Resurgens Plaza Presentation


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A copy of the presentation given on 6.8.2011 at Resurgens Plaza.

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Resurgens Plaza Presentation

  1. 1. Who we are• Buckhead Community Improvement District• BATMA• Livable Buckhead
  2. 2. Buckhead Community Improvement DistrictWhat is a CID?A community improvement district (CID) is ataxation entity of local government in whichcommercial properties in a defined area payan additional 3 mils property tax in order tofund improvements within the districtsboundaries.These funds are used for planningengineering, and designing transportationsolutions and to leverage federal and statetransportation dollars with CID dollars toimplement those solutions. Working Together for a More Livable Community
  3. 3. Infrastructure MARTA Concourse Bridge • Pedestrians from the Tower Place Drive and Stratford Road sides of GA 400 will have direct access to both sides of GA 400 and to MARTAs Buckhead Station without having to walk to Peachtree Road • Construction will commence mid-2011 and be completed by mid-2013 mid 2013 Peachtree Transformation• The Peachtree transformation is the majorenhancement of a stretch of Peachtree Roadin Buckhead into a more livable, walkable,bikable and drivable promenade• The transformation will allow Peachtree tolive up to its reputation as Atlanta’s “signaturestreet.” Working Together for a More Livable Community
  4. 4. Community Services y Piedmont Road StudyA fast, frequent and FREE way tomake tracks around Buckhead. Pedestrian Ci P d t i Circulation Study l ti St d Working Together for a More Livable Community
  5. 5. I85 / 400 Connector Ramps Working Together for a More Livable Community
  6. 6. I85 Express Lanes Working Together for a More Livable Community
  7. 7. BATMAThe Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association (BATMA) works cooperatively with community partners to improve mobility,accessibility and air q y quality in Buckhead by sponsoring p g y y p g programs andproviding incentives to encourage commuters to take transit, carpool, vanpool, telework, bike and walk to work. Over 60 businesses Over 20 property management firms Over 3,000 commuters
  8. 8. Hidden Costs of Commuting
  9. 9. Alternative commute options…• Carpool• Vanpool• Transit• Telework T l k• Alternative Work Schedules• Bike• W lk Walk
  10. 10. Carpool / Vanpool• It only takes two or more commuters riding in a personal vehicle to form a carpool p• Carpools are flexible• You don’t have to carpool everyday • An arrangement by which a group of 7 – 15 people commute to work in a van leased by a 3rd party provider • Have a flat fare of: $75 $90 $100 The price includes gas, insurance and maintenance
  11. 11. Transit
  12. 12. What seems like an The equivalent of:endless stream of cars Is only 88 people 2 Carpoolsin this photo … 1 Vanpool 1 Xpress bus
  13. 13. Alternative Work Schedule Flex Time • Allows employees to set their own start and finish times for work • Allows you to avoid peak commute times and organize your time around personal needs Compressed Work Week • Allows you to shorten your work week by one or more days while working your “regular” number of hoursTelework• Teleworking replaces travel to and from work with working at home or anotherlocation on a f ll or part time b il ti full t ti basis• Many employees telework only once or twice per week• Teleworking is the only commute option that completelyeliminates air pollution and significantly reduces traffic li i t i ll ti d i ifi tl d t fficongestion• Essential for emergency business continuity plans
  14. 14. Bike / Walk • Bikes are allowed on MARTA and the buc • Discounted Confident City Cycling classes taught by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition• On average, every minute of walkingcan extend your life by 1.5 to 2minutes• Walking an extra 20 minutes eachday will burn off 7 pounds of body fatper year.
  15. 15. Incentives First Timers •Cash for Commuters • Carpoolers Vanpoolers, Walkers, Bikers, Teleworkers and Transit Carpoolers, Vanpoolers Walkers Bikers $3/Day Users • Earn $3/day up to $100. Log on to track commute Occasional Users •Commuter Rewards • Log your commute on and get put in drawing to win $25$25/Month Drawing Visa Gift Card • The more you log, the more you win. 1/10 chance to win •Carpool Extreme Users • Carpoolers automatically receive $20, 40, and $60 gas cards • Log at least 30 trips (15 round trips) on$20, $40, $60/MonthVanpool Subsidies •Vanpool Subsidy $75, $90, $100 •Covers half of expenses. Full cost can be $200 or more •Includes van and maintenance costs Flat Fare/Month • Guaranteed Ride Home provides commuters who carpool, vanpool, bike or use transit with a reliable ride home if an unexpected event occurs up to 5 trips home or to their car each year • Provided by the division of the Atlanta Regional Commission Federal funding for the GRH program is provided through the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).
  16. 16. Employer Services Transportation Plans• Provide you with planning materials for employees• Conduct onsite events; lunch and learns, lunch ; , room displays, etc Free Telework Consulting• Help starting or expanding a telework program with f ith free consulting f lti from a nationally ti ll recognized consultant with over 25 years experience Free Commuter Ch i Consulting F C Choice C li • Federal Tax Code allows employers to provide tax-free transit and vanpool benefits for their employees up to $230 a month • Tax incentive programs can have a positive impact on your payroll tax liability • An organization of any size is eligible
  17. 17. Livable Buckhead Inc Buckhead, Inc.Mission:Livable Buckhead, Inc. strives to ensure thelong term vitality and prosperity of the Buckheadcommunity by working cooperatively withindividuals, public entities and private businessesto integrate into everyday life and businesssustainable strategies that improve theenvironment and quality of life in the community. Programmatic Overview: • Sustainability • Greenspace • Resource Conservation • Public Health and Safety • S i l and Cultural Vibrancy Social d C lt l Vib •H Housing i • Access + Mobility • Innovation Making Buckhead… so very livable
  18. 18. Greenspace pBuckhead Greenspace Action Plan:• Buckhead is the lowest “parked” district in the entire city• City Councilman Howard Shook spearheaded the initiative for change• Working cooperatively with BCID, Buckhead Coalition, and BATMA Making Buckhead… so very livable
  19. 19. Recycling y gBuckhead Eco Collection: • A two day event that was open to Buckhead businesses and residents b i d id t • Safely disposed of electronics, unused paint, expired medicines and other items that could not safely be placed in the regular trash pick up • Collected over 20,000 lbs of paint • Collected over 25,000 lbs of electronicsCommunity-wide Recycling Initiative: y y g• Designing a full circle community-wide waste management initiative thatincorporates the philosophy of “reduce, reuse, and recycle”• Establishing uniform recycling criteria throughout the Buckhead community• Leveraging the communities collective buying power to procure for recycling andwaste hauling services on a community-wide “opt-in” basis• Developing the recycling program and supporting promotional materials toensure community education ensuring the highest diversion rate possible Making Buckhead… so very livable
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. Resources• BATMA•• b id “the buc” “th b ”• Livable Buckhead• Buckhead CID• Ridematch• MARTA•www gctransit com Gwinnet Co. Transit Co• Xpress Bus• Cobb Co. Transit• Tony Peters• Scott Cantrell