Literary terms defined 2nd


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Literary terms defined 2nd

  1. 1. Literary Terms Defined Burton’s 2nd period Scholars Present Results
  2. 2. My scholars serve as teachers • The following literary terms were defined and presented to the class • alliteration • paradox • apostrophe • parallel structure • comparison-contrast • parallel syntax • descriptive • persuasive • ellipsis • repetition • euphemism • rhetorical fragment • expository • rhetorical question • inverted word order • rhyme • logical appeal • simile • metaphor • simple sentence • mood • synecdoche • narrative • tone
  3. 3. Rhetorical Questiona statement that is formulated as a question but that is not supposed to be answered Bao Vo
  4. 4. Rhetorical Examples• "How did that idiot ever get elected?“ Bao Vo
  5. 5. Rhetorical Example• "Are you stupid?" Bao Vo
  6. 6. Comparison-Contrast (writing purpose)A comparison shows how two subjectsare similar; a contrast shows how two subjects are different. Kiranisha Frazer
  7. 7. Comparison-Contrast/ Example 1 My hometown and my college town have several things incommon. First, my hometown, Gridlock, is a small town. It has apopulation of only about 10,000 people. Located in a ruralarea, Gridlock is surrounded by many acres of farmland which aredevoted mainly to growing corn and soybeans. Gridlock alsocontains a college campus, Neutron College, which is famous for itsAgricultural Economics program as well as for its annual Corn-Watching Festival. As for my college town, Subnormal, it too issmall, having a population of about 11,000 local residents, whichswells to 15,000 people when students from the nearby college areattending classes. Like Gridlock, Subnormal lies in the center offarmland which is used to raise hogs and cattle. Finally, Subnormalis similar to Gridlock in that it also boasts a beautiful collegecampus, called Quark College. This college is well known for itsAgricultural Engineering department and also for its yearly Hog-Calling Contest Kiranisha Frazer
  8. 8. Comparison-Contrast/ Example 2 Eating is an activity that we as humans do at least two times a day. We live in a worldwhere the variety of food is immense, and we are responsible for what we eat. We decidewhat we are about to eat and how it will affect our bodies. The purpose of this essay is tocompare and contrast the differences between eating fresh foods instead of canned foods.The three main differences are flavor, health benefits, and cost. The most notable difference between these two kinds of foods is their flavor. Freshfoods have great flavor and taste because they keep all their natural conditions. Cannedfoods however, lack a lot of its flavor characteristics because there are some other chemicalproducts added to the natural foods. It is logical that the fresh foods will have a greater tasteand flavor when consumed just because of the time in which they have been prepared. Comparing both types of foods we notice another difference. There is a health factorthat affects both of them. Canned foods lose some of the original fresh food nutrients whenstored, and also it has to be tinned with many conservatives and chemical factors thatprolong the shelf life and apparent freshness of the food but could also become toxic ifconsumed too often. Yet another difference between these two types of foods is the cost. Canned foods aremuch more expensive than fresh foods. Here the benefit of buying tinned foods is that theyare easier to find, for example, in a supermarket instead of the market like the fresh foods,and they require less work to prepare than fresh foods, just open and serve. Here are the main three differences between buying fresh foods and buying cannedfoods. As we can see it comes down to a personal choice, based on the time each person has,the money and the importance he/she gives to his/her nutrition and health. Therefore it isimportant that you consider your possibilities and choose the best type of foods for yourconvenience and lifestyle. Kiranisha Frazer
  9. 9. RepetitionRepeated utterance; reiteration. Demetria Harris
  10. 10. Example 1We listened to the gun fire beyond the walls.We listened to the walls being hit by shrapnel,ricochets, and blind fire, at least its what Ithought it could of been. We listened to thecreaking the windows made when theyopened and shut due to the wind from theoutside. We listened to the cries of our men,and the prayers they made to their gods. Welistened, but said nothing. Demetria Harris
  11. 11. Example 2I like schoolI like boysI like textingI like eatingI like watching TVI like dancing Demetria Harris
  12. 12. INVERTED WORD ORDERWhen a verb is used before a subject. ELIZABETH RAMIREZ
  13. 13. EXAMPLE 1At the table were four assignments for each student. ELIZABETH RAMIREZ
  14. 14. EXAMPLE 2Elizabeth is my name.ELIZABETH RAMIREZ
  15. 15. Julio
  16. 16.  I have something to tell you… I’m a boy Julio
  17. 17.  Once upon a time…. The end. Julio
  18. 18. Sharice Johnson, AP Lit Euphemism the substitution ofan agreeable or inoffensive expression forone that may offend or suggest something unpleasant; also : the expression so substituted
  19. 19. Sharice Johnson, AP Lit Example 1• Doing your duty• Number 1• Number 2 Euphemisms for having to use the toilet
  20. 20. Sharice Johnson, AP Lit Example 2• Cougar is an euphemism, because it is describing a woman who pursues younger men.
