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  1. 1. EmailsCommission for The Henley Festival Sandra Ksiazek
  2. 2. From: Sandra Ksiazek []Sent: 20 September 2011 10:14To: InfoSubject: Henley Festival VolunteerGood Morning,I am a student of Henley College doing my Creative and Media course on level 3. I am required towork with a profitable company who would be interested in giving me a work task related to mediaand as I know you are preparing to the Festival next summer this is why I decided to get in touch withyou. I am wondering if you would like to work with me and support me in my studies. I think I wouldbe able to produce high standard work while gaining some real life experience. It would be beneficialfor you as you will have another pair of hands making a lot of effort and contribution in the Festivalwhich I hope will be a big success.For my unit I have to work with a profitable company and come up with either a marketingcampaign, photography, filming or I could work with your advertising campaign. I am open tosuggestions on what you would like me to do, the only thing I ask from you is a brief to work from andsome guidance along the way.If you have any additional questions you can also contact my teacher at whowill be supervising our projects.I look forward to hearing from you.Sandra Ksiazek – Creative and Media level 3, The Henley College
  3. 3. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 22 September 2011 12:15To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Henley Festival VolunteerDear SandraThank you for your email, and I hope you are enjoying your Creative and Media course at the college.There may be an opportunity for you to work with us for a period, in particular with The Tree ofLight, a large-scale education and community programme that we are running from now until nextJuly. Have a look at www.thetreeoflight.orgI have written today to your tutor with a view to having a meeting with her at the college. Once Ivespoken to her, I will contact you again to arrange for you to come down to our offices in Friday Streetfor a chat.In the meantime, can you let us know when during the year ideally you would work on anassignment with us and for how long.Best wishesMandy BeardCommunity Projects ManagerThe Henley Festival 4th - 8th July 2012Henley Festival Ltd, 14 Friday Street,Henley on Thames RG9 1AHTel: 01491 843406 Fax: 01491
  4. 4. Hi MandyThank you for your reply. Sarah (tutor)spoke to me today about your email and shehas given me my deadlines for my project. Ihave two main deadlines, first is all aboutresearching and working to a brief (whichSarah will discuss with you when you meetup with her) which is the 7th of November.My second deadline is January when myproduct has to be completed for submission.If there is anything else you require from mein the meantime, please feel free to email.Many ThanksSandra K
  5. 5. From: Mandy Beard[]Sent: 26 September 2011 12:10To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Henley FestivalVolunteerTHanks Sandra. Ill contact you againlater this week.Mandy
  6. 6. From: Sandra Ksiazek []Sent: 18 October 2011 11:24To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Henley Festival VolunteerGood Morning,We are writing to you just to confirm aboutlegal issues concerning the filming andphotographing children in this project.Are there any forms which you can give out,if not we could create it for you and send iton?Is this form necessary for the project?Look forward to hear from you.Sandra Ksiazek & Sarah InnesCreative & Media students
  7. 7. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 18 October 2011 15:37To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Henley Festival VolunteerHello Sandra and SarahYou are right to ask as this can be a very sensitive issue. We have permission from both of the schools you areworking at to film and photograph the children, staff and creative practitioners for use by press, projectwebsites, newsletters etc, but not social media including facebook, twitter. If in doubt, please ask.The photo consent forms we have used are attached so you can see. I also attach the project brief which Isent to your College tutor. Please let me know if you need any more information from us before you get startedon 31st October.On 31st October, we have some press interest for the first school. This will probably involve local BBC radioand TV and will mean some filming and interviews before school starts, possibly 8am. Would you like to comealong to this Sandra? Ill let you know when I have more information.Please tell Sarah that she can drive to South Moreton School with me the first week. She should meet me atTrinity School at 12noon. The next weeks she can drive with Amy Gliddon who is working for the HenleyFestival as an intern student this term.Best wishesMandy BeardCommunity Projects ManagerThe Henley Festival 4th - 8th July 2012Henley Festival Ltd, 14 Friday Street,Henley on Thames RG9 1AHTel: 01491 843406 Fax: 01491
