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Spring 2013 brother book


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Spring 2013 brother book

  1. 1. Spring 2013 BrotherBookAlpha Phi Omega, Zeta UpsilonChapter
  3. 3. Ambereen BaigCAS 2013 Economics/StatisticsHometown: Niskayuna, NYPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Jessica CarichnerLittle: Victoria EdgarFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnersHobbies/Interests: Travel, food,reading, community serviceFUN FACT: Ive lived in 3different countries.
  4. 4. Sarah BaikSAR 2015 OccupationalTherapyHometown: Los Angeles,CAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Sabrina SalgiaFavorite Service: Out of theDarknessWalkFavorite Fellowship: Black FamilyDinnerHobbies/Interests: Reading, eating,sleepingFUN FACT: I stood in line rightbehind ChanningTatum at acupcake store in Los Angeles.
  5. 5. Emily BaroniCAS 2016 BiologyHometown: Berlin, CTPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Cristina KossakFavorite Service: Bikes Not BombsFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnersHobbies/Interests: Running, eating,listening to music, APO (yay)FUN FACT: Im a freshman andhave already changed mymajor 3 times.
  6. 6. Hersh BendreENG 2015 Biomedical EngineeringHometown: Marlboro, NJPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Tracy ZhuFavorite Service: Boo at the ZooFavorite Fellowship: PledgeWeekScavenger HuntHobbies/Interests: Basketball,photography, readingFUN FACT: Ive read each HarryPotter book a minimum of 10times.
  7. 7. Chelsea BerkowitzCAS 2014 Psychology & SociologyHometown: San Antonio,TXPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Alberto MedinaLittle: Lindsay SmithFavorite Service: Vegetarian FoodFestivalFavorite Fellowship: iBanquetHobbies/Interests: Playing thebassoon, singing, crafts, hanging outwith friends, gender & sexualitystudies, psychologyFUN FACT: I have 9 cats!(between 2 houses)
  8. 8. Becky BrownCAS 2015 International Relations/JournalismHometown: Simsbury, CTPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Katie LawlorFavorite Service: Bruins 50-50 RaffleFavorite Fellowship: Movie NightsHobbies/Interests: Playing guitar,piano, and drums, and singing.Doing the Siblings program andFYSOP with the CSC. Going toconcerts.FUN FACT: I have one kidney!
  9. 9. Jessi CheungCAS 2015 SociologyHometown: Fremont, CAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Mallory OrrLittle: Naomi Brigell and AngelicaCollettiFavorite Service: Prison BooksFavorite Fellowship: Black FamilyDinnerHobbies/Interests: Tumblr,volunteering, DJing atWTBU,watchingTV and movies,reading/writing/fun stuffFUN FACT: I’m allergic topidgeons!
  10. 10. Mariya ChulichkovaCOM 2015 Film &TV/BusinessHometown: Witchita, KSPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Lizzie SelmiLittle: Sarah Lindberg andTammy MoFavorite Service:Vegetarian FoodFestivalFavorite Fellowship: Purple FamilyDinnerHobbies/Interests: TV ,Theater, weirdconspiraciesFUN FACT: The Russian Meteorfell on my hometown, so now myhometown is famous.
  11. 11. Emily CoyleENG 2016 EngineeringHometown: Los Angeles,CAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Megan LundgrenFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnerHobbies/Interests: Listening tomusic, watching tv/movies, videogamesFUN FACT: When I was 15, Iclimbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  12. 12. Katherine CrumbCAS 2013 Economics/StatisticsHometown: Sedalia, COPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Samantha EakesFavorite Service: Boston Sea FoodFestivalFavorite Fellowship: Painting theRockHobbies/Interests: Rock-climbingand swimmingFUN FACT: I fed a monkey inPanama.
  13. 13. Adrienne CyttoSED 2015 Elementary & SpecialEducationHometown: Morris Plains, NJPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Emily BoyleLittle: CourtneyTorres and LeoraKlachkinFavorite Service: Cradles to CrayonsFavorite Fellowship: KaraokeHobbies/Interests: Tennis, lacrosse,art, musicFUN FACT: I swam withdolphins in Israel!