  21. 21. A sentence with only one independent clause.
  22. 22.  I am running. This simple sentence has one independent clause which contains one subject, I, and one predicate, running.
  23. 23.  The singer bowed. This simple sentence has one independent clause which contains one subject, singer, and one predicate, bowed.
  24. 24. Parallel Syntax Parallel syntax is the repetition of words, phrases, and clauses, used ina concise manner, to emphasize a point. Kelly Nunez
  25. 25. Parallel Syntax Ex. 1• "Make beds, wash dishes, trash cans, clean oven." In this example, the term "trash cans" doesn’t fit the sentence structure established by the other phrases because it doesnt include a verb. In order to make this list into an example of parallel syntax, one would have to add a verb to "trash cans," changing it to "empty trash cans." Once this verb is added, all the phrases reflect parallel syntax because they all consist of a verb followed by a noun. Kelly Nunez
  26. 26. Parallel Syntax Ex. 2• “I came, I saw, I conquered” Kelly Nunez
  27. 27. Logical AppealYour arguments convince people because they are logical. They make sense to people. Bernan rubio
  28. 28. Example 1If we build bridges over freeways, the traffic will flow without interruption. The time taken for each vehicle getting to the city will be shorter. Bernan Rubio
  29. 29. Example 2 A child can not be held fully responsible for his actions, the failure of a child is partly failure of the parents. A child does not have the full mental capabilities an adult may have. Bernan Rubio
  30. 30. MoodLiterary work evoking of emotions or feelings. Migdalia Cordero
  31. 31. Mood• Examples of mood is happy, sad, feat, etc.• In the movie, Forrest Gump, it is inspirational. • Migdalia Cordero
  32. 32. Mood• In the book, Go Ask Alice, the mood is sad and full of fear. • Migdalia Cordero
  33. 33. ParadoxDefinition:A statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.My lit term: something said in a weird way but istrue. Benicia Michel 2nd Period 1/14/13 Group 4
  34. 34. Example 1Dont go near the water until youve learned to swim. Benicia Michel
  35. 35. Example 2War is peace. Benicia Michel
  36. 36. Parallel StructureIn grammar, parallelism, also known as parallel structure or parallel construction, is a balance within one or more sentences of similar phrases or clauses that have the same grammatical structure. The application of parallelism improves writing style and readability, and is thought to make sentences easier to process. Carl Bouie Period 2 Group 4
  37. 37. Example 1Lacking parallelism: She likes cooking, jogging, and to read.Parallel: She likes cooking, jogging, and reading. Carl Bouie Period 2 Group 4
  38. 38. Example 2Lacking parallelism: The dog ran across the yard, jumped over the fence, and down the alley he sprinted.Parallel: The dog ran across the yard, jumped over the fence, and sprinted down the alley. Carl Bouie Group 4 Period 2
  39. 39. Verse or poetry having correspondence in theterminal sounds of the lines Parry N.
