Apache has had some huge returns for CloudStack, in a very short period of time. As you already know, we pushed out the first Apache CloudStack release in early November. The first release was the hardest, because we had a lot of work to do to meet Apache standards, vetting the licensing of the project, getting the infrastructure stood up, and much more. We've been pleasantly surprised - no, pleasantly astounded - by how quickly a community has stood up around Apache CloudStack. Obviously, this is what we were hoping for from Apache - the whole point is to develop a community around CloudStack. But we were surprised by how quickly this has happened. We've seen folks like Chip Childers, Hugo Trippaers, Mice Xia, Marcus Sorensen, John Kinsella - and too many other folks to name - stand up and join the community. We've always been proud of CloudStack as a software project, but we're doubly proud that it's grown beyond a product and become a real community.
  • CloudStack Collaboration Conference Opening Remarks

    1. 1. Welcome:Apache CloudStackCollaboration Conference Peder Ulander VP of Product Marketing Citrix Twitter: @ulander Email:
    2. 2. 2Normally….• What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas• Except at CCC• Share the knowledge• Twitter #ccc12
    3. 3. 3What Happened Last Night?
    4. 4. 4From VMOps to Today
    5. 5. 5Apache CloudStack 2012
    6. 6. Why Were Doubling Down on CloudStack
    7. 7. Why We Bet on Apache
    8. 8. Coming Up Aces: The Apache PPMC• Chip Childers - Sunguard• Wido de Hollander – PC Extreme• David Nalley - Fedora• Kevin Kluge – Citrix• Will Chan – Citrix• Alex Huang – Citrix• Hugo Trippaers – Schuberg Philis• Edison Su – Citrix• Will Chan – Citrix• John Kinsella - Stratosec
    9. 9. 10CloudStack 4.0.0 Features• Inter-VLAN Routing (VPC)• Site-to-Site VPN• Local Storage Support for Data Volumes• Virtual Resource Tagging• Secure Console Access on XenServer• Added the ability to create a VM without immediately starting it (via API)• Upload an Existing Volume to a Virtual Machine• Dedicated High-Availability Hosts• Support for Amazon Web Services API (formerly a separate package) – GreenQloud• AWS API Extensions to include Tagging• Support for Nicira NVP (L2) – Schuberg Philis• Ceph RBD Support for KVM – PC Extreme• Support for Caringo as Secondary Storage - Caringo• KVM Hypervisor support upgraded to work with Ubuntu 12.04 and RHEL 6.3 –
    10. 10. Where Apache CloudStack is Going
    11. 11. Lets Get Started! Let’s Get Started