  14. 14. Janel DavisCAS 2013 Psychology/PublicHealthHometown: Diamond Bar, CAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Shannon CareyLittle: Samar KhanFavorite Service: Cradles to CrayonsFavorite Fellowship: BostonCommonTree LightingHobbies/Interests: Singing &Dancing &TravelingFUN FACT: I don’t know how towhistle!
  15. 15. Samantha EakesCAS 2015 Psychology/PoliticalScienceHometown: Arlington,VAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: KimWestonLittle: Katherine Crumb and SamStraitzFavorite Service: Light the NightWalkFavorite Fellowship: iBanquetHobbies/Interests: BU Gospel Choir,reading, crewFUN FACT: I am definitely afoodie. I love to try new foodsfrom different cultures wheneverI have the chance!
  16. 16. Morgan FlemingCAS 2015 SociologyHometown: Preston, CTPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: EsterAveroLittle: Brooke Kwasny and IsabelSpenceFavorite Service: Room to GrowFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnersHobbies/Interests: Teh interweb,quoting Mean Girls, and JosephGordon-Levitt.FUN FACT: I can list all theundisputed countries of theworld in alphabetical order.
  17. 17. Kerry FosterSHA 2015 HospitalityHometown: Pawling, NYPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Alex HubertFavorite Service: Cradles to CrayonsFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnersHobbies/Interests: Baking, reading,music, hockeyFUN FACT: Im going to bakingschool in Italy this fall.
  18. 18. Amy FoxCAS 2014 Sociology/Deaf StudiesHometown: Levittown, PAPledge Class: Spring 2011Big: Alysse BarsamianLittle: VeTruong, Hanna Klein,Cynthia LockFavorite Service: Bikes Not BombsFavorite Fellowship: Bro RetreatHobbies/Interests: Drawing,crocheting, reading.FUN FACT: I’m a coffee fiend.
  19. 19. Michelle GrbicSAR 2016 Speech-LanguagePathologyHometown: Princeton Junction, NJPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Nicole DellanaFavorite Service: Prison BooksFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnerHobbies/Interests: Netflix, OneDirection, travelingFUN FACT: I was named after aBeatles song.
  20. 20. Joe HannawiCAS 2015 Biology CMGHometown: Foxboro, MAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: LyndonThaiLittle: Jenny Zhang and Biren PatelFavorite Service: Bruins 50/50 RaffleFavorite Fellowship: ScavengerHuntsHobbies/Interests: WatchingTV,playing videogames, playing footballand basketballFUN FACT: I am terrible atchemistry. there, I said it.
  21. 21. Kyli HerzbergCAS 2014 Psychology/Education andAnthropologyHometown: Chicago, ILPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: DaniWinterLittle: Cheryl Lee, Crystal Michaelides,Shanice Bailey, and Aneri DesaiFavorite Service: Prison BooksFavorite Fellowship: Scavenger HuntsHobbies/Interests: Traveling, coffee,tea, photography, baking (cookiesonly)FUN FACT: I’m really self-conscious about how I pronouncemy first name.
  22. 22. Wilson HuangCAS 2014 EconomicsHometown: TaiwanPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Dory LeviashviliFavorite Service: Boston SeafoodFestivalFavorite Fellowship: All of them!Hobbies/Interests: Lightshow(gloves) musicFUN FACT: I barely have anymerit, but fortunately I barely haveany defect as well. My biggestmerit is HUMBLE :)
  23. 23. Alex HubertCAS 2014 PsychologyHometown: Los Angeles,CAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Zach SmithLittle: Kerry FosterFavorite Service: Taste of the SouthEndFavorite Fellowship: Apple PickingHobbies/Interests: Adventuring,eating delicious food, hanging outwith friends!FUN FACT: I love to cook!
  24. 24. Erica JutrasSMG 2015 Business/Psychologyand SociologyHometown: Upton, MAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Lauren SoaresLittle: Marissa Mugan, JoanneHuang, and Deeplata NandFavorite Service: Cradles to CrayonsFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnersHobbies/Interests: Baking, reading,traveling, eating icecreamFUN FACT: I got my letter toHogwarts when I was 11, but Iturned it down.
