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Here is my research project

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Sara y brochure-1

  1. 1. What is peer Dealing with peer-pressure Peer Pressure Support pressure? Dealing with peer pressure isn’t as easy as it comes to every- Peer pressuring isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it canAccording to Woman’s and Chil- one. Everyone takes it worse than others and people takes it be a very positive influence in your life. Peer easier than others. Dealing with peer pressure you’ll have to: pressuring can help you learn and figure things out. Itdren’s Heath Network, peer pres- can be a way to:sure is when you feel you have to do  Most importantly, be yourself. Make your own choices. Getsomething that you might not usually to know who you really are and what’s good for you and  Figure out what your willing to accept and help youchoose to do. It is when you choose to do your life. Self esteem and confidence is the key. Have faith figure out what your limits are.this to fit in, or be cool, in yourself.  Help you to make your own choices.amongst your peers. This  Think about what happens  Understand yourself as a unique individual & helpmight be: when you get pressured to do you understand that your like no other. When people try to per- something.  It’ll get you involved with positive people and suade you to do some- positive things. thing – "come on dont be  Think about what you are get- weak”, "you are just ting out of the choices your mak- Peer pressuring chicken", "youre straight", ing. can be a positive "you are frigid", etc. thing because Being expected to look or  Find things that your interested in to keep you occupied. sometimes you be a certain way to "fit in" – you might try to wear gotta make  If someone is peer pressuring mistakes to the right things to fit in with the you to do something you don’t want to. Keeping it inside popular group or do things so you and carrying your worries around can make things even learn. Usually dont get teased. harder to deal with. someone would  Hang out with a range of different people and listen to tell you not to doPeer pressure can be pretty sneaky. what is important to them. There is no one way of doing or something butSometimes you dont even know it is hap- viewing things. Think about what is most important to you you do whateverpening or that you are choosing to do and who you are as an individual! You might find that a dif- it is anyway.things because of it. Sometimes people ferent group of people is more like you. Give it a go and find out! Giving it a go can mean you learn more about Why? Because you feel the need to experiencemight use the fact that they know you what is good for you – whether you decide that you think something to actually know what’s right from wrong.want to fit in to make you do things you they are people you wouldnt want for your friends, ordont want to. groovy hipsters (youve found a group that just suits you)! Resources  Learn from your mistakes and learn from your peers - Australia their successes and their mistakes. This can help you  Kids Helpline - telephoone 1800 55 1800: make positive choices about your own, swinging, fun-loving  life!, talk to someone you know will listen and help you.  Your school counselor  Your local Community Health Centre.