An Update of the Social Media Landscape (June 2013)


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Here's a presentation I created that provides an overview of what's happening with the social media landscape, some of the key players and the interesting trends.

It offers updates on the number of users for some of the popular social media services, and includes some information about social media use in Canada.

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  • Glamour Magazine is taking advantage of Google Hangouts to engage their fans in ways that print can’t. This Hangout campaign by Glamour features staffers, online personalities, and brands.Each Hangout is sponsored by companies such as Suave, Pantene, or SlimFast. Throughout the live broadcast, the sponsor’s products are subtly promoted or become the topic of discussion.
  • Update on Canadians’ use of social media tools – which are the most popular by region, age group, etc.  Jeri heard that teens are getting bored of Facebook in favour of Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram true?
  • An Update of the Social Media Landscape (June 2013)

    1. 1. What’s Up with Social Media? June 2013
    2. 2. Social MediaMarketing PR Digital In-House
    3. 3. It’s a Level Playing Field
    4. 4. • Social media monitoring • Having a social media presence • Publishing and sharing content ……..they’re all table stakes.
    5. 5. Brands using social media Social media is important for my business
    6. 6. • Brands need to be creative
    7. 7. • Brands need to be creative • Brands need to be engaged
    8. 8. • Brands need to be creative • Brands need to be engaged • Brands need to think out of the box
    9. 9. • Brands need to be creative • Brands need to be engaged • They need to think out of the box • They need to stay committed money to stay relevant and competitive
    10. 10. The Social Media Landscape 665M daily users, 1.1 billion monthly active users 288M monthly active users, 500 million registered accounts 1 billion active monthly visitors, 6 billion hours of video watched a month 359M monthly active users 200M+ users, 64% of outside U.S. 48.7M users, 2.5 billion pageviews 117M unique visitors, 5 billion pageviews a month
    11. 11. • Facebook remains the most popular social network: 63% of Internet users and 93% of social media users said they’re on Facebook. • 20% of Internet users are on Twitter • 18% of Internet users are on LinkedIn • 63% social media users read Facebook posts, tweets and/or LinkedIn updates every day. Source: Media Technology Monitor
    12. 12. Source: Trifunk Media
    13. 13. Benefits? • SEO • Content distribution • Google Hangouts to do real-time virtual meetings, do presentations, brainstorm • Create circles for target audiences (e.g. influencers, analysts, bloggers, reporters)
    14. 14. 100M active users Total number of photos posted: 4B Average number of daily users: 7.3M Number of photos posted daily: 40M
    15. 15. 1.06M subscribers 673,000 subscribers 838,000 subscribers 1.36M subscribers
    16. 16. $1-billion snaps up Instagram for $1-billion Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1-billion Deals, Tinkering & ROI
    17. 17. Money Talks “On Tumblr, there’s a number of different places where we think we can monetize in a way that is meaningful and really additive to the user experience. – Marissa Mayer, Yahoo “The advertising business is going extremely well for us. Brand advertisers, TV partners, sportswear company say 13x more effective ad deal with us than any other online ad spends. If you RT their tweets, people get discounts. Works well. Cadbury saw a 20% brand lift on Twitter ads. Oreo 10% more product sales. - Dick Costelo, Twitter ‘‘We aspire to have ads, to show ads that improve the content experience over time. And if we continue making progress on this, then one day we can get there.’’ - Mark Zuckberg
    18. 18. Thanks! @markevans