  25. 25. Brooke KwasnyCOM 2016 Advertising &PR/SpanishHometown: Mequon, WIPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Morgan FlemingFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: AssassinsHobbies/Interests: Dance andTravelFUN FACT: Im a podophobe,coulrophobe, andbananaphobe.
  26. 26. Adrienne LeeENG 2016 Biomedical EngineeringHometown: Honolulu, HIPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Cara MayberryFavorite Service: Hope LodgeFavorite Fellowship: Painting theRockHobbies/Interests: Watchingmovies, making any arts and craftsFUN FACT: I grew up in HongKong for seven years of mychildhood.
  27. 27. Belinda LeeSHA 2014 HospitalityHometown: Malden, MAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Stephy LinFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: Going out todinnerHobbies/Interests: SnowboardingFUN FACT: I bungee jumped,skydived, and scuba dived thegreat barrier reef, all in onesemester!
  28. 28. Cheryl LeeENG 2016 Biomedical EngineeringHometown: Chicago, ILPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Kyli HerzbergFavorite Service: Cradles to CrayonsFavorite Fellowship: Family DinnersHobbies/Interests: Volleyball,playing video games, playing pianoFUN FACT: My brother and Ihave the same birthday twoyears apart.
  29. 29. Lauren LeeCAS 2014 Biology CMGHometown: Fullerton, CAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Nicole DellanaFavorite Service: Boo at the ZooFavorite Fellowship: iBanquetHobbies/Interests: Taking photos,travelling, listening to music, watchingclassic black & white movies, andspending quality time with othersFUN FACT: Every year my familythrows a HUGE party for theAcademy Awards - its been afamily holiday as long as I canremember!
  30. 30. Hannah LemonCAS 2016 UndecidedHometown: Boston, MAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Avia BuiFavorite Service: Prison BooksFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnerHobbies/Interests: Listening tomusic and sleeping.FUN FACT: One of my thumbsis shorter than the other.
  31. 31. Dory LeviashviliCAS 2014 PsychologyHometown: Jericho, NYPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Gustavo RodriguezLittles: Ajay Naik, JessicaTang,Vrushabh Shah, andWilson HuangFavorite Service: Taste of the NationFavorite Fellowship: Movie NightsHobbies/Interests: Soccer, HannahMontana, food, hanging with friends!!FUN FACT: Ive changed mymajor every semester - hopefullythis trend ends soon!!
  32. 32. Victoria LiquoriSAR 2015 Human PhysiologyHometown: North Haven, CTPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Elyse McKayLittles: Brian Boman and ElizabethDeanFavorite Service: Prison BooksFavorite Fellowship: Game NightHobbies/Interests: Listening tomusic, reading, watching televisionFUN FACT: I am terrified ofmascots.
  33. 33. Zoe MakowskySAR 2015 OccupationalTherapyHometown: NewVernon, NJPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Mallory OrrLittle: Maggie ZhangFavorite Service: Taste of the SouthEndFavorite Fellowship: Painting theRockHobbies/Interests: Reading,drawing, tennis, photographyFUN FACT: I’ve gone stargazingin the desert!
  34. 34. Cara MayberrySAR 2015 PhysicalTherapyHometown: Aiken, SCPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Hasan AlheloLittles:Adrienne Lee, ChristineTran,and Keyla Blanco GomezFavorite Service: Bikes not BombsFavorite Fellowship: ScavengerHuntHobbies/Interests: Soccer, music, tvshowsFUN FACT: I’m scared ofescalators.
  35. 35. Kelcy McCabeCAS 2015 International RelationsHometown: Killingly, CTPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Tracy ZhuLittles:Ann Shum andTanni ArifFavorite Service: Greater BostonFood BankFavorite Fellowship: ScavengerHuntHobbies/Interests: Tennis, history,and travelingFUN FACT: Im related to one ofthe Salem witches.
