Alissa T.-Suicide


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This is my presentation for our Romeo and Juliet Unit

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Alissa T.-Suicide

  1. 1. Suicide: A preventable epidemic. Suicide InformationSuicides among teenagers in theUnited Staed have increasedexplosively in the pastfew years.Over 1,000,000 people commitsuicide each year. . It is the “If in doubt, don’tleading cause of death among check out.”teenagers and adults under 35. Suicide is often commitedout of despair from alcholism,drug abuse, or depression.This is the 13 th leading causeof death worldwide. Suicideis hgher for men than women.Most people who want tocommit suicide don’t want to Company Name Company Namedie. They won’t offer help, butthat doesn’t mean that they don’t T el : 5 5 5 - 2 7 3 - T A L K S t r e et A d dr e sswant help. A d dr e s s 2 City, ST ZIP Code Web site address
  2. 2. Tips for Suicide Pay attention for major Conversation about emotional shifts: Your Suicide: ~You’re not alone in this, I’ll friend has been acting depressed for two help you. weeks or more, doesnt Ways to start a conversation about suicide: do stuff she usually ~I’ve been concerned about you lately. ~You may not believe it now, but loves, has mood swings, or suddenly ~I’ve noticed some changes about you things will change. keeps to herself. lately, what’s going on? ~I wanted to check in with you because ~I may not understand how you Never keep suicide a you haven’t seemed yourself lately. feel, but I care about you. secret. If a friend admits ~If you ever feel like giving up, she is thinking about tell yourself hold on. hurting herself, tell a parent or a teacher — Questions you can ask: even if she has sworn you to secrecy. You could be ~ When did you begin feeling like saving her life. this? ~Did something happen to make you Look out for things like: start feeling like this? intense sadness, hopelessness, lethargy, ~How can I support/help you? loss of apetite, disruption of sleep, and loss of ~Have you thought about getting help? interest in everyday activies. Try to influence them in activities. Things you can say to help: