Teaching through dramatization


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Teaching through dramatization

  1. 1. Fighting against violence trough non-formal educational methods Dramatization By Mrs. CiocoiuDoina and Mrs. Craescu Elena
  2. 2. Objectives Identifying social and cultural opportunities so as to achieve students’education. Acquiring and using the strategies appropriate for the social-culturallearning environment in active learning,according to the purpose and type ofactivity. Being able to restructure the psycho- pedagogical techniques byintroducing innovative elements to make teaching more efficiently. Adapting language and interrelation methods the particular characteristicsof the group and solving the possible conflict situations. Putting into practice students’ knowledge and triggering their activeabilities as well as focusing on school –family- community relationship. Strengthening the students’ group Teaching through dramatization This activity aims at several objectives. Consolidating of the target group. Reducing stress We worked together as a unified the joint activities of manypersons[students,teachers] to achieve the mutual targets through mutualinfluences that everyone takes advantage of because each member comes withtheir active and efficient contribution . All this great activity means to accept the various ways of thinking andfeeling working together into a friendly and mutual support environment. This activity can also reach its objectives with the teacher’s involvementand support.
  3. 3. The teacher masters the teaching –learning strategy,stimulates students’interest in knowing the development of the same time with shaping theattitudes,opinions self feelings and moral qualities. Through this dramatization technique we have obtained a bettercommunication while communicating young learns realize there is all equal buteach of them has their particular thoughts and feelings-an exchange of goodpractice from non-formal education to formal one. This type of education may be useful for learning French in a more pleasantway. I have chosen dramatization as theatre can successfully combine elementsof art music and sport. If can also develop creativity and skills Increasing the number of the persons involved in the learning process. stimulating imagination curiosity facility learning acquisition through experience consolidating the linguistic approaches developing communication developing competition and knowledge This target group embodies the team of students in the ninth form and theFrench language teachers Mrs. CiocoiuDoinaand Mrs.Craescu Elena. This target group is made up of students with special needs and thoserisking social marginalization;students whose parents are abroad; studentscoming from single parent families students behavior problems and socialintegration, students belonging to different ethnic group It is an easy friendly and stimulative way as the child’s emotionaldevelopment it is one of the fundamental responsibilitiesof education.