  40. 40. My name is Parry, Ya’ll think I’m scary, I’m very, very, very extraordinary, I’m sitting next to Meeky, And she acting all geeky,My eyes all low in class I’m getting a lil sleepy.
  41. 41. Yea I’m up in group 5,We the hottest team alive,Flying with the birds yea we high in the sky,Got them other groups mad,Over there looking all sad,Talking bout group 5 cheating so they start packing they bags,Talking bout Ms. Burton when its time for next class.
  42. 42. Manh Do Personification A figure of speech in which inanimate objects or abstractions are endowedwith human qualities or are represented as possessing human form
  43. 43. Personification Example 1• The tree was dancing in the wind. Manh Do
  44. 44. Personification Example 2• Hunger hit me in the stomach. Manh Do
  45. 45. Persuasive WritingThe primary purpose of persuasivewriting is to give an opinion and try toinfluence the reader’s way of thinkingwith supporting evidence . Stefanny
  46. 46.  Otto Runs for President by Rosemary Wells (Scholastic) Picture book When Otto runs for school presidency, he must defeat some underhanded techniques used by his opponents. What might convince the students that Otto is the best candidate for the job? StefannyExample #1
  47. 47.  Martins Big Words by Doreen Rappaport (Hyperion) Picture book biography Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up during a time when the United States was segregated. Real life events are juxtaposed to quotes from King in this rich and well documented though brief book. Martins words were considered big; why? Write a letter of appreciation to convince someone [a newspaper editor?] of Martin Luther Kings importance to others. StefannyExample #2
  48. 48. Olantha
  49. 49.  Well written essay, written in chronological order. first, after, next, then, last, before that, Olantha
  50. 50.  Exposition is a type of writing that is used to explain, describe, give information or inform on what is being discussed The cat was fat with a long furry tall. The cat is begin describe. Olantha
  51. 51. R E N A T O C A R R A S C O 2nd periodRethorical Question…
  52. 52. Why does teflonstick to the pansince nothingever sticks toteflon?
  53. 53. If a cow laughed real hard, would milkcome out her nose?
  54. 54. Why do they putBraille dots onthe keypad of thedrive-up ATM?
  55. 55. Simile A simile is a figure of speech that directly compares twodifferent things, usually by employing the words “like” or” as” – also, but less commonly, “if”or” than”. Anthony
  56. 56. Example 1• Life is like a box of chocolates Anthony
  57. 57. Example 2• As black as coal Anthony
  58. 58. Alliteration The repetition of two or more stressedsyllables of a word group with either the same constant sound or word sound. Tia Smalls
  59. 59. Alliteration Example• Repetition such as “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickles Peter Piper picked If Peter Piper picked a peck of picked peppers, How many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?” Tia Smalls
  60. 60. Example #2“Betty Botter bought some butter, but, she said, the butters bitter; if I put it in my batter it will make my batter bitter, but a bit of better butter will make my batter better.” Tia Smalls
  61. 61.  Is a literary technique that is a part of composition, which encompasses the attitudes toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a literary work.  John
  62. 62.  Tone in Catcher in the Rye "Catholics are always trying to find out if youre Catholic.“  John
  63. 63.  Other Examples of Tone in Literature Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world - The Second Coming by Yeats. Even in this one line, the words anarchy loosed upon the world create a sense of fear and foreboding.  John
  64. 64. Word and Definition• Narrative: a spoken or written account of connected events; a story• It tells a story , usually from one person’s viewpoint Raeana Francis
  65. 65. Narrative/Example 1A student telling a story of their first time at a new school Raeana Francis
  66. 66. Narrative/Example 2Someone telling a story of their first time saving a person’s life Raeana Francis
  67. 67. Word and Definition• Metaphor- is a comparison between two things without using “like” or “as” • Jesus Buendia
  68. 68. Example 1• Ms. Burton voice is a lions roar • Jesus Buendia
  69. 69. Example 2• Asia’s whimper is a crying baby • Jesus Buendia