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  1. 1. facebook Romeo The Pimp is in love with JULIET ;) Wall Photos Flair Boxes Romeo Montague Logout View photos of romeo (5) Send romeo a message Poke message Wall Info Photos Boxes Write something… Share Information Network Baished from verona. Birthday: May 29, 1515 Political: Democrat Religion: Catholic Hometown: Verona ( ghetto ) Friends Juliet mercetio The Nurse Bobby Jackie Romeo is preparing to get married to the most prettiest girl ever October 7, Robert ROMEO boutta get married , whooooppp * rick ross voice * lol noo he not born yet ahaha October 28, ROMEO Like THIS status & ima write a little poem on your wall September 9, ROMEO coooling yah heird me? April 17,
  2. 2. facebook ROMEO MONTAGUE is preparing to sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Personal Information Wall Photos Flair Boxes Romeo M. Logout View photos of ROMEO (5) Send ROMEO a message Poke message Wall Info Photos Boxes Basic Information Information Networks Birthday: Political: Hometown: Photos Networks: Washington D.C. Sex: Male Birthday: May 29, 1917 Hometown: Veronaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Relationship Status: Married to Juliet Capulet Political Views: Democrat Religious Views: Catholic Activities: I don’t have any ! Interests: god , wife :) Favorite Music: church music Favorite Movies: movies were not invented ! Favorite TV Shows: THAT WASN’T INVENTED ! Favorite Books: BIBLE ME & MY WIFE :) Updated last Tuesday 2 Albums Updated two months ago Contact Information Address: NON YAH BUSSNIESS Phone Number: NO YA!!!
  3. 3. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes John F. Kennedy Logout Wall Info Photos Boxes Photos of romeo 7 Photos ROMEOS’s Albums 2 Photo Alums Me & my wife 5 photos Romeo is a young man!!!!