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Extended project

  1. 1. Extended Project Is fashion photography a form of art?
  2. 2. Project OutlineMy aim throughout this project was to find out howpeople view fashion photography.Is it being considered as form of art or just simpleadvertising and high label cloths which are nicelypresented on a girl or boy?As my final piece I have decided to produce a set ofimages that will reflect an answer to my question.I will mount the pictures on the white board as I thinkthey will look more effective and will introduce my ideawell.
  3. 3. Research
  4. 4. I began my researching from sources in thelibrary. I found there many interesting bookswhich are referring to fashion photography andart. ’’Such photographers were thus placed in a position similar to that in which they had placed painters a half century earlier and the chain of reactions at the end of the century must have had a profound influence on the new directions painting had already taken.’’’…perfection has been embodied inimages, visions of enhanced reality thatteach the eye how to see clothes, andteach clothes how to look.’’ ’’photographic description of lifestyle’’
  5. 5. Art and Fashion blurred boundaryI found some interesting views and majority of them are suggesting that fashion and arthave a really blurred boundary.For example in the book The Idealizing Vision, The Art of Fashion Photography, April 1991’Anne Hollander is saying that by ’’feeding the imagination and pushing the visualpossibilities of clothing into new emotional territory’’ audience are able to fantasy aboutclothing product and by presenting cloths on photographs in certain ways the brains ofreceivers are coding the message hidden behind pure photographs.What I meant by this is that even the photograph is composing the model and cloths byshowing it in special ways the imagination of audience is working better therefore it can besaid that it is also an art piece that is inspiring customer to desire the product.They may not receive the feeling of art straight away, because in our days they are used toseeing the fashion photography presented creatively however at the end of the day thosephotos are touching their imagination, making them want the cloths or look like model onthe image.
  6. 6. Advertising; how they use toadvertise things how they are doing it now?
  7. 7. My Initial IdeasTo get my starting point I have researched fashion photographers, I found three whichhave absolutely different styles.To discover what audiences consider to be considered as a form of art, I created thequestionnaire which helped me to define people taste.Then based on this questionnaire I started to prepare my photo-shoots trying tocreate similar effect to the photographs they liked the most. Miles Aldridge Tommaso Nervegna Marco Tengalia
  8. 8. Audience Response Majority of audiences liked the set of Tommaso Nervegna photographs. The positive comments I have received about his photos were about the use of creative lights, shades and composition which was quite uncommon where it comes to fashion photography this is why people dragged attention to his work. As an improvement people wanted to see even more experimenting with lights, they believed that I will give the images more artistic feeling.
  9. 9. 1st Photo-shootFor my first photo-shoot I have decided to play around withlighting as audiences liked the images taken by TommasoNervegna and I was influenced by his work as well. He used alot of lights techniques to make his work look creative.I planed to do similar shoot with my model, however myobjective was to make fashion photos in urban lifestyle, butappearing to arty.My audiences then would be young adults or teenagers thatare encouraged by fashion photographs on billboards andmagazines.
  10. 10. Final Images
  11. 11. Software UsedI have mainly used Photoshop to increase the saturation and colour balanceas shown below. I also strengthen the contrast to make photos look moreprofessional, yet quite funky, colourful and bold.
  12. 12. 2nd Photo-shootTo develop my work to more artistic piece I triedto focus on the location and model’s look ratherthan technique used. This time I decided toshoot indoor and I managed to find really goodlocation and gain the permission to photographthere.
  13. 13. Final Images
  14. 14. 3rd Photo-shootOnce I gather the feedback from my peers aboutmy second photo-shoot they gave meinteresting points to consider for my next photo-shoot. I found out that as an audience theywould like to see more fashion and differentprospective then one view. So this time I tried toemphasis their observations in my 3rd photo-shoot.
  15. 15. Final Images
  16. 16. 4th (Final) Photo-shootSo far I managed to capture really nice and good quality photos. But Iwas questioning myself, do they represent fashion art photographywell? I came up with conclusion that I have to go in slightly differentdirection.I was stimulated by my teacher she told me to lake at famous paintingthat other photographers used in their work. So I did found few ofthem, but one particularly got my attention.The story of Lady of Shalott; about young women suicide by drowningherself in the water. I find the connection between fashion and thisstory as young girls are losing her personalities due to the fashiontrends.I was inspired by the prestige paintings of the lady and I tried to createsimilar effect, combining art and fashion together and represent it onmy photographs.
  17. 17. Final Piece
  18. 18. ConclusionThroughout this project I found out that art and fashion are really close together. Especially in our days where technology has such an ability to create some good photos even with amateur not really specialized camera.So the answer to my question would be yes, fashion photography can be considered as a form of art. Even if the people are not putting much attention to them their brains are receiving the creative signals making them desire to look like the models from the photographs. The massive impact is putted on young generation as to them those photographs are exemplar and their life style.
  19. 19. Any other question, please feel free to ask?Thank You! Sandra Ksiazek