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The Internet Conundrum


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Presentation to accompany presentation at GCIL.

Published in: Education
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The Internet Conundrum

  1. 1. THE INTERNET CONUNDRUM Sarah Page, Assistant Professor, English Brittany Richardson, Coordinator of Library Instruction Chattanooga State Community College
  2. 2. THE PROBLEMS • The struggle to find quality online sources impacts students academically and in their everyday lives. • Massive amount of information online. • Misinformation is commonplace. • Even good information can be diluted or distorted over time.
  3. 3. A SOLUTION • Interactive library session. • Searching skills • Evaluation skills • Relevant to both their assignment and their everyday use of the internet. • Overcoming “know it all” syndrome
  4. 4. THE RESULT Librarian’s Perspective • Interactivity went well, but with some adjustments! • The session was simple to prepare. • The session is replicable and relevant to other disciplines. Instructor’s perspective • Students enjoyed the sessions, especially the interactive parts. • Students like going to the library classroom and being taught by a new instructor; it wakes them up. • The types, diversity, and quality of sources did improve on their final essays. Learned what a better academic source is. • Realized the need to do more work with students to teach them how to better incorporate information in their papers and provide more context.
  5. 5. THE RESULT Students’ perspective List three things you learned in this session: “How to search for better results.” “How to see if a source is reliable.” “Very valuable tips on searching in google that I never knew.” “ I learned that if you put something in quotations on a search you will get the phrase and not each word.” List two things you would still like to know after this session: “More in-depth search strategies.” “Are there any sites with .org, .edu or .gov that aren’t very reliable?” “More about searching and how to improve my research.” List one way this session could be improved: “More class involvement” “Session was appealing to different types of learning” “Did a lot of hands on activities that actually help” “I enjoyed and learned a lot. It was fun believe it or not and it taught me a lot.”