Madanpur Rampur College at a glance


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M.Rampur College is only Pvt. donation free college in the district of Kalahandi,Odisha.There is also no capitation fees ..

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  • Madanpur Rampur College at a glance

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    4. 4. Page 4Madanpur Rampur College, M.Rampur, apremier educational institution in the tribaldominated Eastern frontier in the district ofKalahandi and on the border of Bolangir &Kandhamala district of Orissa – , came intobeing in the year 1980. The college issituated on N.H. – 217 connecting Raipurand Gopalpur. The campus area spreadsover 28.25 acres of land.
    5. 5. Page 5The college is affiliated to CHSE, Odisha &Sambalpur University and is recognized byDHE,Govt. Odisha imparting education totribal backward people of Kalahandi,particularly to M.Rampur Block as well as toKarlamunda Block also in Arts, Science in+2 level & +3 level respectively.
    6. 6. Page 6The college offers 3-year degree courses inArts & Science . The college takes care notonly to impart and enhance the quality ofhigher education but also to build up anatmosphere of learning. It has proved its abilityby giving students opportunities for their allround development. Again the college hasmade sustained and concerted effort to bringinnovations in teaching learning methodology.
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    8. 8. Page 8The students are provided with model notesand question banks etc. to enable them tograsp the course easily and help them preparefor the examination. Extra attention is alsopaid to academically backward and slowlearners through extra and remedial classesand also to S.C S.T students sponsoredfinanced by UGC under its schemes.
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    10. 10. Page 10The faculty members maintain regular assessment ofacademic progress, which is verified by the HODs,and the Principal. The students’ performance isevaluated through classroom interactions, unit tests,and half yearly and annual examinations. Thecommunicative skill and confidence level of thestudents are assessed through departmental seminars,debates and other cultural activities. Theirknowledge is further sharpened through study tours,excavation and field works.
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    12. 12. Page 12The college encourages students’ participation inextension activities through NSS, N.C.C. andYRC. The activities of these organizations includea number of awareness programmes, Rallies,Blood donation camps, Health camps, Legal Aidworkshops etc. The unique outreached programmeof the college is village adoption programmethrough which students use their knowledge, skilland abilities to benefit the village community inthe neighborhood. Now the college introducedEco Club for students awareness on Environmentstress.
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    14. 14. Page 14A student friendly-library in the campus provides accessto Internet and also provides Reading Room facilities forstaff and students. General facilities are available in thecampus. The college has a nice eco-friendly campus. It issurrounded by rare variety of Mango grooves Sedum andTeak and other varieties of seasonal plants. Though theexisting building provides classrooms for degree andhigher secondary students, it is under further extension toaccommodate growing demands in teaching and learningprocess. For better health care it has a play ground,Gymnasium which facilitates the students with bothindoor and outdoor games. Yoga classes nourish themental and physical growth of the students
    15. 15. Page 15SAL Groove in the Campus
    16. 16. Page 16ACADEMIC ATTINMENTS OF THE STAFFNo Of Staff Members (Teaching) Having Ph. D. : 03No Of Staff Members (Teaching) Having M. Phil.: 03No Of Staff Members (Teaching)Undertaken Refreshers’ Course : 10No Of Staff Members (Teaching)Undertaken Orientation Course : 04No Of Staff Members (Teaching)In The Board Of Studies In The Universities : 01No Of Staff Members (Teaching)Attending Various Colleges AsResource Persons And Visiting Professors : 03No Of Staff Members (Teaching)Published Articles In Reputed Journals : 02No Of Staff Members (Teaching)Supervising Ph. D. Scholars : 01
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    18. 18. Page 18•Academic & co-curricular activities:The institution provides the following infrastructurefacilities for academic and co-curricular activities.a)The college has 09 nos. of class room.b)Four laboratoriesc)One Computer Room.d)One library with attached reading rooms for students.e)Broadband facility in the Office.f)Provision of LCD and OHP as teaching aids.g) Book Bank facilities.h)Staff common roomi)Separate common rooms for girl onlyj) Two Deep bore well for water supply
    19. 19. Page 19•Extra-curricular activities and sports:Indoor gamesa)Carom Boardb)Chess Boardc)A well furnished GymOutdoor games• Two play grounds for football & cricket.•Cricket equipments•Volleyball court•High jump uprights•Shut put•Javelin•Discus•Hammer
    20. 20. Page 20Students & teacher in the class room
    21. 21. Page 21ANNUAL SPORT 2011
    22. 22. Page 22CURRICULAR PROGRAMME:The institution provides teaching in various regularcourses as English, Oriya, Hindi, History, Economics,Political Science, Education in humanities; Physics,Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics in Sciencestream . Govt.Vocational stream is also attached to thecollege.Departmental seminars are regularly held by all thedepartments.
    23. 23. Page 23Chemistry Lab
    24. 24. Page 24STUDENTS FEEDBACK:Students being the main stack holders aremade responsible to access teaching in theinstitution. Feedback from studentsespecially belonging to +3 second year areinvited so as to improve class room teachingand other academic and extracurricularactivities
    25. 25. Page 25INTERNAL ASSESSMENT:Unit tests are regularly held to assess theperformance of the students on regular basis.Apart from it Test Examinations are also held.Regular assessments of students/teachersperformance are taken through meeting ofExamination CommitteeEXTERNAL ASSESSMENT:Three University Examinations at +3 1styear,+3 2ndyear and +3 3rdyear are held every yearto make the students eligible for the next stage.
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    27. 27. Page 27ACADEMIC REPUTATION AND PROVISIONS:(Performance in University Examinations & otherAcademic activities)M.Rampur College has the distinction of being a nodalcollege under Sambalpur University.The College Conductvarious University Examinations and the performance of thestudents of this institution has earned name and fame in theUniversity.•In the recent University Examination,2010, one students ofHistory Honours of this college have secured 2ndposition inthe University.•This institution has the pride of approximating 80% resultin honors in the University Examinations but 40% in passsubject in the academic year 2010-11
    28. 28. Page 28Apart from it Departmental seminars national& state level seminars are organized with thehelp of UGC & Local Organisations. It is alsoquite heartening to mention here that twostudents of our institution participated in the 2national-level seminar held in M.Rampurcollege sponsored by UGC
    29. 29. Page 29Seminar on process
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