  36. 36. Elyse McKayCAS 2013 Political ScienceHometown: Candia, NHPledge Class: Fall 2010Big: Shirley BiLittles: Lily Liang, ChinChu, andVictoria LiquoriFavorite Service: American Red CrossFavorite Fellowship: KaraokeHobbies/Interests: Reading, drawing,traveling, baking, cooking, exploringthe outdoors, and choir practiceFUN FACT: My hair is namedSimba.
  37. 37. Sarah MessickCAS 2015 Psychology/Educationand SpanishHometown: Seattle, WAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Sarah SwainLittles:Alex Swanson, StephaniePennetti, and Sarah FuscoFavorite Service: Relay for LifeFavorite Fellowship: KaraokeHobbies/Interests: Yoga, dance,and hanging out with mypreschoolers.FUN FACT: I ran away from amedical crew in order tocomplete the SeattleMarathon.
  38. 38. Crystal MichaelidesCAS 2015 Biology Pre-medHometown: Long Island, NYPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Kyli HerzbergFavorite Service: Prison BooksFavorite Fellowship: Miracle BerriesHobbies/Interests: Reading, music,watching movies/obsessing over tvshows, sleeping, temple run (at themoment)FUN FACT: If I hear dialoguefrom an episode of Friends, Iknow exactly whichepisode/scene is playing.
  39. 39. Divya MoorjaniCAS 2015 Political Science andInternational RelationsHometown: Hong KongPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Grace HannawiLittles: Melissa Lam and Alissa KimFavorite Service: Hope LodgeFavorite Fellowship: Dr.WhoHobbies/Interests: Knitting,reading, hanging out with friends,COMMUNITY SERVICE :)FUN FACT:When I read outloud I have a posh Britishaccent.
  40. 40. Deeplata NandENG 2016 Biomedical EngineeringHometown: Aurora, COPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Erica JutrasFavorite Service: Barbara McInnisHouseFavorite Fellowship: MovieMarathonHobbies/Interests: Dancing, hiking,making jewelry, and napping.FUN FACT: Im ridiculouslyterrified of moths.
  41. 41. Mallory OrrCAS 2015 Political Science and PRHometown: San Diego, CAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Alberto MedinaLittles: Zoe Makowsky and JessiCheungFavorite Service: Rosie’s PlaceFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnersHobbies/Interests: RealityTV, tryingnot to look weird when eating alone inthe dining hall, working at FitRecFUN FACT: I have a fear ofcondiments. I dont like to touchthem, look at them, or eat withpeople who are eatingthem....especially mayonnaise.
  42. 42. Angela OrtizCAS 2013 PsychologyHometown: Humble,TXPledge Class: Fall 2010Big: BeaVidalLittle: Jenny CahillFavorite Service: American Red CrossFavorite Fellowship: Angela andAshrays DeathWings ChallengeHobbies/Interests: Art, internet,feminism, cats, community service,exploring, and climbing stuff!FUN FACT: I climbed Mt. Doom,the mountain from Lord of theRings!
  43. 43. Stephanie PennettiSED 2015 ElementaryEducation/Deaf StudiesHometown: Long Island, NYPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Sarah MessickLittle: Lauren JohnsonFavorite Service: Boo at the ZooFavorite Fellowship: Warm Bodiesand Ice Skating at the Frog PondHobbies/Interests: Eating, dancing,indulging in realityTV shows,horseback riding, eating chocolateFUN FACT: A few years ago, Ibroke my finger trying to kill aspider...and I missed the spider.
  44. 44. Sherry PrasadCAS 2014 Medical Sciences/VisualArts & BusinessHometown: South Brunswick, NJPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Allison DaleyLittles:Anita Knopov and BethMarkosFavorite Service: Taste of the SouthEndFavorite Fellowship: Painting theRockHobbies/Interests: Photography,Art, Reading, Driving (RoadTrips!)FUN FACT: I’ve lived in 6 cities!
  45. 45. Ashray ReddyENG 2013 Mechanical EngineeringHometown: IraTwp, MIPledge Class: Fall 2009Big: Eric MillerLittles:Tommy, Jason, Sabrina,Trisha, Neil, Julia, PeterFavorite Service: WBURFavorite Fellowship: PledgeWeekField NightHobbies/Interests: Soccer,basketball, and cookingFUN FACT: I have been to everysoccer world cup since I wasborn.
