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Budd margolis the_shopping_channel_whisperer


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TV Shopping and eCommerce/interactive retail consultancy. Developing, improving, fund raising, industry forensics and expert testimony, available for interim or full time management expertise for modern retail enterprises (Business Management Consultancy).

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Budd margolis the_shopping_channel_whisperer

  1. 1. Budd MargolisThe TV Shopping Whisperer...Some people started to call me the TV Shopping Whisperer after the famous dog trainer. I started to watch the programmes and realised Cesar understood dogs like no other person. If I can just aspire to understand this industry to a small degree what he can do, I would be able to provide my clients with real value for money skills!
  2. 2. IBM Pudong PPC 1999The challenge is always how to create the most efficientsystem for the client? How do you work with people whocome from varied cultures and create harmony with newwork methods and the latest technology? It is not simple oreasy but I believe that by studying the culture and market,and respecting both, one can navigate and persevere. I takegreat pride in my work and life long friendships with all thoseI work with. I am truly honoured and blessed to havethe privilege to work with so many fine people andtheir successful TV shopping and news channels.
  3. 3. The Science of ShoppingYou have to make it safe, easy and fun!Interactive retailing is a part of direct marketing, there are waysto create excitement that converts viewers or users tocustomers but building a system that also respects thecustomer, and enhances the brand as well as long term loyalty,is not magic or luck but hard work and experience.Technology enables but too often it is let down bypoor implementation or adaptation. Innovating with respectand udnerstanding means a better experience without negativeimpact. Connecting to the customer and delivering leadingstandards of customer care means higher retention and spend.
  4. 4. William J. Schereck JrExecutive Vice President - International division of QVC Network Inc. from Dec. 93 - Feb 94William J. Schereck Jr was President and Chief Executive Officer of TV Shopping Network Limitedfrom August 1995 to February 1998. He served as President - International division of QVCNetwork Inc. from February 1994 to May 1995. He served as Executive Vice President -International division of QVC Network Inc. from December 1993 to February 1994. From 1990 toDecember 1993, Mr. Schereck served as Vice President, Cable Affiliates for Fox BroadcastingCompany and from 1985 to 1990 he held a series of positions with WMSN, a television station inMadison, Wisconsin, most recently as General Manager. "Very few people have a chance to participate from the inside of the startupof a new industry. Budd was part of the team that launched QVC UK. I wasthe supervising Executive for that startup and President, QVC International. He then had the opportunity to observe in the startup I supervised in Mexicofor QVC. He then participated in the startup of TVSN in Australia when I wasCEO. Only a handfull of people in the world have that level of experience instarting TV shopping operations. If there were a PhD in InternationalElectronic Retailing, Budd would have earned one of the first."
  5. 5. Katie Williams, CEO, Williams Worldwide TelevisionMs. Kathleen Williams was a founding member of the industry’s trade association (ElectronicRetailing Association), and a member of its Board of Directors. She was also named “Entrepreneur of theYear” for the city of Los Angeles in 1991.WWT (Williams Worldwide Television) was ranked in the top five woman-owned businesses in LosAngeles County by the Los Angeles Business Journal for four consecutive years,and was chosen by Working Woman Magazine as one of the top women-owned companies nationwide fortwo consecutive years."Budd is an expert on TV home shopping everywhere. And I mean everywhere--whether India, Korea, UK, Italy, Germany, or Australia --name a shopping networkand Budds got the inside skinny!"“Budd is an ecommerce global visionary. Sounds lofty, but its true--he has beeninvolved in TV shopping and ecomm from its early days in many markets--includingthe UK, Australia, Korea, France,and China. Very few have such internationalexpertise--if you are trying to build a TV shopping or international ecommercebusiness, Budd can save you lots of money and considerable heartache.” January4, 2009
