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Information source evaluation jackson hamilton hero project winter 2012


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Information source evaluation jackson hamilton hero project winter 2012

  1. 1. Name: ________________________________________________ Date:____________________ Information Source Evaluation Jackson/Unquiet Library Hero Project, February-March 2012 Directions: Print a printer friendly copy (ask Ms. Hamilton, Ms. Jackson, or Mr. Guyer for help in doing this task) and then complete this form. Staple this form to the top of your article and turn into Ms. Jackson. 1. Information Source (please check the one that applies) Gale  Encyclopedia  Print  Website found  Wikipedia Virtual Britannica Book through Article Reference SweetSearch Library 2. Title of the Reference Article, Webpage,or Book 3. Have you added this source to your EasyBib Works Cited page?  Yes  No 4. What information is in this article that will help you make the argument that your person meets the qualities of a hero? Be specific and explain in at least 2-5 sentences. Page 1
  2. 2. Name: ________________________________________________ Date:____________________ 5. Evaluate the article on these qualities:Quality Your Evaluation 0-5 (0=worst; 5=best)Currency : Timeliness of the Resource  when was the information published and or is a copyright date publishedRelevance: The importance of the information for your researchquestion  does the source have information that relates to your research question “how does this person demonstrate the qualities of a hero?”Authority: Credibility and expertise of the person or group that authored theinformation  what makes this person or group qualified to publish this information or what makes this person/group an expert?  What are the authors credentials or organizational affiliations?  Who is the author/publisher/source/sponsor?  Is the author qualified to write on the topic?  Is there contact information, such as a publisher or email address?Accuracy “ The reliability, truthfulness and correctness of thecontent  Is the information supported by evidence/facts?  Can you verify any of the information in another source or from personal knowledge?  Does the language or tone seem unbiased and free of emotion?  Are there spelling, grammar or typographical errors?Purpose: The reason the information exists  Do the authors/sponsors make their intentions or purpose clear?  What is the purpose of the information? Is it to inform, teach, sell, entertain or persuade?  Is the information fact, opinion or propaganda?  Does the point of view appear objective and impartial?  Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional or personal biases? Page 2
  3. 3. Name: ________________________________________________ Date:____________________ Page 3