  8. 8. From: Sandra Ksiazek[]Sent: 18 October 2011 15:45To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Henley Festival VolunteerHello Mandy,Yes I am interested in attending the morninginterviews. I passed the message over to Sarahas well.I am a bit confused because I was meant todocument the South Moreton School eventand Sarah is doing the Trinity School, wouldyou like us both to go to South Moreton Schoolon 31st October? Or was there a mistake?Best Regards,Sandra Ksiazek
  9. 9. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 19 October 2011 11:44To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Henley Festival VolunteerHi SandraMy mistake! Of course Sarah wanted toreturn to her old primary school - thats thetrouble when you work at 100 miles anhour!Ill keep you posted about 31st Oct so dolook at your emails over half term. Fine tohave you both there if youd like to.Mandy
  10. 10. From: Sandra Ksiazek[]Sent: 08 November 2011 11:37To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Henley Festival VolunteerHello,I am writing to you to possiblyarrange some meeting as IPhotoshoped the photos and Iwould like to know your opinionand get some feedback for the finalphoto-shoot.Let me know when you areavailable.Sandra Ksiazek
  11. 11. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 08 November 2011 11:43To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Henley FestivalVolunteerHi SandraHope it went well at South Moretonyesterday (and that you werent socold!). Good idea. I am here thisafternoon and tomorrow andThursday. Let me know when youdlike to pop in.Mandy
  12. 12. From: Sandra Ksiazek[]Sent: 08 November 2011 11:49To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Henley FestivalVolunteerI am free on 1 oclock on thursday, is itthe right time for you?Sandra
  13. 13. From: Mandy Beard [mandy@henley- 1. Monday 14 November 1-3pm The] School, WargraveSent: 08 November 2011 13:10To: Sandra Ksiazek; Sarah Innes 2. Sunday 20th November 2-4pm FledglingCc: Sarah Ives-Rider Youth Dance group - at The PiggottSubject: Tree of Light filming School, WargraveHi Sarah and Sandra 3. Wednesday 23 November 1-3pm Robert Piggott Junior School, WargraveWould either or both of you be interested inthis? 4. Thursday 24 November 2.30 - 5pm Maiden Erlegh School, ReadingWe need to video the final performancepieces of physical theatre workshops taking 5. Friday 25 November 10am - 12noon Stplace in 5 separate schools. I would be able Johns Primary, Wallingfordto find a small fee for you to do this forus. You would need to be able to attend the If youre interested then we can talk aboutwhole workshop, to film the final piece at transport. Please let me know asap.the end and a few interviews with some ofthe kids, and then copy onto a DVD. No Mandyfancy editing needed. Mandy BeardWe want to show each of the films at a Community Projects ManagerSharing Event for the TOL project on 6thDecember. The films from the workshops The Henley Festival 4th - 8th July 2012with Brek and Luke will also be shown at thisevent, so you might like to come along (and Henley Festival Ltd, 14 Friday Street,bring your college tutor??). Im attaching the Henley on Thames RG9 1AHtimetable for the day for info. Tel: 01491 843406 Fax: 01491 410482
  14. 14. From: Sandra Ksiazek[]Sent: 09 November 2011 11:58To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Tree of Light filmingHi Mandy,I am interested to do this, however Iam not sure if I could attend all thesessions.Let me know if you want me to attendall the sessions in order to create thevideo or individual?Sandra Ksiazek
  15. 15. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 09 November 2011 12:01To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Tree of Light filmingTHanks SandraSarah is interested in doing one ortwo, so lets talk about this when I seeyou tomorrow.Mandy
  16. 16. From: Mandy Beard[]Sent: 09 November 2011 12:02To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Tree of LightfilmingOkay, see you tomorrow then.Sandra
  17. 17. From: Mandy Beard[]Sent: 09 November 2011 12:03To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Tree of LightfilmingSandraCould you come to meet me at1.30 tomorrow? I am now inanother meeting until then.Hope that works for you.
