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Lady macbeth by ariel


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Lady macbeth by ariel

  1. 1. Lady Macbeth By Ariel
  2. 2. Lady Macbeth lives in Scotland
  3. 3. Lady Macbeth loves Macbeth
  4. 4. Lady Macbeth cheers for danger
  5. 5. Lady Macbeth Gets annoyed by Mac duff
  6. 6. Lady Macbeth cares about Being queen
  7. 7. Lady Macbeth Is concerned aboutShe cant get the blood of her hand
  8. 8. Lady Macbeth just recently died
  9. 9. Lady Macbeth strengths is Murder
  10. 10. Lady Macbeth weaknesses is Macbeth
  11. 11. Lady Macbeth biggest obstacle is kingdom
  12. 12. Lady Macbeth She believes the secret to a good life is killinggg