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What is BUG?   ...

  Case Study: Real-time Vehicular Telematics

BUG Platform Advantage - Fast, low-cost prototype to production
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Bug labs + automotive fact sheet


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Bug labs + automotive fact sheet

  1. 1. BUG LABS + AUTOMOTIVE Fact Sheet What is BUG? Why Use BUG? The BUG platform is a Lego-like product development solution • Bring prototypes to production twice as fast at half the cost that enables innovators to very quickly and easily develop using BUG’s device development methodology custom, personalized devices. ‣ Focus on building the unique features of your device on The picture above shows how BUGmodules are snapped into top of a proven and certified base platform (FCC & CE) BUGbase, a handheld, Linux-based core that serves as the brain ‣ Duplicate the success of your device prototype to a few of a device. BUGmodules are electronic blocks that extend the thousand clone devices in no time device’s functional capabilities. Here, a 2MP camera and audio • Discover award-winning technology at your fingertips module is combined to produce, for example, a voice-controlled camera system. ‣ BUGs are mobile, battery-powered Linux cores + solid- state storage that support hot-swappable BUGmodules Available BUGmodules ‣ Software development toolchain utilizes industry standards like Linux, Java and the Eclipse IDE • Full-color LCD touchscreen • Leverage pre-built, standard hardware interfaces and wireless • Advanced breakout module protocols to create your custom, personalized device • SiRF chipset-based GPS ‣ Take your pick among Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, and 3G • Low-power 802.15.4 radio (IEEE) GSM or CDMA wireless communication standards • 3G GSM and CDMA modem ‣ Integrate hardware using any combination of RS-232 serial • Motion detector/accelerometer UART, I2C, I2S, GPIO, SPI, USB 2.0, ADC/DAC, and more • ...and more • Sidestep IP hassles and proprietary technology lock-in by About Bug Labs leveraging open source nature of BUGs ‣ From the start, the BUG platform was built from the Bug Labs is a team of technologists whose mission is to redefine ground up using open source technologies the way we traditionally approach product development. We ‣ Choose among one of our pre-built BUGmodules, believe the product development process can be made faster, customize one to fit your needs or create your own cheaper, better quality, and lower risk, and are committed to • Online documentation and IRC technical support come putting innovation and control back in the hands of users. standard; custom BUG development services also available There are so many great gadget ideas that haven’t been thought ‣ Engage BUG’s active open source community in an IRC of yet. With BUG, we want to unlock and inspire the discovery chat room or browse our wikis and forums for answers and creation of as many of these devices as possible. ‣ Need an expert? BUG offers custom design and development services to meet your individual needs Contact ENTERPRISE SALES WEBSITE E-MAIL Mike de Senna Details +1 212 792 6357 x107
  2. 2. BUG LABS + AUTOMOTIVE Case Study: Real-time Vehicular Telematics Real-time, Web-based Vehicle Information Speed Acceleration Theft Detection Accident Detection Fuel Consumption Global Position Engine RPM Left: With BUG, you can use a standard web browser to pull information from a vehicle on demand and in real-time. Background Fortunately, an ambitious hacker spent his time and energy doing just this (see PriusCodes.xls). The initial AutoBUG prototype began with Recent advancements in processing power and wireless monitoring four signals from the CAN BUS: vehicle speed, efficiency has transformed the world around us to be more kilometers per gallon, engine coolant temperature and engine intelligent, mobile and connected. Internet access has finally revolutions per minute (“RPM”). However, based on this proof- spread beyond the confines of our households and buildings, of-concept, it wouldn’t be difficult to extend this model to and made its way onto airplanes and a variety of mobile include other signals as well. devices. It’s clear to many that telematics is the next great - and possibly transformative - opportunity facing the automotive The specific hardware used for this project included a industry, and the race has begun. BUGbase WiFi, BUGview, BUGvonHippel, BUG3G and BUGlocate. Specific project details can be found here: The Challenge Industry, governments and research institutions are all looking for ways to bring fresh innovation, mobile intelligence and Opportunities connectivity to the automobile industry. The problem that has Clearly, the automobile as a mobile computing and sensing many thought leaders scratching their heads is how to identify platform presents exciting possibilities. What will you build? those killer applications and use cases that make sense for the The opportunities abound. Here are some ideas: automobile. How can all these advances in technology be harnessed and combined in such a way that provides added • Parking spot locator value and safety to the driving community? • Detection system for road conditions The Solution • More timely and accurate traffic monitors • Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-road communication The AutoBUG connects the BUG's hardware and Internet • Asset monitoring for insurance purposes connectivity with real-time streaming data from a Toyota Prius CAN BUS, turning the vehicle into an intelligent mobile hotspot. • Mobile WiFi hotspot or femtocell This project ran on a 2nd generation Toyota Prius, which is one • Accident warning and response of the most fun and hackable cars around, but this system can be adapted for use on any vehicle where CAN BUS data is • Tailgate monitor and reporter available and has already been decoded.
  3. 3. BUG LABS CUSTOM SERVICES BUG Platform Advantage - Fast, low-cost prototype to production The BUG product development system delivers immediate value by allowing users to rapidly prototype and pilot useful device types efficiently. Once a design successfully completes these phases it can be brought to production quickly, using same hardware and software platform, saving considerable time and cost. This is in marked contrast to standard hardware development processes. “Bug Labs Custom Services is a suite of design, development, and support services centered on helping customers during any stage of the product development lifecycle. Our goal is to allow businesses and individuals focus on what they do best - innovation - while we take care of the hassle associated with bringing ideas to market. Services include research, design, development, packaging, production, testing, logistics and marketing among others.” The traditional prototype-to-production process is expensive, time consuming and forces organizations to engage high cost contract manufacturers prematurely. This is especially painful if the target market is untested or if manufacturing volumes are small/uncertain. Moreover, it forces finalization of the user interface, and many other product features, before customers and partners are able to provide critical feedback. In contrast, BUG provides significant time and cost savings. The whole system scales seamlessly from prototype to alpha/ beta pilot to production. The benefits of this approach are: • Rapid POC (proof of concept) iterations and learning • End-user feedback in prototyping stages • Cost-effective pilot opportunities/Proof of Market testing • Infrastructure testing (service delivery, web interfaces, billing, etc.) using a larger number of functional prototypes • Comprehensive portability to CM (contract manufacturers) • Leverage early market app knowledge with manufacturers Bug Labs provides full product development life cycle services that help organizations maximize the benefits of the BUG platform. • BUGsync - system/app SW upgrades (OTA optional) • Application programming • Application and other SW certification (flat fee, annual plan) • Data Services – including BUGnet and Web applications • Developer support (Gold, Platinum, Diamond level) • Deployment support, incl. pilot and field trial management • Training • Coordination with partner contract manufacturers Off-the-Shelf Pilot/Limited Production Full Production Modular Hardware Semi-Custom Fully Custom 1 month 2 months 4-6 months