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What is the troubles -- Buddhism said

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What is troubles

  1. 1. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com What is the troubles -- Buddhism said [Author:Garma Rinpoche] Squall Compiled, Source:http://www.buddha-god.com Troubles that everyone has. Very often, we think the trouble and pain are one, but there will be trouble in Buddhism as a negative thought or emotion; trouble, they will produce pain. Great Sakyamuni Buddha tells us, from samsara, the biggest obstacle is vexed, and before the Buddha, bodhisattva, called known barrier; and understand the nature of the second obstacle is bright Buddha. The original of the Tathagata, via our main consciousness, through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and so on five, in color, sound, smell, taste, touch produces five. In a sense, five root, architect of interaction loop process, let the heart have a cloudy appearance, this scenario is in how the metaphor Scripture? just like the sea itself is clear, there is, however, why the sea will play such a big waves are wind haze? up ocean waves. Therefore, this kind of sudden rise of consciousness respectively, both to catch hold of it, it is not clear that it is positive or negative, the chaos of doubts, it is ignorance, is the so-called ‘ dust pollution. The heart of the original essence, just like the sea water, always clean, always with great wisdom and great compassion, this is known as the Buddha-nature. Trouble is because there is ignorance and distinctions. Trouble thinking of a State is not a worry because of the pain and suffering is the fruit of trouble; the obstacles to free circulation, which is annoying. So take off again, you must first understand the trouble arises, how to escape from, so that they know how to cure it. Ningma BA master m Pang Rinpoche said: “what is a trouble?, called greed. “The worry is that greed, malice and hatred, envy, pride, suspicious, known as the deadly. Since its rebirth existed up to now, we have very negative thoughts and behavior, positive thoughts or behavior, but they need to work hard to show. We are born, we do not need to go through the learning is trouble. So, my mother conceived me may because when you are not happy in the mother’s belly and beaten; joy when smile. Fetus in the mother of all emotions that come from the continuation of past practices. After the baby is born to like things will be very happy, didn’t like something that would be used to express 1
  2. 2. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com a few ways, these are innate. More seriously, as he grew older, desire and malice and hatred heart with non-stop growth. From Merle, we have greed, because you want to meet the immediate needs of hungry 飢, while positive kind attention will also be happy to accept, but on the negative language of the heart of the resistance, which is growing along with the age. We were young, malice and hatred of greed, arrogance, yea the seed maturation in present and future generations. But still, many things still do not understand the difference between the time, this virus was just seeds, can’t have more serious consequences. Like the consumption of contaminated water or food poisoning, beginning at all toxicity exists until the tip of the day, the damage would become heavier and heavier. The majority of poison in the beginning of time, feel comfortable, with pleasure, but as the poisoning and more deep, painful, and more. Unless there are good and was born in moral or religious beliefs are correct, the family will not deteriorate, this is your own and family in the past and blessing all industry matures, they let themselves in this life, slowly change look at things. As a child, when people bully him, he will cry with family members or their complaints. If it is not sensible to parents, or you do not have a correct moral people, most of them will tell children to tooth way to counterattack, and will not tell him the correct solution to the problem. After that, my children will gradually build up negative thinking patterns. This situation is likely to occur when parents have a propensity for violence, or ranting. I have found that there is a second-year-old children, in more than just learning to live a full dialogue, likes to tell an adult jokes. I am very surprised, how just talking children have this habit? later discovered that his mother is a love story that joke, causing the child to invisibly to accept this way of speaking, but I don’t know if it’s not good. We can see that some children at the age of just learn how to walk, you will use violence to solve things. Or Karma deeper, when he lost his temper, but do not use violence to others, will in turn give vent to their bite. At this point if the parents have charity, teach children to understand the malice and hatred are not good, then gradually led him to the positive development of the child’s anger habits can be changed. Sick is not yet mature seed, if you know that the Earth is poisonous plants such as poppy seeds, just not in the above sprinkler, fertilizer, seed without sunshine, natural decay in the Earth; even if long 2
