Magazine Analysis<br />Beauty<br />By Sandra Ksiazek<br />
Organic Beauty Magazine<br />Masthead<br />Graphics<br />The fancy type of the font of the masthead communicate the idea o...
Seventeen Magazine<br />Masthead<br />Graphics<br />The title seventeen is suggesting the type of audience the magazine is...
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Magazine research


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Magazine research

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis<br />Beauty<br />By Sandra Ksiazek<br />
  2. 2. Organic Beauty Magazine<br />Masthead<br />Graphics<br />The fancy type of the font of the masthead communicate the idea of beauty very well to the audience. The part organic is really important therefore it is in the centre not with the same colour as the big heading. Masthead is taking all top of a page and it is situated in front of the cover image to show what it is and why there is such a nice woman on the cover picture. The ‘organic’ part is a lot smaller but seen as good as the beauty heading. Organic word it there to represent the theme of the magazine which is helped by the leaves next to the ‘o’. <br />The fonts used in writing are glamorous and fancy showing the beauty and giving away a sense of attraction. Also the choice of colours are carefully thought through as a green is symbolize the ‘organic’ and the pink is just a feminine colour. The lay out is clear but at the same time effective; showing clear messages to the audience. <br />Cover Image<br />The representation of middle age ,but very young looking woman is meaning that the magazine is aimed at this age group audience and mostly focused on woman rather then opposite genre. The character on a main image has healthy looking hair and skin; soft and without any wrinkles. This is the suggestion to the audience that if they would do what advised and buy the product recommended they would also look like a model on a front cover. The model herself is placed on the right side of the cover taking ¾ of a whole space, however the cover lines are there as well fulfilling the empty space on the left. <br />Mode Of Address<br />There is a lot of exclamation marks used. Moreover there a motivate language applied with all capital letters to highlight the message, such as: ANTI-AGING (because of course woman want to stay young forever) and HOT 12 the list of advices etc. There is also this little push toward the organic products by the small pictures of leaves and the green colour scheme. <br />Barcode<br />Barcode is placed as it usual position in the right, lower corner of the page. <br />
  3. 3. Seventeen Magazine<br />Masthead<br />Graphics<br />The title seventeen is suggesting the type of audience the magazine is appealing to. The masthead is written in small letters which might suggest the informality. The font staing the same for every edition however there are changes in colours this time is pink which is representing very girly type. The place of the masthead is in front of the model so that the writing can be seen but there is one box that is covering the first two letters as they are still readable. This is to show the information on box and draw the audience attention to it even more. <br />As there is a white background on a cover image the use of graphics is quite ‘rich’. There is a catchy sky line to draw the attention by attractive price to won for shopping, so the teenage girls would be very interested as majority of them love shopping. Also on the left side, there is a the credit for the actress therefore we assuming that there is going to be something about her in the magazine. Other than this there are many boxes and ‘pop outs’ such as The Best GUY ADVICE ever or 672 ways to look… so they additionally creating willingness to buy this magazine. Where is down to the colours and style the graphics are bold, but they staying cute as well as romantic in some way because of the main colour pink. Colour red is appearing on the most important attractive words. Overall even there is a lot of graphics applied on the cover, you can still se the smiley face of the character and the messages are separated and spaced in a clear ways. <br />Mode Of Address<br />The way the words are applied and selected is informal and casual but there is not frequent use of slang as this is not needed; instead of man there is a word guy as this is how the young girls are calling the males. Futher more there is a lot of adjectives in use like: pretty, cutest, exclusive etc. This is again to draw the intesest of the target audience - teenage girls. <br />Cover Image<br />The cover character is well-known actress Leighton Meester. On this picture she is presented in a cute, smiley and young looking way just like a title suggesting; seventeen years old girl. Also the character is wearing the clothes matching the writing colour and general magazine atmosphere. <br />