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Greenbelt Writing Project Guidelines Grade 6 Spring 2017


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Created by Buffy Hamilton

Published in: Education
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Greenbelt Writing Project Guidelines Grade 6 Spring 2017

  1. 1. Greenbelt Writing Project 6th Writing Connections Spring 2017 | Ms. Hamilton What It Is Just as greenbelts are designed to give people green and natural spaces to grow and cultivate trees, plants, and nature, our greenbelt writing project will give you an opportunity the next three weeks to develop your own projects and cultivate writing ideas. Your work will count as a test grade. How It Works Using a template I will provide you, you will design your writing goals every 7 days and post your work on our project blog at connections/ ; I will help you sign up and teach you how to post your writing in this space. We will also have an opportunity to respond to each other’s work in a respectful and helpful way. Possible Writing Projects  Collaborative Writing (writing something with a partner)  Dear World Letter About a Piece of Literature  Essays (Persuasive, Informational, Problem-Solution)  How To...  Issues That Matter to Me  Personal Narratives  Poems  Readers' Theatre Scripts  Slice of Life Writing (piece of writing about ordinary events in daily life that are meaningful to you or that you see. Example: a mouse in the cafeteria.)  Stories  Take a Stand  VoiceThread (access through Launchpoint) You can also propose your own genre of writing or writing project. Weekly Writing Plan/Project(s)  Fill out the template and turn in on time.  Complete your writing projects by the deadline. This means you need to be on task and using your time with passion and purpose.  Complete a self-assessment/evaluation of your work (see me for the template)  Provide constructive and helpful feedback or comments to peers on their projects (I’ll give you sentence starters to do this task).
  2. 2. Updated List of Writing Genres and Possibilities, April 27, 2017 Greenbelt Writing with Ms. Hamilton Reflective Writing and Personal Narratives (The Yellow Station) Writing About a Memory Writing About a Conversation The Insight Garden Tribute to the Person Who Taught Me Something Prized Possession Valuable Advice Personal Narrative (seed/small moment story from your life) Sightseeing Favorite Place Story of My Thinking Expository and Informational Writing (the Green Station) Problem-Solution Message Making a Claim About a Historical Event Defining a Word Evolution of a Term Doing Something 101 (How To) Walking the Walk to Make a Difference Book Review Reader’s Theatre Script Creative Writing (the Orange Station) Poems (many options!) You can write a poem as a free-verse piece of writing; if you need a template or poem writing structure to get you started, see Ms. Hamilton. A Completely Made-Up Story Curiosity Writing Anxiety and Worry Writing Wo-Wo-Wonder Writing Reader’s Theatre Script You also have the option of just free writing a story without a template. Persuasive/Opinion/Argumentative/Taking a Stand Writing (hot pink station) Opinion Piece Taking a Stand Against Something Fighting Unfairness with Logic Knocking Down the Opposition Oreo Persuasive Writing Reader’s Theatre Script VoiceThread and Collaborative Writing You can use the templates for any of the genres and writing styles in the categories/lists above. For VoiceThread, you will type your script and then figure what images you want to use for each “chunk” or section of your writing. You will then read and record the narration for each photo and chunk of information in VoiceThread.