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Bugs Tan at Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum 2010


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Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum 2010 : Bugs Tan

Published in: Technology, Business
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Bugs Tan at Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum 2010

  1. 1. Enriching experience on Creativity & Innovation Bugs Tan An Award Winning Inventor Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum 4th Nov 2010
  2. 2.  Name : Bugs Tan  Age : 49 years old  Nationality : Malaysian  M status : Happily Married  Children : 2 Young Inventors  Profession : Commercial Inventor  Nos of Inventions : Filed 15 inventions to his name  Other talents : Author, Adjunct Lecturer, Dhamma speaker…  Sports : Former National Cricket Player a love bug..…
  3. 3. Family of Inventors
  4. 4. Bugs Tan receiving the Award from the Prime Minister
  5. 5. Bugs Tan Receiving the Award in Mumbai INDIA
  6. 6. • National Inventor Award Multi-locking Pulley Min of Science M’sia 2000 • Short listed National Inventor Award Min of Science M’sia 2001 • Silver Medal Multi-locking Pulley Switzerland 2001 • Silver Medal Extruded Alum Coupling ITEX Malaysia 2002 • Bronze Medal Light Weight Grating ITEX Malaysia 2002 • Bronze Medal Multi-locking Pulley Science &Tech M’sia 2003 • Nominated SMI Award Innovator / Entrepreneur SMI Malaysia 2004 • National Innovator Award Litewalk Grating System Min of Science M’sia 2007 • Int Excellent Innovation Bugs Tan Indira Institutes INDIA 2009 • Industrial Design Award Litewalk Grating System MyIPO Malaysia 2009 Winner of 10 National Awards
  7. 7. Pulley Coupling Chiller Can Singing Donation Box Drugs Mixer Out Door Air-cooler Katapila Track Machine Fan Filta Combo Spoon Grating system Vibrating Earring Premium Books Invention Workbook Stories For Kids
  8. 8.  A new light weight galvanized steel grating system used on oil platform, refinery, power plant and factories LIGHTER CHEAPER
  9. 9. TM Industrial Application Printing, Packaging, Food processing, Textiles, Garments, Plastic injection, Die-casting, Spray coating, Machining, Fabrication, Rubber processing, Greenhouse, Farming, Flower, etc. Public Area Application Petrol Station, Bus Station, Community Hall, Canteen, Flea-Market, Outdoor Function, Sport Complex, School Hall, Basement Car Park, Public Toilet, etc. All Copy Rights Reserved © Airbond 2009 Out Door Air-cooler
  10. 10. Young Inventor TV Cartoon Breakers 10 episodes of one minute each. In each episode Amelia stumbled across a problem she encountered at home or in school. She give it a thought and find ways to solve it. Once she has conceptualized an idea she says "I've got an idea". She then creates a new gadget to solve that particular problem.
  11. 11. ROBOT BOLEH TV Animation Series Amanda’s wish come true when her father created a robot for her birthday. You should call him “Robot Boleh” said her dad. Amanda has this strong sense that the robot is extraordinary. So she decides to call her new android friend, “Robot Boleh Extra” – RBX. However, Amanda prays very hard for RBX to have a mind of his own. Suddenly a fairy appears in her dream and grants her wish. Soon, RBX becomes very popular in Amanda's school. The story goes on and is filled with lot's of adventures
  12. 12. Invention Workshop Invention Workbooks ePersonalized Stories
  13. 13. A hydrogen generator that fits into your car. This gadget uses normal tap water It uses the electric current in your car to break water molecule Thus converting water into hydrogen Hydrogen is supplied into your engine. Hence saving fuel consumption by approx. 15%
  14. 14. How to be Creative…? Let’s examine…. Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  15. 15. Mind is the forerunner of all Inventions - Bugs Tan Due to its invisibility to our naked eyes, most people are ignorant of its present. Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  16. 16. Step 1 Start by conceptualizing an Idea  This world is not a perfect place.  There is so many things you can create to make life better.  Being observant is the starting point  Look at things around you at home, work or play. . Look through your eyes, conceptualize with your mind Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  17. 17. Step 2 Check Your Idea 1. Is your idea new? 2. What does your friends think abt your new idea? 3. Do you think you can make a working model? 4. Do you have the money for this project? 5. Do you have the time to work on this project? 6. Are you able to get help for this project? 7. Do you know who are your customers? 8. Are you sure they will buy your product? 9. Do you know the cost to mfg this product? 10. Are you sure you can make a good margin? Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  18. 18. Step 3 Raise fund for your Project Raise fund by applying for a grant from the government, or Use your own fund Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  19. 19. Step 4 Make a Prototype / Working Model • . • Create a working model to see if it works. • You will need to do most of the work by yourself Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  20. 20. Step 5 Filing a Patent  Filing a patent gives you the rights over your idea for 20 years.  However, it will be a waste of effort and money if your product cannot sell.  The first person to file a patent is the rightful owner to that idea. You can file a patent by just having an idea Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  21. 21. Step 6 Do a Valuation for Your Invention  It puts a price to your new invention  It’s a tool to bring potential investor to the discussion table  It allows your potential investor to understand your invention All new technology has a price to it Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  22. 22. Step 7 Commercialization Route to Commercialization 2. Licensing Earn Royalty through Licensing 1. Sell off your Invention Sell your IP out-right 4. Seek investors Family members Friends Angels / VCs 3. Seek Synergy Partners JV with Entrepreneur 5. Commercialize by yourself Self funding Turning Ideas Into Innovations
  23. 23.   013- 388 7800  