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Structures for authentic social media engagement


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Presentation given at ExactTarget Connections, London 2010 describing characteristics of different approaches to social media

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Structures for authentic social media engagement

  1. 1. Staffing the Conversation: Structures for Authentic Social Media Engagement Laurence Buchanan, Head of CRM & Social CRM, Capgemini UK
  2. 2. Control of the conversation has shifted to the customer
  3. 3. There’s nothing new in customer’s asking for advice
  4. 4. But the communication mechanism has changed
  5. 5. Consumers can connect online with “trusted experts”
  6. 6. ...and tribes of “people like them”
  7. 7. Anyone can participate
  8. 8. ...if their message resonates then people will gather round
  9. 9. Social Media brings opportunity and threat in equal measure
  10. 10. The social media sweet shop of opportunity
  11. 11. But beware of dark clouds...
  12. 12. So how do you respond?
  13. 13. The ostrich approach
  14. 14. The megaphone approach
  15. 15. The chameleon approach
  16. 16. The dancing dad approach
  17. 17. The command and control approach
  18. 18. The hare and tortoise approach
  19. 19. The joined up approach
  20. 20. Handing over control?
  21. 21. Whichever approach you choose...
  22. 22. Start with the customer
  23. 23. Build a customer-centric vision & strategy
  24. 24. Provide customers (and customer facing staff) with the tools they need to create value
  25. 25. Measure, be agile and embrace constant change
  26. 26. For more information: E-mail: Twitter: @Buchanla Blog: Images: