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Andrew Davis (Worst Kept Secret) #BectaX


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Andrew Davis (Worst Kept Secret)

Social Media Fundamentals: A course for schools

Part of the #BectaX conversation: bringing education, digital media & policy influencers together to shape future-learning

Published in: Education
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Andrew Davis (Worst Kept Secret) #BectaX

  1. 1. Andrew Davis Director The Worst Kept Secret
  2. 2. Andrew Davis How can sites like Facebook become relevant with your school’s curriculum?
  3. 3. Andrew Davis So Who Am I?
  4. 4. Andrew Davis Background
  5. 5. Andrew Davis Challenge
  6. 6. Andrew Davis So What Did We Do?
  7. 7. Andrew Davis Results
  8. 8. Andrew Davis My Objectives Work Related Learning Career options Life Skills
  9. 9. Andrew Davis Inspiration "If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what we can do" – Phil Leyland, Head of Boys School, Bishop Challoner
  10. 10. Andrew Davis The Secret… What Do You Want?
  11. 11. Andrew Davis What is Social Media?
  12. 12. Andrew Davis GCSE Digital Communication
  13. 13. Andrew Davis What’s Next?
  14. 14. Andrew Davis Director The Worst Kept Secret