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Relationship between anthropology & sociology

What is the relationship of anthropology and sociology?

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Relationship between anthropology & sociology

  1. 1. There can be no culture without society and there can be no society without culture.
  2. 2. ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIOLOGY Study of man in his entirety. Anthropology is a broader social science as it studies various aspects about human beings from their physical features, to the study of their artifacts (archeology). Focus study is society. Gain insight into human behavior. How and why human beings behave in a particular manner in a society is the central question in any sociological debate. Much more historical. This is concerned with respect of ideas and stuff set by people eons ago.. such as laws for example Is a present concept. It is built on the past, but is wholly concerned with the present, with a nod to the future. Focus upon tribes and colonized people Work with urban cultures
  3. 3. ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIOLOGY Women in the olden times are for housework and child rearing. Women nowadays can pursue their career and be a mother as well if they choose to. Babies and children are cared for and protected by their family (continues up to now) Due to the rise of unwanted pregnancy some women abort their babies. School children can be given corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is penalized. New ideas, concepts and beliefs may take time to reach a country due to barriers in geography and communication. New ideas, concepts and beliefs can be accessed 24/7 through media and internet. People use alibata as our way of writing and they use stone tools. People now use the English alphabet and use modern tools. Example situations:
  4. 4. 1. Culture differ and one should not judge another culture by using his own culture as basis. 2. To avoid prejudices, there should be more contact between cultures. 3. Travel, education and reading about other societies are ways of bringing about tolerance and understanding between nations. 4. With more diffusion between cultures, one global society may result.
  5. 5. 5. With the United States as the best example of people getting along in spite of different sub-cultures, perhaps a one world concept may be brought about some day. Unity in spite of diversity. 6. Society can be improved by improving the culture. 7. Since culture is made by man himself, he should develop worthwhile values and weed out those beliefs, mores, superstitions, etc. that are detrimental to progress.
  6. 6. 8. Since culture is learned, the school should inculcate in the young, good aspects of the culture. 9. Since culture changes, the change should be for the better and society should decide what those changes should be. 10. The home, the school, and the church should guard against borrowing from other cultures things that are against the Philippine way of life.
  7. 7. Thank you and have a nice day!

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What is the relationship of anthropology and sociology?


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