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A variation /budee/                                                   B Variation /budee/   1. Put the relative pronouns w...
C Variation                                                              4.   1. circle the correct answer.               ...
What does the woman mean?A. She really wants to go to a French restaurant   tonight. B. She doesn’t care which they go to....
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  1. 1. A variation /budee/ B Variation /budee/ 1. Put the relative pronouns which/ where/ who/ whose. 1. Put the relative pronouns which/ where/ who/ whose. a. The region of Mongolia …we like to hike is Khangai … is a. The people …live in the mountains are fir and healthy. to the west of Ulaanbaatar. b. The neighbour …car you can see in the garage travels a b. The Jonhs usually stay in a hotel …is owned by a man … lot. son they know. c. That’s the girl…Brain has met on the trip. 2. To classify the nouns d. I’ll give you the book…you must read. equipment, choice, person, information, goose, advice 2. To classify the nouns Countable Nouns Uncountable nouns advertisment, channel, entertainment, noise, money, chance ……………….. …………………….. Countable nouns Uncountable nouns 3. Answer the questions …………………… ………………… a. Are you different from your brothers and sisters? 3. Answer the questions b. How many books have you read this month? a. Who do you look like? c. How do you feel when you don’t have enough sleep? b. How long have you been studying English? 4. Circle the correct answers. c. What do you think about small children riding a horses? a. She has to drive more carefully now,______? A. doesn’t she B. hasn’t she c.does she d. 4. Circle the correct answer. b. Teresa ___ by the alarm clock at 8 o’clock yesterday. She a. You’ll let me know about it, ____? often sleeps until noon. A. won’t you B. do you c. you won’t d. will you A. have woken up b. was wake up c. was woken up d. b. She ___ a dog yesterday. was being woken up A. was bitten b. was bitten to c. was bitten by d. was c. My cousin told me that she ___ the day before. bitten from A. has been writing a letter b. had been writing a letter c. Christopher asked me ____. c. had wrote a letter A. I wanted to dance b. if I wanted to dance c. I want d. If I ___ in Taipei, I would have found a new girlefriend. to dance A. had stayed b. have stayed c. had stay d. stayed d. If John ___ eating these green apples he’ll soon feel sick A. not stop b. didn’t stop c. doesn’t stop d. wiil not stop
  2. 2. C Variation 4. 1. circle the correct answer. D Variation a. Melinda doesn’t ___ on with her co-workers. A. come b. go c. get d. prefer 1. Circle the correct answer. b. ___ take pictures inside musuem? a. In many cultured, it is appropriate to ___ off your shoes A. Can we b. Are we allowed to c. Should we take d. when entering a house. have we to A. show b. take c. grow d. go b. ___I please change my seat on the plane to Tokyo? c. Obese people risk ___ from heart diseases. A. suffer b. to suffer c. to have suffered d. suffering A. Should b. Ought to c. Must d. May d. The train ____ at 5 p.m on Friday. c. Mary can’t stand ___ a child cry. A. left b. leaves c. will leave d. leaved A. Hear b. heard c. hearing d. to hear e. My car was ___ I had ever seen it before. d. I__ my work by 10.00 tonight. A. cleanest b. the cleanest c. much cleaner d. cleaner A. will be finish b. finishing c. will finished d. won’t have than finished 2. Answer the question. e. He’s ___ to reach the top of the bookshelf. a. What would you do if you found ten million dollars? A. tall enough b. enough tall c. too tall d. so tall 2. Answer the question. b. Who was the most interesting person you have met? c. How do you spend your free time? a. What would you do if a wolf attacked your herd? 3. Communication task b. What was the most exotic animal you have ever seen? a. Boy: Why are you crying? c. How much time a week do you spend studying? Girl: That was one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. 3. Communication task A. At the beach b. at a swimming pool c. at a travel a. Woman: Hello. This is Mr. Wilson calling. Is Dr.Smith there? agency d. outside the movie theater b. Man: Would you like to go swimming later? Man: No, he’s not in right now. May I help you with Woman: That sounds like a lot of fun, but I have a test something? the day after tomorrow. With whom does the woman wish to speak? What will the woman probably do while the man is A: Mr. Wilson b. Dr. Smith c. Mrs. Nancy d. Ms. Laura swimming? b. Man: Would you mind if we went to a French restaurant A. go swimming with him b. take a test c. study for the tonight? exam d. go to the library Woman: I wanted to eat Italian, but I guess French would be OK, too.
  3. 3. What does the woman mean?A. She really wants to go to a French restaurant tonight. B. She doesn’t care which they go to. C. She doesn’t like either suggestion. D. she is not very hungry tonight.