  3. 3. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com sprouting, is also very fragile plants. Likewise, the children of seeds–corruption, malice, idiotic, slow, suspected, and poppy seeds or other poisons, influence is still very small, the key is to let it continue to grow. Parents, if you agree with his negative emotions, or silence, will encourage, then negative emotions will be gradually expanded. But if born in Buddhist family, who were taught that hurt others, to someone else’s article yours, bad mouth wounding, beat people are very bad as slowly, children know how to change your sense of right and wrong have sown in his heart. But there are so many families are doting than in education and children lose their sense of right and wrong. Moreover, adults are generally dotes. We all understand that includes ten poor negative emotions and behavior is not good, because no one likes to be hurt, no one is willing to kill, not to mention used weapon damage, even verbal abuse, satire, defamation, will make people feel very uncomfortable, like needles heart pain. However, when we do these things for others, but there is always a lot of reasons to own this, I do not think so, but I’ve been. 」 The heart of the nature of Buddha-nature is clean, but was off dust pollution resulting from ignorance, already sigils and Buddha-nature co-exist in the mind. In this side of Buddha-nature, people will want to own and by others, and be loved, all with a gentle love language on their own. But on the other hand, their own people so it is very difficult to pay?. The pay for a short time, but perhaps a long time is not easy. Killing animals because of troubles. It will be because greed killing animals, one of the most serious is that in order to satisfy the appetite of greed killing animals. Many have not studied the Dharma, and when you see animals, because they want to eat meat and killed it. Once upon a time, few visitors have no religious belief that our temples to visit, when you want to go to the car could not be found, so we let them a ride up the Hill together. Because of the temples around the area prohibited Hunter, surrounded by a lot of wild animals, and in the evening, lights up as you go, you can see many wild animals running East-West. At this point, the car has a Cantonese people along the way has been said that these animals can be used for soup. This is because the food is so ingrained desire to see animals, born to soup up your body. 3
  4. 4. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com In addition, it was just to play with the animals and of biocides. Many people go fishing for shrimp farm, hunting farm, not in order to satisfy the appetite, but just as entertainment preferences. Like last time there were several Han Chinese into Tibet area fishing, Lama no matter how to persuade you, then the lamas would deter threw stones, but not directly to the people. But the problem has come, one of Hans’s father was the Army Chief of higher order, just come to the temple theory right. I explained to him: first, the whole pagan Tibetan areas, fishing is good. Secondly, think he was very sad, I asked, does he have nothing to eat at home, only to fishing. His answer was just as boring to fishing. I said to him, to get a fishing rod to catch his mouth to see if you still feel bored. Like this just for entertainment that hurt animals, human beings very sad place. There are also people who want to use animals to show off and killing animals for fur. In the era of the Tibetan people spitting words to wear different fur is a symbol of military authority, this kind of idea, let the Tibetans on fur special love, there are a lot of people to kill. Therefore, the rise of Tibet over the past few years a strong movement, is the prohibition of Buddhists dressed in animal skins, but you can wear in cold weather because Sheepskin coat-20 degree weather, so avoid freezing. But although the Tibetan Buddhism of the whole people of faith, but also in order to seek their fortunes, or in order to show off the wealth and killing themselves, which are due to the arrogance and biocides. People have the ability do not reflect on when ignorance and blind and blind faith, not clear what should or should not, a lot of time to think of “should” is in fact a trouble at work. Like a different religious factions, to their own beliefs and start a war, leading to many innocent people were killed, and the number of people everywhere to wage war, and finally being hurt the innocent civilian population. Or watch other petroleum, wealth, land, and find a reason to start a war that many. The so-called freedom of religion, to wars, most of the reasons are arrogant. Because we have the ability, if they disagree with our ideas, forcing each other’s identity, while the ability is what weapons, power, money, so arrogant will kill. The cause of the killing, the most serious not pop out of hate, it is arrogant, and this pride with greed. For instance, looks very nice, looks rather than its own will despise, this is called color slowly. We can find, handsome man or 4
  5. 5. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com woman is beautiful, most arrogant heart will be better than others. And cultural standards high, although they look bad would be arrogant, a more serious becomes race slowly. Of course, that the environment is highly civilized culture, the idea itself is not wrong, but if we, in turn, that someone is poor, poor, ignorant, chauvinism, it will be produced. Many times different powers have superiority complex, is a sand man thought. This is divided into a variety of Empire-sauce man thinking, and there is a sense of superiority of national consciousness, when the sense of superiority is too expansive, becomes a national chauvinism, other peoples with discrimination. The only other lives without any discrimination of culture or religion is Buddhism. Although most religions have positive precepts, but often think that since these teachings is the best, while other religious demonizing. But in Buddhism, I don’t see any custom cases silt man thought. Dharma is the highest level of the ground, and the