Calgary Social Media Workshop


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A presentation to the Canadian Home Builders Association (Calgary Chapter) about the social media landscape.

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  • Survey/Prize: How many people are pretty familiar with social media? How many people have some knowledge? How many people have no clue but keen to learn more?
  • Ask participants to work in pairs
    Tell them to share with their partner that they hope to learn from this workshop and why
    Each partner to give feedback on how to boil it down into a 140 character question
    Repeat, but switch roles
  • Neverthless, many people look at social media as the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  • Canadian benefits
  • Here’s just one example of how social media could be used. Recently, the Gap unveiled a new logo, which I suspect took months to create and involved lots of dollars. When The Gap, which has a great social media presence, unveiled the logo, the reaction from the social media world was “blech”. In fact, it was so bad the Gap was forced to go back to the old logo.
  • Freshbooks, a Toronto-based online invoicing company did a blog post about Triscuits and how they had been reinvented over the years from something that was a very salty snack to a product that was a lot healthier.
  • What happened next is fascinating when it comes to customer service. One of Freshbooks’ customers in Fiji saw the blog post and lamented this particular brand of Triscuits wasn’t available in Fiji. So what happens next? Yup, Freshbooks send a couple of boxes of Triscuits to Fiji.
  • Which leads to this enthusiastic blog post about Freshbooks. How much do you think this blog post is worth? A lot.
  • Top Facebook countries: U.S., U.K., Turkey, France (source:
  • Let’s put 17 million in context because a number is just a number unless it’s put up against other numbers.
  • Social media is a not an add-on or an accessory but many companies suggest “let’s add some social media” to the mix. To be successful, social media needs to be part of and aligned with a company’s brand, marketing, sales and strategic goals.
  • So the big question facing many companies is how to get started. They know social media is becoming more important or interesting but it’s hard to know where to start. Do you just do everything and hope that something sticks? Do they wait until it becomes more clear about what works or doesn’t. Many Canadian companies have decided to stay on the sidelines rather than jump into fray, and this includes major players such as Canadian Tire, Royal Bank and Loblaw.
  • How will social media be integrated into your communications, marketing and sales activities? What social media services make the most sense and why? How will you reach your target audience? What tools are the most appropriate? What’s the budget? Who has ownership over social media? What are your social media guidelines and policies?
  • Who’s going to do it, how much time/resources will be devoted to it, how are you going to measure it? What services and tools should be used?
  • Slide of comments – what are they doing, what are they doing well, what are they not doing well.
  • There’s No Lack of Choice
  • Only a Small Number Matter
  • Canadian demographics
  • Facebook Pages:
    How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans -
  • Quiz: Starbucks attracted more than one million people to its stores in 2009 for Free Pastry Day.
    Prize: $5 Starbucks card
  • Calgary Social Media Workshop

    1. 1. Social Media 101
    2. 2. Everything You Wanted to Know about Social Media but Were Afraid to Ask
    3. 3. Social Media: The Basics
    4. 4. So Why is Everyone So Excited?
    5. 5. Conversation vs. a Broadcast
    6. 6. 540 million registered users 175 million users Delivering 2B streams/day, 80 million members
    7. 7. 17 million Facebook members 3 million Twitter users 17 million YouTube users 57% of online Canadians use social networks at least once a month; 82% of Gen Y consumers use social networks each month
    8. 8. 17 Million Canadians….. ….are in the workforce ….have a pension plan ….own life insurance ….have access to recycling ….use wireless services ….have a passport ….filed their taxes online in 2008
    9. 9. Takes time, money and resources
    10. 10. A Lot of Work
    11. 11. even the best tools have no value without clear goals.
    12. 12. Must be integrated into marketing and sales activities
    13. 13. Social Media is All About the Numbers
    14. 14. Size Doesn’t Matter
    15. 15. ROI depends on how you define investment
    16. 16. Getting Started
    17. 17. Social Media in Four Steps
    18. 18. Strategy
    19. 19. Tactics
    20. 20. Enlighten Educate Entertain
    21. 21. Many companies are still afraid to embrace social media
    22. 22. Don't understand it
    23. 23. Don't understand it Don't know how much it will cost
    24. 24. Don't understand it Don't know how much it will cost Can’t see how to measure ROI
    25. 25. Don't understand it Don't know how much it will cost Can’t see how to measure ROI They’ve had a bad experience with social media AND
    26. 26. Break
    27. 27. - Insight and information - Domain expertise - Powerful Content “engine” - Google Why Blog?
    28. 28. Define Your Strategic Priorities
    29. 29. Create an editorial schedule
    30. 30. Cross Pollinate
    31. 31. Variety is the Spice of Life
    32. 32. Exercise
    33. 33. The OPP gave Gumball 3000 rally drivers something to chew on this week. At least one of the rally vehicles, a 2009 Dodge Charger, was impounded by Northumberland OPP for allegedly going 179 km/h. The same car was stopped hours earlier by the OPP for doing more than 140 km/h. The police impounded the Charger for 7 days and suspended the driver’s license.
    34. 34. “Cops chew up Gumball rally speeders”
    35. 35. • Easy and quick • Real-time conversations • Multiple purposes
    36. 36. Why YouTube/Video? - People love videos - Google loves videos - Videos have multiple purposes - Entertain, Educate, Engage
    37. 37. Canadians Love Watching Videos
    38. 38. - Two minutes…or less - User-friendly - Attractive ROI The Corporate Video
    39. 39. Facebook Users (Globally)
    40. 40. The Benefits
    41. 41. Build Community
    42. 42. Deliver Engaging Content
    43. 43. - Visibility - Improved connected-ness - Research tool - Recruitment/Job Tool - Business Development - Expanded digital footprint Why LinkedIn?
    44. 44. Your Profile
    45. 45. Exercise
    46. 46. Monitoring/Measurement
    47. 47. - Activity - Sentiment - Demographics - Location - Web Site Traffic - Leads - Sales What Do You Measure?