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Travel online manual

Travel insurance

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Travel online manual

  2. 2. go to and click on “Travel insurance” label Step 1 : 1 2travel 1TRAVEL INSURANC E Bupa offer more than secure registering system, your information will be recorded in our safety database, hence you can conveniently purchase next online travel insurance with us Our 5 simple steps allow you to purchase the online travel insurance whenever and wherever you want The insurance policy will be delivered to you right after finishing the order Our payment system is security guaranteed by Visa and Mastercard Our beyond standard service is certified and approved by the embassy The confident you can buy at Bupa online travel insurance Click Here
  3. 3. Step 2 : Step 3 : 2TRAVEL INS UR A NC E Click “Apply travel online” at Travel insurance page Select you travel insurance type and fill-in your information accordingly Select a Single trip or Annual multi trip, along with the travel period After complete the form, click “Get quote” (the rate will appear instantly) Cases have been determined and there are no quotations. You can enter information into the form. "Find a quotation to be" Click Here Click Here Click Here
  4. 4. 2travel 3T R A VEL INSU RANCE Quotes on insurance premiums, Click “Next step” to continue Step 3.1 : Step 3.2 : Click Here Click Here Click Here Choose customer type Go to step 3.3 if you are a returning customer Go to step 4 if you are a new customer
  5. 5. 3 4TRAVEL INSURANCE For returning customer, fill-in your password Step 3.3 : Create a new password and choose “next step” to continue ¤ÅÔ¡μç¹Õ้ **If you forgot the password, you can request the system to send to your inbox Step 4 : Forgot Password Click Here Click Here Fill Code Here
  6. 6. 2travel 5TRA VEL INSURANCE Step 4.1 : Step 4.1.1 : ¤ÅÔ¡μç¹Õ้ Complete your personal information Check the box at the bottom if you require a receipt, and choose “next step” after complete the form Click Here Click Here Click Here
  7. 7. 3 6TRAVEL INSURANCE TThe system will record your details and send them to your given e-mail, including username, password and purchase order Step 4.1.2 : Below is confirm email example you will receive, you can use this content as reference or make a transaction afterwards Click Here
  8. 8. 2travel 7TRAVEL IN SU R A N CE Click “ok” for save the quotation in case you want to make a payment afterwards Step 5.1 : Review your personal information before make a payment Step 5 : Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
  9. 9. 8TR AV E L INSURANCE We will redirect to our payment page, complete the form accordingly Step 6 : After the system is successfully verified, you can click “ok” for confirm Step 6.1 : Click Here Click Here
  10. 10. 2travel 9TRAVEL INSURANCE The verification system of each credit/ debit card may differ depends on the card providers. You may contact the card provider for further information and processing instruction You can print the payment confirmation and keep it for reference, click continue to complete the transaction travel travel Step 6.2 : Click Here
  11. 11. 3 10TR AVEL INSURANCE The system will instantly issue the insurance policy, which you can save it accordingly, while the issued insurance and relevant document will be sent to you inbox The documents include: 1.Travel Health Insurance Policy Schedule, You can print this form for visa application or carry along while travelling 2.Terms of Health and Accident Insurance Policy Please read the instruction about health and accident insurance policy carefully 3.Attending Physical report Please use this form for medical treatment Example of document downloading page Example of email content you will receive after complete the transaction travel