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Event Marketing using User Generated Content


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The biggest asset of an event are it's attendees. If you use your attendees in a smart way, they will start spreading User Generated Content. But as content gets published, it also gets fragmented.

As an event organizer you can provide an easy to use content platform where all this content is gathered, and can be used to generate buzz before, during or after the event.

In this presentation we will show you how you can use the power of your attendees to create more visibility for your event using User Generated Content

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Event Marketing using User Generated Content

  1. 1. Joris Brabants Event marketing using User Generated Content
  2. 2. User Generated Content at events People like to take pictures or make videos at events. They post it on their Facebook profile, Pinterest or Twitter. Content gets fragmentend, as an event organizer, it would be better to keep track of this unique content. User Generated Content at events: Conferences Concerts Sports Tradeshows …
  3. 3. User Generated Content at events Yep, even I like to take pictures of Industry Leaders when I’m attending a conference This picture got a few hundred likes on the Facebook page of my company. But Moz (SEOmoz back then) didn’t get any benefit of me posting this pic… Mozcation 2011 - Barcelona
  4. 4. User Generated Content at events This one even got more likes... Probably because Joanna is more likeable than Rand ;) But yet again, Moz didn’t get any credit  Mozcation 2011 - Barcelona
  5. 5. User Generated Content at events At BuboBox we believe that User Generated Content is the key in online word-of-mouth marketing. We came up with an event solution that - Is easy to use for attendees - Can capture media in one central spot - Tracks the # of views, likes, shares, … - Stimulates sharing
  6. 6. How it works Capture UGC at your event in 3 easy steps Give visitors your the possibility to contribute with UGC. Visitors can record & upload photos, videos, text, audio, … Moderate content, add gamification elements & reward contributors
  7. 7. The mobile landing page where attendees can upload
  8. 8. And it really works… BNP Paribas / Fortis asked us to provide a Facebook page with our BuboBox event solution. On the event itself we put up a simple recording stand where visitors could record a “Thank you” message for Kim Clijsters through our integrated iPad application.
  9. 9. And it really works… During the few days the campaign was live, the Facebook page of BNP PARIBAS FORTIS “We Are Tennis” got over 2000 extra Facebook fans. We were very happy to contribute to this success: - 71 videos recorded during event - 2000 new Facebook fans - 2h30 watched - Average of 16 shares / video
  10. 10. And it really works… AB Inbev asked us to connect with their fans at I Love Techno through social video. We set up a simple way to gather and spread video testimonials of the happy party people. Results: - 498 videos uploaded during event - 21.797 views - 55 hours watched - 28.829 visitors
  11. 11. Get feedback of visitors…
  12. 12. So next time you organise an event… Make sure you provide the attendees an easy way to contribute and share pictures or videos! Add gamification elements like a leaderboard to stimulate sharing. Generate buzz before, during or after your event!
  13. 13. Clients
  14. 14. Joris Brabants Visit and start capturing User Generated Content today!