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Evolving A Creature


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This is how 'Yoogali' evolved

Published in: Technology, Education
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Evolving A Creature

  1. 1. Evolving a Creature By Abbey
  2. 2. A cell is a small organism which can only live in water. However, this journey starts in the ocean. This cell is a herbivore, a plant eater. It eats plant buds which it found when a meteor that meteor hit a planet far away from earth crashed in the sea. It finds other cells who are willing to eat or explore. Cell Evolution
  3. 3. Now the cell is heading to land! It becomes used to the new environment and the spacious air. This new creature calls his relatives to join him at the new nest. There is time to try out the new legs before he mates. A unusual call comes from over a tree. It is from another species! The little what we call now ‘Yoogali’ has made a new friend. Early creature
  4. 4. In 20,000 years Yoogali has finally evolved! With a omnivore mouth, possum tail, arms and a bunch of fine feathers on it’s head, this is defiantly a new look! Yoogali has more abilities than before so he can now sing better, or yelp harder as we call it. Yoogali has more friends and is now intelligent enough to join a pack of his kind! What a great 20,000 years it has been....... Creature
  5. 5. Yoogali has reached a intelligent level! Yoogali has formed a tribe. They share tools and equipment with other tribes such as the Pokey tribe. They also gather fruit and fish for feeding the tribe. The Yoogali species is now a friendly race. Tribal
  6. 6. Yoogali has now invented a new way of travel! Cars and planes are travelling round the globe. The Yoogali wear nice comfy clothes and have better understandings. Civilisation
  7. 7. That’s how a creature evolves! thanks for viewing!