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2011 vanpool


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BATMA's 2011 Vanpool program for the Buckhead submarket of Atlanta

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2011 vanpool

  1. 1. BATMAThe Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association (BATMA) works cooperatively with community partners to improve mobility,accessibility and air quality in Buckhead by sponsoring programs andproviding incentives to encourage commuters to take transit, carpool, vanpool, telework, bike and walk to work. Over 60 businesses Over 20 property management firms Over 3,000 commuters
  2. 2. What seems like an The equivalent of:endless stream of cars Is only 88 people 2 Carpoolsin this photo … 1 Vanpool 1 Xpress bus
  3. 3. What Exactly is a Vanpool? Vanpool (vănpūl) –Function: nounDate: 1973: an arrangement by which a group of 7 -15 people commute to work in a van leased by a 3rd party vendor which operate like mini- transit services & run on a set schedule
  4. 4. 3rd Party Provider? Enterprise VPSI – Metro Vanpool• Founded in 1957 • Operating since 1977• One of the largest • Over 50 metropolitan privately held locations across the companies in North country America • Largest private• Customer satisfaction provider commuter oriented vanpools in the world
  5. 5. Vanpool• Vanpools have a flat monthly rate depending on the daily round trip mileage• Fare Tiers – 0 – 60 miles – 61 – 90 miles – 91+ miles
  6. 6. Vanpool• 15 passenger vans require a minimum of 10 paying riders• Volunteer Primary Drivers receive a 100% seat subsidy Have a monthly fare of: $75 $90 $100 The price includes gas, insurance and maintenance and is based on 10 paying riders
  7. 7. Vanpool• 7 passenger vans require 7 paying participants• Minivans have a higher monthly rate to keep the same subsidyHave a monthly fare of: $105 $120 $130 The price includes gas, insurance and maintenance and is based on 7 paying riders
  8. 8. Vanpool Program Funding• Vanpool fares are significantly subsidized to help buydown the per seat cost• In many cases, without these subsidies the pricewould nearly double• Three organizations contribute to each vanpool • Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) • Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) • BATMA BATMA, $101,115 Wellpoint, CAC, $5,134 $3,400 BCID, $36,217 GRTA, Riders, $134,400 $200,826 Vanpool Funding Sources
  9. 9. Incentives First Timers •Cash for Commuters • Carpoolers, Vanpoolers, Walkers, Bikers, Teleworkers and Transit $3/Day Users • Earn $3/day up to $100. Log on to track commute Occasional Users • Commuter Rewards • Log your commute on and get put in drawing to win $25$25/Month Drawing Visa Gift Card • The more you log, the more you win. 1/10 chance to win •Carpool Extreme Users • Carpoolers automatically receive $20, 40, and $60 gas cards • Log at least 30 trips (15 round trips) on$20, $40, $60/MonthVanpool Subsidies • Vanpool Subsidy $75, $90, $100 • Covers half of expenses. Full cost can be $200 or more • Includes van and maintenance costs Flat Fare/Month • Guaranteed Ride Home provides commuters who carpool, vanpool, bike or use transit with a reliable ride home if an unexpected event occurs up to 5 trips home or to their car each year • Provided by the division of the Atlanta Regional Commission Federal funding for the GRH program is provided through the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).
  10. 10. Commuter Choice• Commuter Benefits have tax advantages because they are not subject to Federal Income and payroll taxes. This is not a federal tax credit.• Under the tax code employers can offer qualified transportation fringe benefits in three ways: – Employers can cover the cost of the tax-free transportation fringe benefit – Employers can allow employees to reserve income on a pre- tax basis to cover the cost – Employers can share the cost with employees• Employees can participate in commuter benefits programs only if the programs are offered by their employer.
  11. 11. Types of Qualified Commuter BenefitsTransit passes – up to $230 Vanpool fares – up to $230Bike expenses – up to $20 Qualified Parking – up to $230
  12. 12. Employer Services Transportation Plans • Provide you with planning materials for employees and prospective candidates • Conduct on-site events: Lunch and Learns, Break room displays, meet your match events, etc.Free Telework Consulting• Help starting or expanding a telework program with free consulting from a nationally recognized consultant with over 25 years experienceFree Commuter Choice Consulting• Federal Tax Code allows employers to provide tax-free transit and vanpool benefits for their employees up to $230 a month• Tax incentive programs can have a positive impact on your payroll tax liability• An organization of any size is eligible
  13. 13. Alternative commute options…• Carpool• Vanpool• Transit• Telework• Alternative Work Schedules• Bike• Walk