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  1. 1. 5. February 2011 I Czech-German Young Professionals Program Katarina Peranic and Henrik Flor I Stiftung BürgermutConnecting with Social Media toDrive Change. Bottom Up Communication and Participation
  2. 2. WHAT ARE WE DOING?● Idea● Participation and Social Media Weltbeweger and● Transfermanagement Carrotmob Munich, fundraising2.0 CAMP● Communication Enter Magazin
  3. 3. IDEA Spreading social sector innovations into new geographic locations in order to achieve greater impact. Founder of Stiftung Bürgermut, Elmar Pieroth . ● Change in society does not happened behind closed doors. ● 23 million people in Germany are involved in voluntary work ● A lot of people commit to the improvement of their living environment, they change the world they live in themselves and develop their own, amazing solutions. ● Our work is committed to the support, the enhancement and the spread of innovative voluntary work and modern participation
  4. 4. Where can we find these social-innovationsat the moment we need them?
  5. 5. IDEANationwide research system 70 correspondents across the country, collecting and categorising transferable ideas.Cooperations with big comeptions in this sector. Results build up the content of the Weltbeweger platform.
  6. 6. WELTBEWEGERParticipation and Social Media Criteria for Weltbeweger-Projects Innovative Successful TransferabeI Buttom up Participatory
  7. 7. WELTBEWEGERParticipation and Social Media ● Weltbeweger serves as a market place of ideas for volunteering citizens. ● Citizens that want to make positive changes in their own neighborhood, district or city will find practical experiences and suggestions – all day, every day. ● Over 800 projects share experience on weltbeweger ● Social Network ● We have journalistic- and user-generated content ● We connect people with social Media
  8. 8. Bücherschränke - Open LibraryExample of successful transfer MAINZ BONN HANNOVER
  9. 9. WELTBEWEGERParticipation and Social Media Facebook, Twitter and other Networks: ● connecting with other organizations and supporters ● Facebook interacts with other social media tools, like Twitter, blogs, Flickr, and others ● Everyday promoting Weltbeweger Projects ● People suggest new projects for Weltbeweger ● We give people a voice who are not using social Media at the moment
  10. 10. And back to weltbeweger
  11. 11. ENGAGEMENTzweinull.deParticipation and Social Media The Task ● Building a Community ● Raise awareness ● Inform about the process ● Motivating people to discuss the strategey
  12. 12. ENGAGEMENTzweinull.deParticipation and Social Media Instruments ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Videos ● Blogs ● Newsletter and relevant Websites
  13. 13. TransfermanagementCarrotmob Munich● We support volunteers and committed people to transfer and scale up their. models● We identify applicable partners● We create networks● We discuss and solve questions about judicial and financial subjects.● We help to connect to other and similar Organizations
  14. 14. What is a Carrotmob ● In Carrotmob campaigns, an organizer asks local businesses to compete ● Who will make the biggest change to their business in order to improve the world? ● Then you show up with your friends at the winning business, and spend money to support them. ● Its the opposite of a boycott.
  15. 15. TransfermanagementOffline Events
  16. 16. CommunicationEnter Magazin ● Germanys first weekly magazine for engagement and civic participation. ● Enter is journalism produced by experienced media professionals. ● Enter is no newsletter, but an independent magazine. ● Enter is for free. ● Enter stimulates and excites, provides ideas, opinions and backgrounds. ● Enter is Online not print
  17. 17. FACTS and FIGURES.● Founder: Elmar Pieroth, Entrepreneur and longtime Finance and Economic Minister of the State of Berlin● 3 Employees● Established in May 2007● During 2008 project Research● June 2009 launch of Weltbeweger● September 2010 launch of Engagiert-in-Deutschland● November 2010 Online-Participation for NFEP● February 2011 launch ENTER-Magazin
  18. 18. THANK YOU!