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Greenbelt Writing Project Grade 6 Menu of Writing Ideas and Projects Spring 2017


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Menu of greenbelt writing choices for 6th grade writers in the War Eagle Writing Studio. Designed and created by Buffy Hamilton; inspiration from Ralph Fletcher in Joy Write.

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Greenbelt Writing Project Grade 6 Menu of Writing Ideas and Projects Spring 2017

  1. 1. Greenbelt Writing Plan Contract 1 6-6 Writing Connections | April 25-May 5 Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________________ Genre and Type of Writing Project Topic Is there a writing partner for this writing project? Will this written piece of writing also be created as a VoiceThread? Reflective Writing and Personal Narratives (The Yellow Station) Writing About a Memory Writing About a Conversation The Insight Garden Tribute to the Person Who Taught Me Something Prized Possession Valuable Advice Personal Narrative (seed/small moment story from your life) Sightseeing Favorite Place Story of My Thinking Expository and Informational Writing (the Green Station) Problem-Solution Message Making a Claim About a Historical Event Defining a Word Evolution of a Term Doing Something 101 (How To) Walking the Walk to Make a Difference Book Review Reader’s Theatre Script Creative Writing (the Orange Station) Poems (many options!) You can write a poem as a free-verse piece of writing; if you need a template or poem writing structure to get you started, see Ms. Hamilton. A Completely Made-Up Story Curiosity Writing Anxiety and Worry Writing Wo-Wo-Wonder Writing Reader’s Theatre Script You also have the option of just free writing a story without a template. Persuasive/Opinion/Argumentative/Taking a Stand Writing (hot pink station) Opinion Piece Taking a Stand Against Something Fighting Unfairness with Logic Knocking Down the Opposition Oreo Persuasive Writing Reader’s Theatre Script