World class courses online, free


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Advances in technology enable professors from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and other big-name universities to provide free online world-class courses to students around the world, FREE!

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World class courses online, free

  1. 1. World-class Courses Online, Free: Towards a Smarter Philippines! Alejandro P. Melchor III Deputy Executive Director Information & Communications Technology Office Department of Science & Technology
  2. 2. Advances in ICT have enabled world-class universitiesto offer free “massively open online courses,” orMOOCs. New technologies allow Stanford, Harvard andOxford professors to manage certificate courses withthousands of students.Grand Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming, USA
  3. 3. We provide access to five (5) sites offering world-classcourses online, free!1. COURSERA offers 117 free certificate courses frombig name universities.2. edX is a partnership between Harvard, MIT and UCBerkeley to offer free online courses to studentsaround the world.3. OpenCulture offers 500 free online courses andlanguage courses from name-brand universities.4. Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun offers 13challenging courses at Udacity.5. FreeVideoLectures offers over 1,000 free onlinecourses with video tutorials.
  4. 4. i-TalentDev.PH is designed to provide access to freeworld-class resources. ICTO’s new talent developmentprogram aims to put powerful educationaltechnologies into the hands of community leaders, toenable them to make an immediate difference in theircompanies and communities.The Great Wall of China, near Lanchow
  5. 5. We suggest that you enroll in an online course yourself. Thenshare with your family and friends. Encourage companies youknow to have their employees avail of these free opportunities toboost their skills…towards a SMARTER PHILIPPINES!The Himalayas
  6. 6. i-TalentDev.PH 1- Knowledge Workers7- Global Perspective with 21st Century Skills 2- 21st Centuryand Global Networking for the Global Curriculum, Assessment,and Collaboration Knowledge Economy and Professional Development of Teachers6- Computer Gaming and 3- Innovation andMultimedia Arts for Creativity in Education,Training, Education and and Education forLeadership Development Innovation and Creativity5- Online Learning and 4- Learning Organizations,Transformative Knowledge ManagementEducation Technologies 2.0, Knowledge Networking; Access to Free World-Class Resources
  7. 7. Sharing of free world-class resources Coursera
  8. 8. Sharing of free world-class resourcesIntroduction to Operations Management Operations Management teaches you to analyze and improve business processes. You learn about Six Sigma, Lean Operations, the Toyota production system, and more. This 6-week course starts Sept. 24, 2012, and requires 5 to 7 hours/ wk of work. Sign up for one of Coursera’s 117 free online courses today!
  9. 9. Sharing of free world-class resourcesFree online courses from Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley
  10. 10. Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science: Students may qualify for an honor code certificate
  11. 11. Sharing of free world-class resources UC Berkeley’s Software as a Service
  12. 12. Open Culture online courses from Stanford, Oxford, Yale, UCLA,NYU, and other world-class universities.
  13. 13. Free online courses available from Open Culture:Technology Entrepreneurship from Stanford
  14. 14. Free online courses available through Open Culture:Introduction to Computer Graphics 35 lecture series on Computer Graphics on YouTube
  15. 15. Udacity
  16. 16. Udacity: courses available
  17. 17. FreeVideoLectures
  18. 18. Free video courses available from FreeVideoLectures:Entrepreneurship course from Stanford
  19. 19. Free video courses available from FreeVideoOnlineFree Business Management Coursesfrom Harvard, Stanford, the London School
  20. 20. iTalentDev.PH Resources posted on Facebook World-class Courses Online, FreeComing soon! Posted Aug. 18 Essential 21st Century SkillsPosted on Facebook July 3 Posted Aug. 5
  21. 21. Access to free resources— Resources posted on Facebook Thank You • Essential 21st Century Skills • The i-CreativePhil Program • The Perfect Storm and the Next Wave Cities Program •Seeding the Digital Ecosystem to Fuel the Philippine Renaissance •Computer Gaming for Leadership Development • The DOST ICT Office’s Initiatives for the ICT & BPO Industry • The Next Wave Cities Program: Get Ready for thePlease e-mail feedback & suggestions to improve Next Wave of Growth and Investmenti–TalentPhil to • Seven Global Shifts: Trends and Opportunities in ICT & BPO Department of Science and Technology- Information and Communications Technology Office
  22. 22. Smarter Philippines--a DOST-wide project--by transforming systems of governance,education, health, etc. nationwide, will create a vibrant domestic knowledgeeconomy, accelerate technopreneurship, and boost domestic knowledge industries. 1- iGovPhil 4- Smarter Transportation -- i-Business Permit Lic. System and Green Technology -- Gov’t e-Services Portal -- Eco-Jeep (DOST NCRP) -- e-LGU -- UP Monorail (DOST MIRD) -- Community e-Centers -- National Information Infra -- CIO Forum & gCIO Training 2- i-TalentDev.PH 5- Smarter Healthcare -- Knowledge Workers with (PCHRD) & Nutrition (FNRI) 21st Century Skills -- Phil Health Research Registry -- Industry-driven curriculum -- Public health surveillance & -- Computer Gaming health intelligence systems -- Learning Technologies -- Sulong Pinoy anti-malnutrition -- Global Collaboration -- Nutritious brown rice 3- Smarter Industry 7- Smarter Cities 6- Smarter Disaster -- Global Leadership in IT-BPO -- Digital Ecosystem Mitigation -- $50 B ICT Industry -- Smarter Local Government Svcs -- Project Noah (DOST-PAGASA) -- i-CreativePhil -- Smarter Buildings -- Earthquake & Tsunami Early -- Smarter Agribusiness -- Smarter Environment Warning (DOST- PHIVOLCS) -- Makinariya at Teknolohiya -- Smarter Energy & Utilities -- 3D LIDAR Mapping (DOST & UP para sa Ekonomiya -- Smarter Public Safety Geodetic Engineering)
  23. 23. “Smarter Philippines” is the brainchild of Science & Technology Secretary Mario G. Montejo Sec. Montejo is an inventor, a trained engineer, and a successful businessman who knows how to commercialize scientific inventions. A member of the Top 100 Graduates of the University of the Philippines College of Engineering, his vision is to create a vibrant domestic knowledge economy in which Filipino technology companies and Filipino technopreneurs deliver indigenous technologies to solve the problems that beset ordinary Filipinos. iGov, the central program under “Smarter Government,” is the brainchild of the DOST Information & Communications Technology Office’s Executive Director Louis Casambre. His focus is all-out support for President Aquino’s promise of a transparent, equitable and effective government service, through ICT.