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Social for business - Livability talk by TMW


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@livabilityUK talk about social for business by @buckers

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Social for business - Livability talk by TMW

  1. 1. Making social performfor your businessHello from TMW /! TMW is a creative digital agency based in Soho! We run social profiles for Unilever, Diageo, General Mills, Reckitt Benkiser & Sony Mobile! We help manage over 20 million fans and thousands of conversations every week.@TMWagency @buckers
  2. 2. Social for businessAgenda /! What is social media?! How do people use it?! How can you make the most of socialin business?! What are the top (free to use) toolsworth knowing about?@TMWagency @buckers
  3. 3. A business driverWhat is social media? /Social is a redefinition of relationship between brands, organisations and people
  4. 4. Background to socialWhat is social media? /! Social networks allow people to link with others and share images, words and animated content! Based on either a free to use or ‘freemium’ basis! Provide organisations with paid and unpaid ways of reaching audiences! Integral experiences that are often undertaken on a second screen! A place where audiences spend a significant amount of time.
  5. 5. Background to socialWhat is social media? /! Social is a combination of technology, platforms, content and behaviour! More than a communications platform – a means to build awareness, enable advocacy and loyalty,drive traffic to other digital properties and deliver direct sales! Rapidly emerging as the business enabler for many organisations – social proof matters! Simple to do well! Business critical for many new and established businesses – pace in market and relationships! A clear means to create competitive differentiation.
  6. 6. A few interesting factsWhat is social media? /! Marketers place very high value on social media: 86% of marketers indicate that social media isimportant for their business! Tactics and engagement are top areas marketers want to master: 88% of marketers want to knowthe most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media! YouTube holds the top spot for future plans: 69% of marketers plan on increasing their use ofYouTube, making it the top area marketers will invest in for 2013! Marketers want to learn most about blogging: 58% of marketers are blogging, 62% want to learnmore about it and 66% plan on increasing blogging activities in 2013! Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most important social networks for marketers: When forced toonly select one platform, 49% of marketers selected Facebook, followed by LinkedIn at 16%! Most marketers arent sure their Facebook marketing is effective: 37% of marketers think that theirFacebook efforts are effective! Increased exposure is the top benefit of social media marketing: 89% of marketers stated thatincreased exposure was the number one benefit of social media marketing.Social Media Examiner, 2013.
  7. 7. The always onmarketing channelHow do people us it? /Social is to mobile what email was to the PC – a major contributor to adoption and use
  8. 8. Reasons why businesses use social mediaHow do people use it? /! To reach customers at multiple touch-points - 87%! Because customers are spending more time in social media – 62%! Chance to take message viral in social – 61%! Moving to ‘controversial’ marketing – 49%! Customers expect social presence – 47%! Social marketing cheaper/cost efficient – 47%! Chance to reach new demographic – 45%! Segment customer using information from social – 20%! Corporate leadership expect social – 15%.Chief Marketers Survey, 2012
  9. 9. How to approach socialHow can you make the most of social in business? /
  10. 10. 1. Social is about conversationsHow can you make the most of social in business? /Managing Starting Joining! Effective social strategies have considered how conversations can be sustained! Effective social management recognises the multi-layered aspects of social – from NPD, tocustomer service and marketing! Tools matter – more on this later.
  11. 11. FacebookTwitterYouTubeGooglePlusLinkedInEmergingplatformsBlogs2. Social is about platformsHow can you make the most of social in business? /! Not all social networks are the same! Successful strategies can use one ormany profiles! Scale matters, but so does active users,engagement and access via connecteddevices.
  12. 12. 3. Social is about sharingHow can you make the most of social in business? /! Important to think like customers - whyshould I care, why should I share?! Good social strategies balance drivers forsharing – not reliant on giveaways and offers! Recognise that every act of sharing is areflection on the sharer’s self perception andidentity.InformationUtilityEntertainmentRewardIncentivePersonalexpression
  13. 13. Start in the right wayHow can you make the most of social in business? /! A clear strategy will ensure you gain maximum reward for your efforts! Foundational planning will help you maintain a sustained presence that creates value! Considered investment in the right platform and media will reduce wastage! A joined-up content plan will ensure your social efforts are timely and respond to opportunities.
  14. 14. 1. Strategic planningWhat are the important things to know? /SetgoalsAlign socialintention to yourbusiness plan –simple &measurableRespond tocustomerinsightWhat value doyou want to create– what are theyalready sharingand why?Defineplatform andparticipationstrategyDetermine whichplatforms you cansustain and whatyour contentapproach needsto be for eachTestand learnUnderstand howyour content andposting strategyis working.Understand reachand engagement.1 2 3 4
  15. 15. 2. Operational planningWhat are the important things to know? /ClaimplatformsRegister yourbusiness/personalprofiles andhandles.Create your bio/persona.Establish yourfollower/linkapproachDecide who youwant to link toand why.Determine whatyou want otherstaff to do.Keep yourposting/contentapproachsimplePost/respondfrequently.Respondto resultsUse platform back-end systems tooptimise activity.Don’t over think it.5 6 7 8
  16. 16. 3. Don’t forget to cheatWhat are the important things to know? /Look at whatothers doLearn from othersand pinch bestpractice and keylearnings.Use mediatacticallyUnderstand thepaid options anduse these toextend youractivity.Get others todo the workfor youSocial isbargaining –find what peoplewant and trade.RetrospectivestrategyDon’t be afraid tolook back and say‘that was alwaysthe plan, honest!’9 10 11 12
  17. 17. Top tools worth knowing about /! Allows you to control all of yoursocial media channels using onetool, across different platformsand profiles! Manage, maintain, schedule andcollaborate with different socialaccounts using just onedashboard! Also has analytics and report-building
  18. 18. Top tools worth knowing about /! Manage and monitor multipletwitter feeds on one dashboard! Often used for
  19. 19. Top tools worth knowing about /! Insights service for Twitter.Measures campaign reach andtranslates them into "digestible"advertising terms.! Perfect for companies new
  20. 20. 1. HootsuiteTop tools worth knowing about /! Tracks the Twitter activity ofusers or subjects you select! You can "ask" Twitter Counterabout moods and behaviour onTwitter! Gauge sentiment for how peoplefeel about events or
  21. 21. Top tools worth knowing about /! A tool for measuring how muchinfluence a person has on asocial platform.! Everyone has a Klout scorebetween
  22. 22. Top tools worth knowing about /! All in one programme, providingsocial media monitoring,analytics, engagement tools andapps
  23. 23. Top tools worth knowing about /! Allows you to easilytrack and measurewhat people are sayingabout you, yourcompany, a newproduct, or any topicacross the webs socialmedia landscape
  24. 24. Top tools worth knowing about /! Provides trafficanalytics forwebsites! Allows you to seenumber of pageviews, unique users,search words thatled people to yoursite and
  25. 25. Top tools worth knowing about /! Measures traffic for YouTubevideos! Gives you insights on yourviewer demographic, their levelof engagement, what devicesthey watch content
  26. 26. Top tools worth knowing about /! Provides details on the level ofengagement on your Facebookpage, also provides insight intoyour user - age, gender,location, etc.On your Facebook page
  27. 27. Good luck!Thanks /@TMWagency @buckers