  46. 46. Sabrina SalgiaSAR 2014 OccupationalTherapyHometown: Park Ridge, ILPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Ashray ReddyLittle: Sarah BaikFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: Anything foodrelatedHobbies/Interests: Reading, tennis,badminton, running on the CharlesRiver,YOGA, dancingFUN FACT: I am obsessed withgreen tea and coconut water.
  47. 47. Shivani ShahSAR 2015 HumanPhysiology/Medical AnthropologyHometown: Franklin Lakes, NJPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Katie LawlorFavorite Service: The walks andEsplanade servicesFavorite Fellowship: Ice skating andanything with foodHobbies/Interests: Long walks onthe beach and horseback ridingFUN FACT: I can jump rope withmy arms!
  48. 48. Vrushabh ShahSAR 2015 Nutritional ScienceHometown: Princeton, NJPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Dory LeviashviliFavorite Service: Boston Food Pantry &Smiling at PeopleFavorite Fellowship: Dinner at Ashray’s.Obsessed.Hobbies/Interests: Making up fake namesfor myself when I order a drink at starbucks,to help the barista out.FUN FACT: I have been in andtouched all the oceans of the world.In Starbucks, my name has variedfromTom to Renegade. On mostWednesdays, I dance to thriller in theshower, and shimmy periodicallythroughout the day.
  49. 49. Becca ShiplerCAS 2015 InternationalRelations/HistoryHometown: Silver Spring, MDPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Megan LundgrenFavorite Service: Boston RescueMissionFavorite Fellowship: Ice SkatingHobbies/Interests: Traveling,reading, writing, and shopping.FUN FACT: Im learning Arabicand Russian at the same time.
  50. 50. Tori SiliatoCAS 2015 BiologyHometown: LocustValley, NYPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Avia BuiFavorite Service: Light the NightWalkFavorite Fellowship: Fire & IceDinnerHobbies/Interests: Animals,running, art, & music.FUN FACT: I have a pet lizardnamed Boris.
  51. 51. Lauren SoaresCAS 2013 Psychology and EconomicsHometown: Stoughton, MAPledge Class: Fall 2009Big: Liz HerdterLittles: Mia Greenberg, Sami Hamdan,Lauren Joseph, Lizzie Selmi, and EricaJutrasFavorite Service: Boston RescueMissionFavorite Fellowship: Bro RetreatHobbies/Interests: Singing on thestreets of Boston, spending time withmy friends, writing, and being involvedin a lot of extracurriculars!FUN FACT: LikeTed Mosby, agoat once played a prominentrole in my life when I was chasedby one as a kid. I was afraid ofgoats for years.
  52. 52. Alex SwansonCAS 2014 Anthropology/Biology &EnglishHometown: Marlborough, MAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Sarah MessickLittles: Kaylan Kerr and Grace LeeFavorite Service: Boo at the ZooFavorite Fellowship: Boston LocalFood FestivalHobbies/Interests: Reading, writingand community service!FUN FACT: I am OBSESSED withall things Dunkin Ieven have a DD calendar that hascoupons...
  53. 53. AngieTelatovichSAR 2015 OccupationalTherapy/Public Health & SpeechPathologyHometown: St. Johns, PAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Hasan AlheloLittles:Charlotte Blake and RachelSteinbergFavorite Service: Boston SeafoodFestivalFavorite Fellowship: Movie NightsHobbies/Interests: Singing,napping, photography, and travelingFUN FACT: I lived abroadalmost my entire life.
  54. 54. LyndonThaiCAS 2014 International Relations &PR/Public HealthHometown: Portland, ORPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Sami HamdanLittle: LauraWongFavorite Service: Taste of the SouthEndFavorite Fellowship: Dim SumHobbies/Interests: Chilling withfriends, watching movies, videogames, and travellingFUN FACT: I can tell what any ofthe Pokemon are from the noisesthat they make in the games.
