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  1. 1. My aim is to come up with marketing strategy for one of the products we could choose in this unit. I decided to research and extend my knowledge on animation series for Ice Age and its new film coming up on 13th of July 2012.My main focus will be directed on a new film and how to effectively promote it so that it reaches its target audience, making the best profit possible.
  2. 2. Originally the prime target audience for Ice Age were children aged around 8 years old, they are starting to understand the nature around them and beginning to recognize flora and fauna. The British Board of Film Classification categorized Ice Age as Universal which means that all ages can be admitted and there is nothing unsuitable for’’Its clever enough to amuse adults, children.yet sufficiently kid-friendly to delighttykes with diminutive attention However Ice Age was not onlyspans.’’ targeting at kids, but their parents who became the second target audiences March 18, 2002, Joe Leydon
  3. 3. • TrailersComedy persuasion hasdriven the audiences in afirst place as shown in thefirst trailer; the moviecontains a lot of humourand funny actions.The company decided topromote the film by trailerbecause it will reach a lotof people coming tocinemas to watch similarproducts.
  4. 4. • McDonald CorporationMcDonald is a big food brand that all children love. This is why bycooperating with this company was profitable for creators of the film,actually both of the businesses gained the advantages from using thecharacters form Ice Age. The Ice Age could promote their new upcoming films whereas McDonaldcould encourage kids to motivate their parents to go for a meal just to geta toy of their favourite animated character.
  5. 5. • ToysSo when the child is coming to a toys store it isattracted by the toys of character they already arefamiliar with. The animated creatures are for thekid like friends. Therefore by developing the filminto the toys the remembrance of the film is notdisappearing and this is how the film has made abig profit over the years. • DVDs and Blu-Ray
  6. 6. • Games and booksUntil the age of 8 years of age children do not recognize in the transmission of advertising elements of persuasion and influence. Very young children are not able to distinguish advertising content from the actual program. Even older children are not often able to pick product placement advertising in programs designed for them.Marketers often use the older childrens natural need to belongto a peer group and their tendency to rebel against authority as the key to building advertising campaigns.However the content of the games and books can be also usefulfor education purpose; like in case of Ice Age products they are amusing and informative.
  7. 7. After analysing the past marketing strategy andproducts for Ice Age films my finalized idea is toreach the media streams of newer technology asevery other advertising sources were used before. My Movies iPhone App Media Park – Free film trailer channel Special Meals in CINEMAS Special Website = Special codes on a cinema tickets and other promotional products
  8. 8. Data that I gathered from my research is proving thatchildren are using more and more Internet and theyusually doing it from their homes.The technology moved forward and computers aswell as laptops are in nearly every house becoming apart of everyday life. So my main strategy is to usethis information and focus on virtual promotionalproducts. The target of this action is to reach even more target audiences comparing when using well-known methods such as press release and other products mentioned earlier in the presentation.
  9. 9. First idea is to promotethe new upcominganimated film viarecognized website withtrailers filmtrailers.comThis website allows userto check for the latestfilms and it is free ofcharge.This will be a good way ofpromotion for new IceAge 4.
  10. 10. Next conception is to launch IceAge 4 film in the iPhoneApplication that is available viaconnection to the Internet.This will be beneficial forparents with children forexample in journey. The kids arebecoming bored really quicklyand due to this application theycould watch the Ice Age ontheir parents mobile.Obviously the service is not freetherefore it will brought someprofits, but it is affordable andmore accessible then DVD (canbe watched everywhere).
  11. 11. This is a official website for Ice Age 3 with backgrounds, gallery and many other funky things to explore. I know this thought was already used in advertising the previous series of Ice Age films, however there is going to be a twist to it. For new Ice Age 4 website there are going to be a codes on the promotional products slowly revealing all the good from the website.
  12. 12. Another idea is to create new Ice Age 4 cinema meals with thecodes to the website and characters and other amusementssuch as colouring pages or quizzes for kids.It was used before and childrens tends to have a popcornwith their favourite characters on it instead of normal one.
  13. 13. If you have got anyother questions, please fell free to ask?Thank You All for Watching By Sandra Ksiazek