Buddha in authentic 14 fundamental precepts, it clearly cannot defame from these or other sects. From Buddhism, since the case after the Buddha, is divided into two factions, the following different ways to different places and are divided into more tribe. For example, to the Tibetan areas, divided into four or five big factions, factions, and after five branch. In addition, the Chinese or other areas of Buddhism also have different tribes, this is called the self in Buddhism. Therefore, as long as it is handed down by the teaching of the Buddha, Buddhists have different sects of inheritance to be blasphemed. As for the so-called heretic, other religions or no religion, Buddhists to them as brothers and sisters, even as their parents. If Buddhists in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha really, trouble is easily destroyed, but the problem is that we do not make good use of it. We know the great doctrine of the Buddha, is can banish worry about, but don’t know how to light it. Buddhism speaks of the wide range of wealth, and wealth being called ziliang can be divided into two kinds of Salford and ziliang wisdom. Ford Ziliang are divided into to corruption and non-corruption of parts. To corruption Fude? is the life, health, heart, and ten shanye is cumulative these blessings. The first precious wealth is life. A person can live is the greatest blessing, say that even the life, is the national leader? so precious life is. A lot of people strive for money, the pursuit of other people praise to let others share their own, different foods to nourish your body, providing three meals a day, these 5
  6. 6. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com efforts is to make life. But since I do not know how much pain experience, injections and pills are also in order to prolong life. However, true to the best way to prolong life, is to try not to hurt and help other people. Killing is the best way of life, for killing leads to short-lived, it will give rise to trouble, to resolve this issue, we must rely on quit killing animals, but also many releases. A healthy body is a corruption of the second wealth. If life, but do not have a healthy body? all the hard work, sweat to what is the future of the old, in physical function return loss, slow, at least there are some wealth can sustain life. But even to the body’s health, you only need 1 or meals, not to mention human digestion capacity is limited, it is not possible to put all food all eat, but people’s eyes will continue to lure greedy, so that people can not stop. How many people because of excessive greed, by earning money at night, causing the disease, the body is to be earnings used to treat the body, only to suffer State alive. Of course, for themselves or their families and clothing, hard-working to earn wealth, is necessary. Therefore, the life and health must coexist, otherwise it looks like a lot of people despite the life of wealth, but wealth is not healthy, become comatose or lying in bed, ten or twenty years, experienced a lot of suffering and pain. But even with the life and health of wealth, if the mind is not happy, feel more pain, so a third kind of wealth is the mind at ease. For example, suppose that the heart is not willing to care for a family, every day. But its implementation is more than the recipient, because the blessing blessings, they have the capacity to care for a family, this capability is also a cumulative shanye previous existence. Many people can’t afford an ascendant or rearing their children?, but they do not have the capacity to make a living, we took care of them, this is the normal cycle on ethics. If the mood and easy to do these things, you will not feel the pain. As we do a Buddhist monk, because the relationship between mission, from small to large and not feel that they are their own, but rather that your body and wealth belongs to the public, even the life is to benefit all sentient beings, pay full of optimism. But the more optimistic, confidence and strength will redouble its growth. To pay this mindset, the Buddha blessing and sentient being given responsibility, will find very rare. 6
  7. 7. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com For example, recently I was ill, was in a coma, during a good dream. Dream took a group of monks after cliff, next to the temple at that time seems to think so steep cliffs, I do not know whether it will fall?, and then began to crack and landslides. Fall, I think it is best not to drop it to the face, but rather a feet first. Subsequently, lamas are following me to swim in the sea, there are a large group of believers in the beach awaits. At this point, I know, aren’t I sentient beings in degree I, crystalize in assisting me. So, I finally got a deeper understanding of “no sentient beings, their absolutely inseparable samsara” Although this is only a dream. In a dream, from water to swim to shore, is a group of believers waiting to pull my hand, this means that my liability outstanding, fate. Be careful to enter a State of tranquillity, as can the sick body aside, another yourself beside enjoying quiet joy. Because I’m almost 30 years do not have a good rest, completely without thinking about what to do, or what is not complete. Temple, believers, troubles, everything is not taken into account, in addition to pray, pray, is sleeping. Although the body will still be a pain, but the mind is very comfortable. Of course, this doesn’t mean I don’t need to see a doctor, just say the power of the spirit than medical treatment is sometimes better to the Boddhisattvas trustful pious heart can be pushovers. When the body was ill will of course. Physical pain, it is because the