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BugHotel Reservation System is an 100% web-based travel software system for hotels, tour operators, travel agents and bed banks that are focused on speed, product choice, pricing and sales.

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BugHotel Reservation System

  1. 1. WEB BASED BOOKING SYSTEM Multi XML Platform with Smart Functionality Introducing BugHotel Reservation System
  2. 2. CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEM Suppliers, clients & company Bug Software Reservation System allows a customer, travel agent or consolidator to specify their travel requirements such as city of departure, destination, departure date, return date and class of travel. Once this information is received Complete Booking Management BugHotel Reservation System will offer a list of available air tickets, hotels, packages, transportation, activities and cruises which can be booked by end user customers, travel agents, tour operators. etc.. Single window management Bug Software LLC
  3. 3. Unmatched system scalability and cost advantage for growing travel companies Bug Software LLC 01. B2B, B2C, B2B2C Engine End-to-end travel process automation system has an integrated booking engine and back office booking connectors 02. BugHotel Travel enterprise management solution for travel consolidators, travel agencies, hotel companies, OTA’s and charter resellers 03. Multiple Distribution Channels Robust 3rd party connectivity to multiple distribution channels like suppliers, GDSs, payment gateways and content services. ONE BugHotel B2B & B2C TWO BugHotel Extranet THREE BugHotel XML Booking Engine Middleware Suppliers
  4. 4. BugHotel Reservation System Platform Deploy BugHotel directly to the cloud Private, VMware, Amazon EC2, Azure, etc.. Bug Software Reservation System Appliance provides exceptional performance, reliability, ease of use and scalability through a purpose-built solution that is pre-tuned, hardened and self-monitoring for it to run optimally. Bug Software LLC
  5. 5. WHAT WE OFFER Airline Reservation System Complete Turnkey Flight Booking System with powerful multi-site, multi-currency travel portal system and cutting edge internet booking engine. The best offer for travel booking engines with B2B, B2C and B2B2C platforms Negotiated property contracting Powerful Web Based back office system for direct hotels, cars, packages, activities, tours, cruises, charters, extra services and transfers contracting Deploy directly on the cloud BugHotel Reservation System Appliances provide exceptional performance, reliability, ease of use and scalability through a purpose-built solution that is pre-tuned, hardened and self-monitoring for it to run optimally Supplier/Chain owner Login Hotel suppliers can access the system to modify/create their respective property details directly within the system with unmatched system scalability and cost advantages for growing travel companies SCALABLE ROBUST FLEXIBLE INNOVATIVIVE Bug Software LLC
  6. 6. HOTEL BOOKING SYSTEM FEATURES o Web based system (no setup required - Full web UI) o Plug n'play solution o Access and Interface Control o Multi Level User Management o Auto system updates o Various payment methods o Availability of real-time and on- request inventory o State of the art portals that sell their travel offers directly to public without any integration of a travel agent o Multi-currency (All Currencies Supported) o Multi-channel o Multi-language o Customer Relationship Management o Central Reservation System o Obligo/Deposits o Automatic issuing of vouchers and pro-forma invoices o The most powerful and feature rich business to business engine available o Booking Engine o Channel Management o GDS Connectivity o IDS/ADS Connectivity o Property Management System o Extra Services o Seamless integration directly from your own web site o Corporate Booking o Payment Gateway Integration For Travel Agents (B2B) For Independent HotelsOnline Travel Agent (B2C) Bug Software LLC
  8. 8. BUGHOTEL QUICK OVERVIEW 1. Seamless booking management & processing 2. Sub Agent Management with credit policy 3. Call center , branch & staff management 4. Sales commission management 5. Wide range of analytical reports 6. Automated e-voucher / e-ticket generation 1. Customer profiling 2. Complete customer booking history 3. Payment history 4. Reservation historical data 5. Document management 1. Complete automation of business processes 2. Completely browser based (no installation required) 3. Business to Business (B2B) 4. Business to Consumer (B2C) 5. Call Center (Back Office) 1. Manage Mark-up and commission PerSupplier 2. Manage Mark-up and commission PerAgent 3. Manage Mark-up and commission PerDate Range 4. Manage Mark-up and commission PerDestination 5. Credit policy management (Cash / Credit / Deposits) Comprehensive administration module Customer Management (CRM) Multi-channel; B2B & B2C, Affiliates Supplier Management Bug Software LLC