  18. 18. That is fine for me.I will speak withmy tutor Sarah, Iam sure she will beokay with it aswell.
  19. 19. 1. School logo The Piggott School, Wargrave TreesFrom: Mandy Beard [mandy@henley- under] Physical Theatre workshop with Helen ParlorSent: 28 November 2011 15:08To: Sandra Ksiazek with thanks toSubject: FW: Credits in Video and photo Staff at The Piggott Schooldoc Produced by Sandra Ksiazek , The Henley College forHi Sandra Thames Arts No rush for the South Moreton School photo Use tree of light letterhead footer logos (if you need alldocumentary final version but if you could send the logos as separate files let me know)me a few good shots for our immediate use onthe Tree of Light website, that would be 2. School logo South Moreton Primaryhelpful. For your final product, and for the School, Oxfordshire Tree life cyclevideo at The Piggott School, could you add the Years 5 and 6 pupilsfollowing titles and credits. We need the Tree Inspiration session with LukePiggot School video in time for 6th Dec - any Tamblyn, arboriculturalistchance of getting it by Friday this week? Let Film production workshops with Brekme know if you need anything Taylor, Tailormade Productionselse. Thanks Mandy with thanks to Staff at South Moreton Primary SchoolPlease introduce all videos (TOL logoattached) Produced by Sandra Ksiazek, The Henley College forThe Tree of Light - A Cultural Project for Thames ArtsThe London 2012 Olympic and ParalympicGames Use tree of light letterhead footer logos
  20. 20. From: Sandra Ksiazek []Sent: 29 November 2011 11:38To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Credits in Video and photo docHi Mandy,I am finishing off the video for you, just need to add few bitsand it will be ready for you for friday.However I need to know the sound track title for the finaldance piece that The Piggott School did?I have the photos at home so If I will e-mail them to you thisevening would that be helpful?Sandra
  21. 21. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 29 November 2011 11:42To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: FW: Credits in Video andphoto docHi helenThanks for the youtube link. Can youlet us know the title of the music youused for The Piggot School pieceplease. THanksMandy
  22. 22. From: Sandra Ksiazek[]Sent: 01 December 2011 10:58To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Credits in Video and photo docHello MandyYou send me the wrong email through, I stillneed to know the sound track name?Please email me back asap, otherwise I willhave to use natural recording sounds whichare not as good quality.Sandra
  23. 23. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 02 December 2011 10:40To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Credits in Video andphoto docHi SandraIve sent out another message tohelen PArlor just now about the trackname for Piggott School and will letyou know as soon as I hear fromher. Sorry about that.Mandy
  24. 24. From: Sandra Ksiazek []Sent: 05 December 2011 08:51To: Mandy BeardSubject: RE: Credits in Video and photo docHi Mandy,Did you get my video? Do you like it? Is it how you wantedit to look like?I went to see you on Friday after my first lesson butunfortunately you wasnt there, but I left the DVD with theother lady to pass it on to you as I knew you will need it fortomorrow.Sandra
  25. 25. From: Mandy Beard []Sent: 05 December 2011 16:42To: Sandra KsiazekSubject: RE: Credits in Video andphoto docHi SandraYes I have it, thank you so much, andwe will be showing it tomorrow. Ill bein touch later in the week.Best wishesMandy
  26. 26. ActionsTo:Mandy Beard ( Items10 January 2012 10:46Hello Mandy,Is it possible to arrange the meeting in order to receivethe feedback from my work.Would it be possible on Thursday as I heard Sarah willhave a meeting with you as well so if I could come afterher, would it be suitable for you?Look forward to hear from you.Sandra
  27. 27. Hi SandraYes that would be fine, butcould you come after 2pm?Mandy
  28. 28. To:MandyBeard []Sent Items11 January 2012 10:46Hi MandyYes I can come after 2pm.Sandra
  29. 29. Mandy Beard []ActionsTo:Sandra Ksiazek11 January 2012 11:16OK, see you tomorrow.