physical health but could not. Therefore, the body begins to appear as greed will slowly grow at the body, could increase its own dedicated human meditate. Not sick,? others speak bluntly language, regardless of the wording is positive or negative, as long as with probably are not willing to accept it. Hear news of malice and hate speech led to think each other since no nice language, I would tell him the ugly, a tooth for a tooth. Like this, in fact, have been contributing to worry, this is the result of the presence of human meditate while getting close to infinite expansion. If this kind of corruption holds for positive, you will have a positive effect. For example, when you’re ill, compassion for one’s own body, but more compassion for someone else’s body, think of the matter is now in any mood, including grief, sadness, pain, depression, headaches, etc., I have the feeling of culture, which is acutely aware of the feelings have been training, they would not have someone sick, didn’t feel numb. When children are sick, the parents will have cut your meat also painful feelings, this is the culture of feelings. This 7
  8. 8. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com is the Dharma in Exchange since he, using modern language called cultivate feelings. Since he Exchange, is the other’s position to feel each other’s status. When you start training, on pain of others and your own pain, to feel the same intentions; slowly expanded later, when the surrounding any human suffering, have become their own feelings, they will have a love of family and relatives. Then, you can then expand indefinitely, to develop a friendship, then transformed into affection, but has become our most parents loved ones. This kind of love extends to six other sentient beings, the road is great. This kind of corruption on the current us like across the sea, while the final will be put down to the shore, but just as silent day masters have said, this is currently very much in need. The problem is that we did not let himself be greed is used to escape the great mercy heart, negative worries. The corruption be worried? for example, you are my son, your learning is not good, so I followed resulting in pain, others on your point of view I am suffering, you grow up on the status of the work, also let me produce pain. This kind of appropriation of the wealth of his son, called method in my ego. Like the idea of “appropriation”, is the cause of the trouble and more. Just like we don’t have the stadium would, if the gym is destroyed, we won’t have any feeling. But if you today with someone placed knocked over, we are not happy, but if these offerings are placed in another’s House was over, we will not be angry. This is because we see it as their own things, the desire to have an extension to it. House, car, they haven’t bought before destruction, regardless of what other people are indifferent, but when your sure you want to buy it, then if someone compromised, will feel unhappy. This is the Tibetan monks from Pakistan Pearl Rinpoche: “how much wealth is as big as the suffering; the number of persistent pain, trouble. “People can’t have everything, especially the mind at ease, and few people praise, praise someone, we will feel very comfortable, contemporary of inclusiveness is also particularly large, the fraternity to seem to take care of the world. But if someone speaks its own negative discourse, its inclusive heart. The heart itself has no size limits, if you understand its nature, it becomes unlimited compatibility, but I don’t understand it, it will bring a lot of negative effects on mood. 8
  9. 9. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com In most people’s awareness, knowledge, ability, wealth is the source of happiness, but in fact it is not necessarily the case. The world’s wealth, knowledge, skills, reputation, money, power, etc., all on a human body, he would not be happy?. Wealth and more people instead of suffering, because he did not know how to deal with. Maybe have the intelligence, can have a lot of power and wealth, but to put the power and wealth becomes the source of happiness, wisdom is absolutely impossible, or even become a source of anguish instead. A great many people who have wealth, the daily fear of theft, robbery, but relatives and friends because of power, wealth, fame and fortune and enmity, also abound. On the contrary, poor lag behind, family harmony. People hate pop out of trouble, first of all be manifested in body and speech, such as passed and hurt others, bad mouth. Although the praise of others is the least need capital to accumulate a Ford Ziliang, can also be others, but we sincerely mean to praise someone, but the others do, picking, provoke and wrong. In fact, this mindset is derived from another worry–envy-heart, others have, feels not willingly. But in fact, if you can admire with Hi, others will share with us. We can see that a lot of wise people willing to put the knowledge, ability, wealth, and others to share. If you do not go to praise, but others with hi to deceive others, of course, with all the watch out for you, do not want to share with you. As more and more modern civilization developed, there is nothing to look for fast results, even no need to go out, you can purchase things on the Internet, more and more hate and others, more and more closed himself. Would have to be the greatest reward is to understand the ethical, legal compliance, you can freely get along well with others, but we are more and more fear. Because of the wealth of the world’s resources are limited, so everyone is trying to achieve, we desperately worried about competition, it is owned by someone else lives. But also because this suspicion cannot trust each other, causing upset us everything. Although the ancients said: “doers, no. “But the anti-people should not be a defense to such a degree, when the defense to get their mind less shrinkage, wherein people possess and own the same wealth, wisdom, learning and living environment, and so on, so they will try to protect themselves, to destroy others. This is like a lot of animals for the sake of your children and went to people’s other child, many birds have this habit. In this way, the suspicion of heart will become heavier and heavier, everyone up, so can’t tell this person can contact, or not. Plus it is too advanced, people mostly 9