  9. 9. MEET THE DREAM TEAM Cristina Bouça Orlando Mulero Prod MilopoulosPaulo Andrade cristina@bug-software.com +1 305-748-4914 +1 360 448-0578 orlando@bug-software.com +1 305-267-2334 +1 856-472-9634 prod@bug-software.com +44 790-058-0041 +44 208-804-6935 paulo@bug-software.com +1 305-748-4914 +1 360 448-0578 Managing Director Creative Director Americas EMEA Bug Software LLC Marco Pereira marco@bug-software.com +1 305-748-4914 +1 360 448-0578 Creative Director
  10. 10. B2CB2B Increase Sales: Multi-Channel, B2B, B2C 50% 25% 20% 5% Achieve 50% on B2B sales and 25% on direct B2C sales. Reach more customers through an affiliate or sub agent network. Provide affiliates with 10% commissions and competitive product and achieve 20% sales on direct affiliates and 5% on white label affiliates. Increase booking value 30%-50% with cross-selling and up-selling products (Car hire, Transfers, Attractions, etc…). A significantly lower cost of ownership, rapid deployment for instant automation and guaranteed returns on technology investment makes BugHotel Reservation System the perfect choice. WHITE LABELAFFILIATES Bug Software LLC
  11. 11. Business To Business (B2B) WEB BASED BOOKING SYSTEM This module can help your company sell your services (hotels, tours, flights, rent a car, etc) to other agencies that are selling to the direct clients, corporate partners or sub agencies. The back-office allows you to manage all levels of mark-up (% commissions) to the net price of the supplier, separately for each agency. You can also manage the mark-up per provider, per city and per agency. Also you have access to our Business Intelligence module that let's you see your best performing agencies and providers and adjust your commissions accordingly. Business To Consumer (B2C) This module can help your company sell your inventory to end clients, via the internet. The clients will enter your website and will be able to make bookings with immediate confirmation. Using Travel 2.0 technologies and a payment gateway of your choice. Call Center & Back Office Has the purpose of creating, tracking and managing bookings based on client’s requests. The system will be accessible only to your company's staff and the director will have the ability to manage the access rights for all users inside the system. Clients that will contact your company via phone will be able to receive instant notification regarding the availability of their desired hotel, tour, transfer, flight, car while your agents search through the system. Bug Software LLC
  12. 12. DYNAMIC PACKAGING Enable consumers to build their own package of flights, accommodation, and car rental instead of purchasing a pre-defined package. Inventory is sourced dynamically, meaning the dynamic packaging solution will source flights, accommodation and car rental components for the package in real-time. These components are dynamically combined into packages and the package is dynamically priced and is usually given an opaque total price. Operates in a Business to Business environment for access by corporate clients and associate agencies Operates in Business to Consumer environment which aims at providing these services to the end consumer Fast result return with a full combination of services in a concise and detailed display for each individual case Automatic calculation of the total value of all selected services maximizing profit4. 3. 1. 2. Bug Software LLC
  13. 13. MULTIPLE CHANELS Powerful management tools to wholesalers needs and Fast implementation with extremely user-friendly interface with no training required. Full distribution and control capabilities to the sales agents in order to manage their sub- agent and affiliate network. Created to suite retail, B2C, B2B, B2B2C and affiliates booking distribution management. Every 3 months Bug Software LLC adds 2 to 4 new connectivity modules, any new supplier can be added upon request. Integrated with more than 40 suppliers Possibility of choosing from multiple brokers and travel suppliers and work with all of them simultaneously. By taking the advantage of our Travel Booking Engine, you can gain access to the best prices and earn best commissions while providing your customers with complete travel packages. Bug Software LLC
  14. 14. FULL DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT A complete online solution for Hotels, Cars, Flights, Packages, Cruises, Transfers, Tours, Attractions and Packages Reservation distribution and management offering instant real-time booking access to over 40 xml suppliers and providing an easy and complete booking procedure. Unlimited number of customers, corporate partners, agents, sub-agents and affiliates Management of sub-agent's credit limits, payments, fees, commissions and statements Separate management of web affiliates, agents, sub agents and corporate partners with independent commission settings and different markup rules Control of credit limits, historical data, option dates, commissions and payments 1. 2. 3. 4. Bug Software LLC
