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Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:_____________        Research/Inquiry Project Learning Con...
Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:_____________Work Progress                     Wordpress ...
Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:_____________Final Learning      Choices                  ...
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Research/Inquiry Project Learning Contract Menu Spring 2012, Lester and Hamilton


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Spring 2012

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Research/Inquiry Project Learning Contract Menu Spring 2012, Lester and Hamilton

  1. 1. Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:_____________ Research/Inquiry Project Learning Contract Menu Spring 2012, Lester and HamiltonSkills You Want Choices Required (New Skills or Skillsto Identified by Majority of Class inTarget/Improve December 2011) You will receive a copy of the AASL Standards for  Evaluate a website more effectively and 21st Century Learners. Aside from our baseline accurately required skills listed below, you will choose  Evaluate all information sources using  at least one standard from area 2 the CRAAP test (AASL Skills 1.1.5, 1.1.7,  at least one standard from area 3 1.2.4)  at least one standard from area 4  Accurately distinguish between a  required: standards 1.1.1., 1.1.3, 1.1.5, website and a database resource 1.1.7, 1.2.4, 1.2.5, and 2.1.1  Develop interviewing skills  Developing inquiry driven research Between your choice selections and required questions (AASL Skills 1.1.1/ 1.1.3/ selections, you will document and share in your 1.2.5/2.1.1) portfolio and learning journal how you are mastering and progressing in these 10 total standards.Bookmarking Choices (you must choose at least one) RequiredTools  Evernote Choose at least one of these bookmarking tools  to use for this unit (this relates to AASL Skill  Diigo 1.1.8)Information Choices (you must choose at least one) RequiredDashboardManagementPLE  Symbaloo At least one of the choices (this relates to AASL  Netvibes Skill 1.1.8 and 2.1.2) You will take a screenshot of your PLE and send the image to Ms. Hamilton to upload so that you can embed it on your project portfolio page on our class wiki.Information Choices RequiredManagementTools  NoodleTools At least one of the choices (this relates to AASL  EasyBib Skill 1.3.3.)Learning Choices RequiredReflections and 1
  2. 2. Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:_____________Work Progress  Wordpress (preferred) One of the two choices  Posterous Your blog will be your “Thinking sandbox” where you will do brief but meaningful reflections on your progress, insights, successes, and challenges with this project.Content Choices RequiredCreation Tools  Wiki Two or more of these learning/content creation  Prezi tools  VoiceThread  Animoto  Google Docs  Powerpoint  JingInformation Choices RequiredSources YouWant to Use orLearn How toUse MoreEffectively  ESBCOhost History Reference Center  Academic Search Complete  Britannica (contemporary issues) or Gale Virtual  Gale Opposing Viewpoints Reference Library  Gale Discovering Collection  YouTube or Facts on File Video  EBSCOhost Student Research Center  An interview with an expert  Blog of an Expert  Appropriate authoritative social media *All sources should be evaluated using the information sources such as Twitter or CRAAP test—print and digital! Facebook page (such as the Veterans Administration)  Appropriate RSS Feeds  Advanced Google Searching  SweetSearch  Print Books  Website 2
  3. 3. Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:_____________Final Learning Choices RequiredProduct  Digital Text [Prezi, VoiceThread, Narrated One of the three choices Video]  Written Text [traditional research paper]  Multigenre Text [traditional research paper + multigenre learning artifacts]; may be created online in Wikispaces or in Microsoft Word *Ms. Hamilton will provide samples for you to browse to help you make your choice.Organization Choices RequiredMethod forYour FinalLearningProduct  Detailed mindmap One of the two choices  Shaping sheet EXTRA CREDIT: See Ms. Hamilton Research Word Wall/“Research” Vocabulary of the Day 10th World Literature/Composition Honors Lester and Hamilton, Spring 2012 As we try to improve our understanding and use of research vocabulary/terms, we are going to crowdsource what we know and are learning about these terms as a group. Each student will select a research term to define and investigate; the findings will be shared in two ways: 1. You will create a visual to go on our bulletin board and a brief summary/definition/description that will fit on a 4x6 notecard (you can get your own, or we can provide one for you through the library). 2. You will create a wiki page (Ms. Hamilton will set up the wiki—you just add and create your page content) that includes: A. a definition/overview (this could be text, a Prezi, or your own original PPT that you could upload to Slideshare and embed) B. any additional materials to help someone learn more (official tutorial videos on YouTube) or links to credible articles/websites about the research term or tool. 3