  10. 10. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com use it to spread into the non-news, everyone fears. But people would have a lot of emotion, this cannot be tolerated, and do not represent all of tomorrow, so intolerable, and what not, began to drive a wedge between the right and wrong. Sometimes themselves wrong, regret, and the more the more black stroke. Therefore, we want to know how to properly use modern civilization, otherwise it will become a source of trouble. All human suffering is their own greed, malice, idiotic, slow, suspected. Normal human than other animals have higher wisdom, empathy. However, humans sometimes need more constraints or higher instead of arrogance, becoming the source of the confusion, but also with self-righteous clever, to destroy the world. People often say fear of demons and monsters, afraid of snakes, etc, in fact most of mankind. Many animals on the surface, there is no human is so high IQ, but sometimes are not necessarily less than human. As in the area of each head of cattle has taken the name because after and others and of cattle, you can understand how the human language, so deeply rooted that animals Tibetans with not much difference, know that they really are very close to humans. Animals are also their revenge, care. Like a cow died, even if the body has been moved, the other cattle also to companion died in tears. Remember my childhood village and slaughter cattle ready for Chinese new year at night to see a herd of cattle slaughtered cattle around during the day, have been circling, miserable, until dawn. If and when the animals, you will find them love, empathy, in fact, than the human also admirable, although they are not legally binding. Also like wasps, ants to foreign attackers concentric counterattack, the partner’s body moved back to live, these are all human beings as they are. Human strengths can be to think this kind of problem. When you know that all this suffering from headaches, you know how to contact with Buddhism, Dharma through to foster understanding, compassion, and slowly the malice and hatred, greed, envy, arrogance, etc. trouble removing, in particular to sentient beings capable of as their own parents, corruption, pop out of trouble that will gradually decrease. When we learned that the Buddhists in degrees on the surface of the bombers, but in fact it is relying on the strength of living beings in the degree of themselves, ought to have gratitude all sentient beings. When you have a thankful heart, malice and hatred, the students will not be 10
  11. 11. Buddhist knowledge and learning www.buddha-god.com jealous. Because, oath had hoped that all beings than themselves, so if all of the wisdom and wealth more than yourself, you should be happy. Moreover, he doesn’t need his help, wealth, fame, capacity than their own, should be more worthwhile, because they lack a burden. Jealousy is not fame, whereas others have. Be skeptical to others is also the root causes of human suffering, we often suspected this, suspected that, but in fact most of the suspected error, and facts. Because of the suspicion, the friendship between friends somehow becomes very cold, the relationship between relatives became like daughter, like, not only so, call also disputes. Even the students or disciples on the relationship between master and disciples, once involved into the world fame and fortune will result in all sorts of suspicion. Although very often only suspected, but baffled will make people uncomfortable, like burning fire like intense pain. Also for this reason that human beings have the unpleasant bitter, bitter love parting, or you just don’t want to face an enemy that must be met, do not want to leave loved ones must be away from the pain. While some barriers to their favorite people wealth, praise, love, happiness, they will hinder the malice and hatred of a person. It boils down to, you can find all the pain comes from ignorance, because of the ignorance that we simply do not understand what you can bring happiness, what leads to suffering. But as long as you learn the Dharma, learn how merciful thought, and then put into action to diminish the pain. Because your heart will become increasingly broad, more and more like the sea, the void, inclusive of all positive and negative things. Whether you think sentient being right or wrong, you want to know what it’s all because of their habit, everything is because there will be trouble. To be able to think about it this way, the ego will gradually reduce the mind will become increasingly broad, grew more and more happiness, wisdom. Since the break up my ego, that is, an increase of wisdom, eradicates the distinction gradually, in short, you can get which is equipped with all the blessings and happiness, how can get eternal happiness, which is a Buddha. So, want to reduce the pain and pleasure, the only way is to understand the worries, and then through the bodhichitta to purify, let your troubles. Worry less pain naturally becomes less. 11