  15. 15. BUGHOTEL MODULES Tours & Activities module provides you with a simple online booking system that lets you sell your tours and activities through the Internet and receive real-time bookings. You can organize your products, customize your booking website, accept payments, track and respond to bookings, and keep track of your customer information, all in one simple to use system. In addition to internal direct contracts BugHotel Reservation System will connect to a wide range of 3rd party suppliers (instant real time) to provide real time bookings. TOURS & ACTIVITIES HOTELS AIRLINES Complete software platform for the management & sales distribution of room allotment to travel agents, tourism professionals and travel packages through web enabled interfaces. A complete online solution for Hotel Reservation distribution and management offering instant real- time booking access to over 40 xml suppliers and providing an easy and complete booking procedure. It is intended for Travel Agents, Tour Operator, hotel chains or individual hotels who wish to distribute rooms Complete software platform for the management of bookings and ticket sales for flight operators, charters and small airlines with full GDS integration. Powerful web based booking engine for distribution management to internet end consumers and travel operators. B2C, B2B and B2B2C engines are available through XML API connections to Sabre, Galileo, TravelPort Universal API, Worldspan and Amadeus for real- time access to remote inventory from world leading suppliers and GDS‘s. Complete and Turnkey state of the art Online Flight Booking Engine. Bug Software LLC
  16. 16. BUGHOTEL MODULES Bug Software Reservation System allows a customer, travel agent or consolidator to specify their travel requirements such as city of departure, destination, departure date, return date and class of travel. Once this information is received, Bug Software Reservation System will offer a list of available air tickets, hotels, packages, transportation, activities and cruises which can be booked. The Dynamic Packaging platform allows the combined booking and distribution of all services which are already available individually through the various platforms (ie. hotels, flights, additional services, cars, transfers, cruises, etc...) It is intended for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators who aim to provide their services in package form ensuring the combination of the online services which are already available individually on a single booking engine. Complete Car Platform giving you a turn key solution for your online car hire business. With BugHotel Reservation System Car Hire Platform you can give access to multiple car hire companies allowing them to publish their fleet on your site and receive commission. You can also connect to a wide range of 3rd party suppliers like Car Trawler, Holiday Autos, Avis, Alamo and many others. Whether you are a customer, vendor, partner or an affiliate BugHotel Reservation System Car Hire Platform will tackle all your needs as per your role and requirements. Our easy-to-integrate car rental booking engine features instant rates, availability and vehicle information from numerous car rental companies. With quick access to a wide selection of inventory and rates, your customers will keep coming back to your xml or private- label storefront for all of their car rental needs. DYNAMIC PACKAGING CARS Bug Software LLC
  17. 17. INDEPENDENT HOTELS Hotels, Motels, B&B, etc… Start accepting online reservations today. Our 100% online web based system allows easy access to your system anytime of the day from anywhere in the world. Hotelier Perfect for hotel owners, properties, motels and bed and breakfast at affordable prices with No Commissions and No Transactional Fees and designed to run on any web server, with very little effort needed during installation. Facts Powerful hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality that features rich and customizable room booking system. Manage room types, hotel rates and booking options. Online reservation manager with invoices and reports functionality. Bug Software LLC
  18. 18. ALL IN ONE TRAVEL SOLUTION Web based system for direct contracting. Gain revenues with online system for negotiated property contracting. Comprehensive Airline Booking Engine with Complete Back Office Functionalities Car rental booking engine features instant rates, availability and vehicle information from numerous car rental companies 0 1 0 2 0 3 Bug Software LLC
