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Alexus Communicating with parents


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Alexus Communicating with parents

  1. 1. Communicating withParents/Teens. Alexus Gros
  2. 2. Sometimes . . . .If you feel your relationship with your parents isstrained, try easing into conversations. Talkabout how your day was. Ask them about theirday also. Chatting with parents every day notonly keeps an existing relationship strong, it alsocan help a frayed relationship get stronger.Sometimes there is lack of communication.Teens don’t want to listen, and parent’s alwayswant to be right. That’s not what matters to me, Ithink teens should have a comfortablerelationship with their parent’s. They should beable to talk to them about anything andeverything, without a problem.
  3. 3. Communicating Tips :)• Watch what you say, parent’s tend to take the slightest raising of your voice, as an attitude.• Tell the truth, if you lie you’re just going to get your self in more trouble.• Tell them how you feel, why you feel that way, what’s going on, and why you think it’s going on.
  4. 4. R Nemours. “Teen health” 9 Aprile 2012f ilies/talk_to_parents.html.r “Teen Advice” 9e April 2012n om/cs/parentstalkto/ht/parentse talkht.html.s
  5. 5. What to do… What if? What if your parent’s don’t listen? What if you don’t want to hear what they say? What if things don’t change, and communication problems are still the same? There’s all of these unanswered questions.If your parent’s don’t listen, there is probably areason. Maybe they feel you’re not giving them therespect that they deserve. If you don’t want to hearwhat they say, just sit down and listen anyway. Ifthings don’t change, there is not much you can do.Just show them respect, and as time goes on thingsmight slowly change.
  6. 6. There could be a change!-If your mom or dad, maybe both, ask how your day was, answer respectfully. Give them details so a good conversation can be held.-If your mom or dad corrects you about something that they see you doing, then STOP, without hesitation. Maybe that could be the problem with why there is very little communication going on between you and your parents.
  7. 7. Teens…. -___-We all know teens have an attitude while being told to do something. If you don’t like what’s being said, sometimes you roll your eyes, smack your lips, stomp your feet, or raise your voice. DON’T do that. It will only cause more drama than what’s already going on in the household.
  8. 8. Parents!!!!Don’t tell your teen that the communication is all their fault. Tell them that there needs to be work done on BOTH sides. It will make them feel better, and maybe they’ll listen to what you have to say instead of catching an attitude with every word that comes out of your mouth.
  9. 9. Here are results with communication issues:
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