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What is a Full stack developer? - Tech talk


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What is a Full stack developer? - Tech talk

  1. 1. Full-Stack Developers Are you ready for the future? @buihaian
  2. 2. Who am I? • Bui Hai An, Andy • Co-founder & Connector at Silicon Straits Saigon • Building Products and Developing People.
  3. 3. A Product Development Lab We build products (MVP, Prototype) for our clients and ourselves for both web and mobile apps. 20 devs + 4 UI/UX designers
  4. 4. Am I a Full-Stack Developer? No .. a big NO. I’m not even a real Developer. I can only code a bit. Then why the h*ll am I standing here? By the way, sometime I call myself Full-Stack Marketer (no pun intended)
  5. 5. Why are we here today? Debunk some “Full-Stack Developer” myths Who or What a Full Stack Developer really is? Check whether FSD is something for you If that the case, then how to become one … or not become one. Some personal stories from SSS (if you care) Ahhh also Pizza and Beer!
  6. 6. What is “Full-Stack Developer”?
  7. 7. Definition 1: “.. a Full Stack Developer is someone with familiarity in each layer, if not mastery in many and a genuine interest in all software technology … ” 
 ( Full-Stack Developer
  8. 8. Definition 2: “… a full-stack web developer is someone who has honed skills in both front-end web design/development and back-end/server coding. You can count on a full- stack web developer to design, code, implement and maintain a fully functional modern interactive website on his/her own … ”
 ( Full-Stack Developer
  9. 9. • Another way to look at it:
 “…. when people are asking for a full-stack programmer they're looking for the all-singing, all- dancing technical wizard. Or at least someone who won't complain too much when asked to do some work outside their normal comfort zone…”
 ( Full-Stack Developer
  10. 10. Is it a buzzword? • Forbes article 11/4/2014 
 Developers Need To Broaden Their Range full-stack-developer-is-a-tall-order-bordering-on- unicorn-territory/ • CIO Article 14/2/214
 So Long IT Specialist, Hello Full-Stack Engineer it-specialist--hello-full-stack-engineer.html
  11. 11. Is it a buzz-word? Google Trend: term “full-stack” - worldwide
  12. 12. Is it a buzz-word? Is it for marketing? YES! Why? We need attention. Buzzword generates attention.
 And we really believe in it. 
 So there is no reason not to use it!
  13. 13. Our own definition Full-Stack Developer is not a title nor a position. It’s a Mindset!
  14. 14. A Full-Stack Developer A Full-Stack Developer is someone who is open-minded, willing to learn, not complain, love learning new technology and love developing products. … That seems a lot, but it’s easier than you think!
  15. 15. The Myths FSD is just a buzz-word.
 => We’ve just answered this. FSD is jack of all trades, master of none.
 => No, FSD is master of a few stacks and comfortable with the rest. You can’t become a FSD if you work for a Outsourcing company
 => It’s a mindset, not a position. You may not be a FSD in your company, but you can always work hard to become one yourself … and for your next job.
  16. 16. The Myths You can’t become a FSD if you work in a corporate IT world.
 => It depends. Even CIO magazine (a reputable for big IT companies), asks CIO to embrace this new trend.
 => When everything get “leaner” and more “agile”, teams get smaller, FSD will become more favourable. Full-Stack Developer is not for everyone.
 => Actually this is true. If it’s a mindset, then not everyone can get it.
  17. 17. It’s changing!
  18. 18. Why you need to become one? Does typical career development excite you?
 Junior -> Senior -> Lead -> Manager -> Director … Softwares now need smaller and smaller team to build.
 So one guy need to plays different roles in develop new software.
  19. 19. If you join a startup, you MUST be a Full-Stack to survive and benefit to your team. If your current team could get a hand on new project, new platform in which you also know (for e.g an iOS project). It’s your chance to become a Hero.
 Why you need to become one?
  20. 20. Why do you need to become one? Not anyone need to become Manager.
 ( fit/) And honestly, how many lead/manager positions are available for the whole team to climb up to? If you do not aim to be a Manager, who else you can be?
 Ah yes … Full-Stack Developer, yay!
  21. 21. Is FSD for you? Are you? Willing to learn new technology. Willing to drop everything you currently already knew and very comfortable with. Willing to work extra, beyond what your job is asking, just to learn more. Willing to invest in yourself: your time, your money, your equipments, …
  22. 22. Do you? Love coding more than anything else. Prefer building products than managing team. Believe in building your skill-set is a way to grow. Is FSD for you?
  23. 23. Skill-based Career Development Focus on add new skills and honing your current skills Be relevant in job market. Always look at your LinkedIn profile.
  24. 24. Skill-based Career Development Establishing a skill set over time should be your primary goal. A skill set is the combination of skills you have acquired throughout your employment, education and other experiences. Do you have a skill set carefully planned and follow through?
  25. 25. Something like this!
  26. 26. How to become a FSD? Adopt this Full-Stack mindset. Build your skill set. Keep on building new stuff. Get your hands dirty in areas you are not familiar with. Be Pro-Active.
  27. 27. How to become a FSD? BUT, what if my company not allows me to? Again! It’s a mindset. Which means you are on your own instead waiting for someone to help. Use your spare time. Look for opportunities. It’s everywhere. Really!
  28. 28. Expand your skill-set Learn and keep learning. Invest in building your career capital
  29. 29. Invest in your career capital Online courses is a great way to learn. Pay with your time: , Pay with your money: , , Pick a course, then find an idea to build. It helps you learn faster.
  30. 30. Why do we need FSD at SSS? We are focusing on building products, quickly. Small team (2-3pax) and short time frame (2-3months) Communication between team members improves because they understand each other.
 (imagine typical conversion between Front-end and Back-end dev, or Designer and Developer)
  31. 31. Some example please! Example 1:
 Most of our guys have joined with either Ruby on Rails background or Mobile background. After first 2 weeks, they were all assigned to projects and self-learn to know “the other framework”. Example 2:
 All of our developers are required to work and learn with UI/UX designers. They can’t design but need to understand the design language, basic design rules and best practices.
  32. 32. Example 3:
 Our marketing girls can code. Yes, the website is setup, design, and update through Git Example 4:
 Our current records: dev can join RoR project after self- learning 2 weeks and iOS/Android project after 1 month. Some example please!
  33. 33. How did it work out? We are happy. That’s why we are promoting it. Our developers are happy. Most of them are Full-Stack now (both mindset and skill-set) We did build a lot of cool products, across from web app to mobile app, software and hardware.
  34. 34. Thank You!
  35. 35. Q & A Let’s connect! or buihaian (on any social network)
  36. 36. Credits • Photo Source: • • • • • •