  55. 55. CourtneyTorresSchool/Year/MajorHometown:Pledge Class:Big:Little:Favorite Service:Favorite Fellowship:Hobbies/Interests:FUN FACT:
  56. 56. Thuy-VanTranCAS 2014 Neuroscience/HumanPhysiologyHometown: Boston, MAPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: LyndonThaiLittles: Marika Lee and JayheeAnFavorite Service: Boo at the ZooFavorite Fellowship: SpicyWingsChallengeHobbies/Interests: Dance,snowboarding, boxing, working outlike a madwoman, obsessing over myfavorite band 2NE1FUN FACT: I can do a split bothways.
  57. 57. Madeleine WinslowCAS 2014 InternationalRelations/Public HealthHometown: Denver, COPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Lily LiangLittle: Maddy LeeFavorite Service: America Red CrossFavorite Fellowship: BU HockeyHobbies/Interests: Hiking,kayaking, reading, hanging out withfriends, and travelingFUN FACT: Ask me anythingKorean Pop, Ive been a fan forquite some time.
  58. 58. MerryYuanSAR 2014 Health Science/PublicHealthHometown: Quincy, MAPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Sibel BagcilarLittle: Stephanie CaiFavorite Service: Taste of theNationFavorite Fellowship: Bro RetreatHobbies/Interests: Food, traveling,outdoor adventuresFUN FACT: I would like a petkiller whale.
  60. 60. Shirley ChenSHA 2013 HospitalityAdministrationHometown: NewYork City, NYPledge Class: Fall 2009Big: Sarah HwangFavorite Service: Taste of theNation, Prison Books, Stone ZooFavorite Fellowship: MoviemarathonsHobbies/Interests: Swimming,hiking, art, foreign/independent/oldfilms, dancing, comedy clubsFUN FACT: I went couch surfingacross Australia last year.
  61. 61. Thaddeus ChuaSAR 2014 Human PhysiologyHometown: SingaporePledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Aleksandar MejíaFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: Criminal MindsHobbies/Interests: Cooking,Archery, PhotographyFUN FACT: I cook awesomefood!
  62. 62. Neil DesaiSAR 2015 HumanPhysiology/Public HealthHometown: Providence, RIPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Ashray ReddyFavorite Service: Boston RescueMissionFavorite Fellowship: MovieMarathonHobbies/Interests: Musicproduction, sports, traveling,cookingFUN FACT: I have six nieces.
  63. 63. Lauren EffuneSED 2014 Elementary & SpecialEducationHometown: Port Washington, NYPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Meredith MedlinFavorite Service: Taste of theNationFavorite Fellowship: iBanquetHobbies/Interests: Traveling,photography, tweeting, meetingnew people!FUN FACT: I have dualcitizenship in America and inSouth Africa!
  64. 64. Jessica HsiangSHA/SMG 2013Hometown: Taipei,TaiwanPledge Class: Fall 2010Big: Alex MejíaLittle:Yenddie LinFavorite Service: American RedCross and Cradles to CrayonsFavorite Fellowship: Anything foodrelatedHobbies/Interests: Movies, reading,sports, jugglingFUN FACT: I really don’t likepolka dots.
  65. 65. Cristina KossakSAR 2015 AthleticTraining &PhysicalTherapyHometown: Three Bridges, NJPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: KimWestonLittle: Emily BaroniFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: GSU DinnerHobbies/Interests: Sports, going tothe beach, travellingFUN FACT: I used to becompletely fluent in Spanish.
  66. 66. Sarah KuzmackSAR 2014 AthleticTraining &PhysicalTherapyHometown: Port Jefferson Station,NYPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Sarah SwainFavorite Service: Relay for LifeFavorite Fellowship: iBanquetHobbies/Interests: Food, cookingfood, baking food, eating food, andjust food in general.FUN FACT: Im the only personin my family with blonde hair(and its naturally blonde!).
  67. 67. Katie LawlorCAS 2013 Psychology/BusinessHometown: Chicago, ILPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Peter MaLittles: Becky Brown and Shivani ShahFavorite Service: Boo at the ZooFavorite Fellowship: Black FamilyDinnersHobbies/Interests: Watching tv,exploring Boston, trying new food andlearning about psychology!FUN FACT: I love roller coasters!Even if Im basically crying in linebecause Im so scared, I alwayshave so much fun =)
  68. 68. Lily LiangSAR 2013 Human Physiology &Public HealthHometown: Brooklyn, NYPledge Class: Spring 2011Big: Elyse McKayLittles: Maddy Winslow and IreneWuFavorite Service: Barbara McInnisHouseFavorite Fellowship: TV ShowsHobbies/Interests: Tumblr andPinterest all day errdayFUN FACT: I like turtles.