  19. 19. BUGHOTEL EDITIONS STANDARD EDITION TRAVEL PORTAL XML AFFILIATES For Single, Independent Hotel, Motel, B&B, etc… for direct property and channel management For Travel Agents and Tour Operators with Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) Channels For Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Online Travel Agencies with Multiple Selling Affiliates and XML or White Label Web Sites BugHotel Reservation System is available in several editions and it is composed with a different set of components, modules and layers. Each of they layers is able to operate independently or combined with each other originating a perfect interoperability between each layer. All work together (inter-operate) and are capable of communicating and exchanging data. Bug Software LLC
  20. 20. CASE STUDY TRAVELER VIP Traveler|VIP is Middle East's first private, members only travel club that offers discounts of up to 70% on carefully selected luxury hotels and holidays. They work directly with the world's leading hotels to get members the cheapest possible rates available, and sweeten the deal with some amazing local experiences. WEBSITE www.travelervip.com OVERVIEW Traveler|VIP is the Middle East first luxury travel website – accurate & diversified collection of the best places to stay at the best price, guaranteed. Traveler|VIP. It Matters Where You Stay. CLIENT Rihla Prime Limited Bug Software LLC
  21. 21. BUGHOTEL INTERFACE BugHotel Reservation System is an 100% web-based travel software system for hotels, tour operators, travel agents and bed banks that are focused on speed, product choice, pricing and sales. Load products, set margin rules, take bookings from a call center and send the client and supplier a notification of booking. BugHotel Reservation System will do everything you have come to expect from a market-leading tour operating software solution. Bug Software LLC
  22. 22. WHAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY Count on our consultants and team to bring you valuable expertise that assures faster implementations, greater business benefits and more sustainable results. Read these customer success stories to see what our customers say. We love our clients and share a close relationship, first professional which has allowed us to grow together with our business projects and as individuals. Antonis Cyprus We looked at all the major systems and based on how easy it is to use, we selected BugHotel Reservation System for our B2B operations Antonis Evzonas Trade Wings Holidays Blago Dubai BugHotel Reservation System met our goals and exceeded our expectations Blago Hamamdziev Rihla Prime Limited Sean UK Easy to use. Perfect for all things. Sean Collins ECRM Euro Hear what our customers are saying Bug Software LLC
  23. 23. CASE STUDY TRADEWINGS HOLIDAYS B2B Bookings was never so easy Business to Business environment CLIENT Tradewings Holidays Ltd OVERVIEW Tradewings Holidays Ltd, is a consortium formed by independent, professional and licensed travel agencies in early 2006. The aim is to offer the consumer from our "All Seasons Travel Shops" around the island, a vast array of travel related products and services emanating from our polled resources and those of our carefully chosen associates. WEBSITE www.tradewings-holidays.com Bug Software LLC
  24. 24. BUGHOTEL MATRIX Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Extras Hotelier Travel Portal Packages XML Server Affiliates Face Book Integration Multi Currency XML Server Cruises Consolidator iPhone / iPad Integration Extra Services B2C Engine Cars Dynamic Packaging Newsletter Commissions Flights Tours & Activities Property Management System Agents B2B Engine Transfers The chart below shows the various options available in BugHotel Reservation System The BugHotel Reservation System Matrix describes the system architecture and management concept. These cover the full specifications of BugHotel Reservation System Travel Platform and complete software modules, organized as individually addressable services. Since all settings can be accessed through a single application, the administrator effort is reduced (less physical travel or use of multiple individual software modules). Bug Software LLC
  25. 25. OUR CONTACT DETAILS Bug Software LLC Corporate headquarters are based in Miami, FL. Our other European offices are based in UK 8345 NW 66 ST #5606 Miami, FL 33166 United States www.bug-software.com info@bug-software.com +1 786 418 0265 www.facebook.com/bugsoftware @bughotel ADDRESS: WEBSITE: EMAIL: TELEPHONE: Bug Software LLC 27 Old Gloucester Street London, WC1N 3AX UK Offices: +44 020 880 46935Phone:
  26. 26. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME Bug Software LLC is a leading travel technology provider with more than 14 years of experience in creating travel websites. The team of highly skilled technology specialists has developed a range of travel solutions so that you are sure to find the system that suits your business needs. We continue to empower travel businesses by providing next generation technology platform to travel companies and help them streamline and optimize their business processes through a complete end to end solution.