Making Lemonade from Lemons: Transforming Challenges into Points of Innovation and Enchantment


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February 14 Virtual Presentation to Media Specialists in the Osseo School District, MN

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Making Lemonade from Lemons: Transforming Challenges into Points of Innovation and Enchantment

  1. 1. making lemonade from lemons: transforming challenges into points of innovation and enchantment buffy j. hamilton | february 2013CC image via
  2. 2. “These are the times that try men’s souls…” Thomas Paine, The CrisisCC image via
  3. 3. Original photograph by Buffy Hamilton
  4. 4. CC image via
  5. 5. how do we negotiate these tensions and helpteachers feel we are pulling WITH them?CC image via
  6. 6. relationships are the cornerstone oflibraries, learning, and participation CC image via
  7. 7. trustworthiness CC image via
  8. 8. likabilityCC image via
  9. 9. fantastic product or serviceCC image via
  10. 10. enchantmentCc image via
  11. 11. enchantment:sustained,voluntarydelight that ismutuallybeneficial CC image via
  12. 12. “enchantmenttransformssituations andrelationships.”Guy Kawasaki,Enchantment: The Art of ChangingHearts, Minds, and Actions CC image via
  13. 13. CC image via
  14. 14. Image used under a cc license from
  15. 15. “innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat” william pollardImage used under a CC license from
  16. 16. Action Steps forNOW to Elevate Your Role as anInstructional Leader and Partner
  17. 17. CC image via
  18. 18. 1turn filtering challenges into an opportunity to curatealternative resources for teachers and studentsCC image via
  19. 19. use the Common Core State Standards and the language ofthose standards as a focal point for conversation aboutmeaningful collaboration to support traditional andemerging literacies 2
  20. 20. 3 flex your instructional design and instructional literacy muscles in the context of content based research unitsCC image via
  21. 21. 4Look at budget cuts as an opportunity to reassesscollection development and servicesImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  22. 22. Seize moments of resistance and pushback as anopportunity to model resilience for teachers and studentsCC image via 5
  23. 23. cc licensed photo by The Shifted Librarian:
  24. 24. CC image via
  25. 25. embrace the wobbles CC image via
  26. 26. “The future of school libraries andschool librarians hangs in the balance.We must shape the future not to saveourselves, our jobs, or some sense oftradition. No, we win this victory for ourstudents.”Dr. R. David LankesSchool Libraries: Whats Now, Whats Next, Whats Yet to Come
  27. 27. we can decide which approach we willtake to these challengesImage via Microsoft Clip Gallery
  28. 28. embrace challenges asopportunities to helpothers focus onpossibilities, notlimitationsCC image via
  29. 29. change andunderstanding=innovation Participatory Librarianship and Change Agents: CC image via
  30. 30. CC image via
  31. 31. enchantment is the nectarCC image via
  32. 32. CC image via
  33. 33. CC image via
  34. 34. contact information Twitter: @buffyjhamilton