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  1. 1. A variation /10grade/ B variation /10 grade/ 1. Put the verbs into the correct form. 1. Put the verbs into correct form. a. Our exam papers _____ (mark) by different teachers. a. More new houses ___ (build) ib the city than in the b. Tea ___ (export) for sale to many countries around the countryside. world. b. The guests ____ (serve) both hot and cold tea. c. I like the sound of waves because it ____ (make) me c. Onon normally lives in Korea. He ____(live) in Japan at feel calm. the moment. d. Tea leaves ___ (grow)mostly in Sri Lanka, China and d. I’m writing a love story. I ____(ginish) it soon. India. 2. Unjumble the words to make sentences. 2. Unjumble these words to make sentences. a. learn, me, A dictionary, new, helps, words, to. a. languages, learn, helps, Learning, to, songs, us. b. helps, to, teacher, the test, us, prepare for, Our. b. must, help, Parents, to learn, children, things, their. c. to, my homework, me, my, Mum, do, helps. c. Body, express, people, helps, language, to, themselves. 3. Answer the questions. a. Who does your grandfather live with? 3. Answer the questions. b. What food do you like? a. Have you ever used a credit card? c. Where is your school? b. How often do you get free time? d. Have you ever visited a website? c. What languages do you study at school? d. Who do you live with? 4. Translate 4. Translate a. Listening to English pop music and songs really helps me a. The fire department hasn’t found the cause of the fire to learn English better. yet. b. The Erath is the third planet, and about 150 million kms b. He is retired but he used to be a history teacher. from the Sun. c. We all live in human society and communicate with one c. I think, sending e-mails is one of the advantages of the another all the time. Internet.
  2. 2. C variaiton D Variation 1. Put the verbs into the correct form. 1. Put the verbs into the correct form. a. I ____(finish) that book last week. a. Last week I ___(meet) the well known writer b. The teacher ___(tell) the class that she was going to Odonchimed. give a test. b. Harvest festivals _____ (celebrate) in my countries. c. Alice works as a teacher. She ___(study) children’s right c. Modern cities _____ (be) noisy. because she thinks it will help in her job. d. In Tibet guests _____(serve) tea with milk and butter. d. Tuya usually _____(stay) with her uncle’s family in 2. Unjumble these words to make sentences. London. a. people, Telephones, to, help, communicate. 2. Unjumble the these words to make sentences. b. life, help, explore, to, students, Books. a. to change, hair style, My, wants, her, mother. c. Body, express, people, helps, language, to, themselves. b. to learn, Our teacher, by heart, wants, the verbs, us. 3. Answer the questions. c. children, languages, father, doesn’t, My, to study, want, a. What sports do you usually watch on TV? his, foreign. b. What do you waer to school? 3. Answer the questions. c. How long have you been leraning English? a. Who do your parents live with? d. Which sports do you like the best? b. Who runs the fastest in your class? 4. Translate c. What nationality is your family? a. The children wanted a more exciting life. d. Have you ever visited to China? b. Mongolia is rich in natural resourse. 4. Translate c. If you notice symptoms of a disease you should see a a. I have a well-paid job as a manager in a really huse doctor as soon as possible. company. b. I live in a very big flat but it isn’t really important to me. c. Smoking is a bad habit.