  6. 6. Elissa Myers, Former President & CEO, Electronic Retailing AssociationElissa Myers is an innovative and creative executive, with more than 30 years of experience specializing in developingand growing associations. A passionate advocate for effective, creative, and responsible leadership in associations, shecan help you build consensus among volunteers and staff around your strategic direction , and ensure that yourdirection, policies and procedures will be understood , consistent, and unambiguous.“There is no shortage of genius in the field of electronic commerce, but among acommunity of extremely bright lights, Budd Margolis shines brightly. The scope andbreadth and depth of his knowledge of what is going on in electronic retailing anddirect response TV is breath-taking. He is a delight to work with -- warm, friendly,and gifted. His grasp of world commerce is profound. Budd is one of those rareindividuals who really is, to use an Oliver Goldsmith turn of the phrase, a “Citizen ofthe World.” Sitting back in quiet reflection, he has a solid grasp on the revolution inretail and technology, and provides solid, wise, and experienced advice.”
  7. 7. CURRENT:Working with the top News channel development and training company TIV, INC which hasdeveloped leading news channels around the world. We develop plans, budgets, equipmentspecification, design studios and offices, create formats, train presenters, reporters, cameraand editors and deliver frormats that win market share.Presently advising a major India based retailer and advising multi-media/multi platformdevelopments and new businesses in the sub continent and Africa. Have specified theProduct Information Management System (also known as DAM) with a team of IT engineersfor a 7m SKU system which included studios and ingestion systems for photo, video and textbased information and advised on TV Shopping initiatives.Recently developed planning for a Green Flash sales concept for a European centric Green(sustainable and ethical) flash sales eCommerce entity on the bailiwick of Jersey and basedupon the success and metrics of, Haute Look, One Kings Lane and other ecommcompanies.I provide TV Shopping and eCommerce analysis for financial groups as well as advisecompanies on investments and mergers, liquidation, forensic accounting and expert testimony.And I regularly review the industry and help shop channels with reviewsand recommendation services as well as turn around strategies and performance improvementwork.I have worked with 150+ presenters and over many producers as well as dozens of CEOs andcompany Directors, lectured MBA and University programmes, speeches for industryconferences and events, news interviews as an industry spokesperson and help doctoralcandidates with industry expertise.
  8. 8. Budd Margolis: ServicesHere are just some of the services I can provide:o Improve Sales Performanceo Review Existing Systemso Specify New Strategies & Tacticso Create New Plans and Turn Around Strategieso Interim Managemento Full Time Managemento Other Consulting Serviceso Large Network Of Seasoned Professionals to augment services when requiredo Can work in any location Please get in touch with us for more details at:
  9. 9. Clients, start ups and channels: LGHS (Korea) & GSHS (Korea), Ideal World (UK), Shop! (UK), MTG: TV 3& TV Shop, (Sweden), TeleAchat (France & Belgium), TVSN (Australia),Granada Media Group and Littlewood’s (UK), Williams Worldwide Television(US), QVC, UK, China Shopping Network, International Shopping Network(China), Harrods, Gtech (UK & Poland), Pinnault Printemps La Redoute &Canal + (France), CED (Israel), Media Partners Milan (Italy), Grupo RBSPorto Alegre (Brazil), Hijaz Trading (Dubai), Goldshield Pharmaceutical(UK), TV Club Moscow (Russia), TeleGaleria, LA (US), TWI-IMG Chiswick(UK), Dohan Media Group Istanbul (Turkey), Antennae 3, Athens (Greece),Metro Newspaper Group, Stockholm (SWE) & Redmatch (ISR), BritishAirways (UK), HomeShop18 New Delhi (India), The Future Group,Mumbai (India), NN24 Abuja (Nigeria), KRT/UBC Kiev (Ukraine), PinkShopping, Belgrade (Serbia), Shop! (UK), Ideal World (UK), EurosportSky TV (UK & FRA), DigiGuide (UK), The Luxury Channel (UK) andvarious manufacturers, financial & investment groups and others.
  10. 10. Additional Quotes:Jon Briggs, Owner, Excellent Voice Company Ltdworked directly with Budd at QVC The Shopping Channel “Budd is a remarkable man - with a natural talent for marketing in particular with electronicmedia. His knowledge of the TV commerce business is second to none, his experienceglobal and his ideas always innovative. If its first out of the blocks, you can guarantee thatBudd has had something to do with it.”September 16, 2008David Watson, Director at QVC The Shopping Channel “Budd is an amazingly knowledgeable and creative guy with a head for business! Rarecombination - his knowledge of eCommerce and direct sales is second to none. I greatlyrespect his knowledge and depth of understanding in this field. Happy to have worked withhim on several projects and in different capacities. All in all, one of the goodguys!” February 19, 2010