  69. 69. Stephy LinSAR 2013 HumanPhysiology/ChineseHometown: Brooklyn, NYPledge Class: Spring 2011Big: Zach SmithLittles:Tracy Zhu and Belinda LeeFavorite Service: Taste of theNationFavorite Fellowship: Criminal MindsHobbies/Interests: Exploring newthings, research, reading, stretching,yoga, dancing, watching youtubevideosFUN FACT: I’m extremelydouble-jointed.
  70. 70. Yenndie LinSMG 2014 Operations &International ManagementHometown: Wayne, NJPledge Class: Spring 2011Big: Jessica HsiangFavorite Service: WBURFavorite Fellowship: Anything withfood!Hobbies/Interests: Eating (whoseisnt?),Watching Law and Order, andSustainable DevelopmentFUN FACT: By the time Igraduate, I am going to eat myway through Boston. Whoswith me!?
  71. 71. Alberto MedinaCAS 2013 Biology & FrenchHometown: El Paso,TXPledge Class: Spring 2010Big: MarcosVillarealLittles:Chelsea Berkowitz andMallory OrrFavorite Service: Cradles to CrayonsFavorite Fellowship: iBanquetHobbies/Interests: Love foreignlanguages, culture, and traveling.Community service and helpingothers is awesome! Love dancing!FUN FACT: I’ve studied abroadtwice!
  72. 72. Min Soo RohCAS 2015 International Relations &Art HistoryHometown: Jeonju, South KoreaPledge Class: Fall 2012Big: Gloria ZhangFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: Criminal MindsHobbies/Interests: love spongebobbut I hate hello kitty.FUN FACT: I have had long hairfor 20 years so I am planning tohave short hair for another 20years.
  73. 73. Tiaundra SmithCAS 2014 Neuroscience &Psychology, Pre-MedHometown: Hollywood, FLPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Lauren MacMullanLittle: Paavan ChopraFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: Paint WarsHobbies/Interests: Violinist, Music,Dancing, moviesFUN FACT: I’m a scary moviefanatic.
  74. 74. JessicaTyrrellSAR 2013 OccupationalTherapyHometown: Lodi, NJPledge Class: Fall 2010Big: Francielle SantiagoFavorite Service: Prison BooksFavorite Fellowship: Ones thatinclude foodHobbies/Interests: Knitting,TVFUN FACT: I would much ratherbe back in Ireland forever thanAmerica.
  75. 75. KimWestonCAS 2013 InternationalRelations/BusinessHometown: West Orange, NJPledge Class: Spring 2011Big: Siobhan AlexanderLittles: Samantha Eakes and CristinaKossakFavorite Service: Sunday’s BreadFavorite Fellowship: Board GamesHobbies/Interests: Zumba, Soccer,Music, Friends,Traveling, Exploringcities,WatchingTV/Movies, PaneraFUN FACT: I love cats.
  76. 76. IreneWuSAR 2015 Health ScienceHometown: Milford, NHPledge Class: Fall 2011Big: Lily LiangLittle: Ryan SchoepleinFavorite Service: Any at the zoo!Favorite Fellowship: ConclaveHobbies/Interests: Music &travelingFUN FACT: I have an amazingsolar powered dancing purplemonkey that my roommatesgave me.
  77. 77. ChaelinYooCOM 2013 Film &TV/Women’sStudiesHometown: Seoul, KoreaPledge Class: Spring 2011Big: Gloria ZhangFavorite Service: American RedCrossFavorite Fellowship: Criminal MindsHobbies/Interests: Workout, sports,hang with friends,meditate, lyingdown staring at the ceilingFUN FACT: Have run amarathon and went on awalking trip from bottom ofKorea to Seoul during my gapyear before college.