Co sn commoncore 2013


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Co sn commoncore 2013

  1. 1. Implement Common Corewith Online Tools and Media Barbara Treacy March 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Focus How technology and media standards are infused throughout the CCSS How technology and media supports the deeper learning goals of the CCSS How technology supports the professional development needs of teachers to implement the CCSS
  3. 3. About EdTech Leaders Online Goal: Build capacity to use online learning to meet educational goals Based at EDC (education non-profit) since 1999 For states, districts, regional centers, universities, other educational organizations Over 4500 online facilitators trained in 36 states Online facilitator & course design programs 70+ online courses, including for Common Core Custom course development Learning Community, facilitated model
  4. 4. Quick CCSS OverviewCCSS are: Standards for students to be college and career ready Build on strengths/lessons of current state standards Designed to be: coherent, clearer, fewer, higher, measurable and internationally benchmarked Focus on fostering deeper learningCCSS are not: Curriculum Prescription for how to teach
  5. 5. Cross-grade learning progressions:Organization for Deeper Learning ELA  designed as a “staircase”  anchor standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language  media and literacy throughout  increased focus on  informational text  informative/explanatory writing  domain specific vocabulary
  6. 6. Coherent Organizationfor Deeper Learning Math  Standards for Mathematical Practice  Consistent across all grade levels  Describe mathematical habits of mind  Standards for Mathematical Content  Organized in domains that progress over several grades  High school standards presented by conceptual theme
  7. 7. CCSS Focus on Deeper Learning“Rigorous: he standards will include high-levelcognitive demands by asking students todemonstrate deep conceptual understandingthrough the application of content knowledge andskills to new situations.High-level cognitive demand includes reasoning,justification, synthesis, analysis, and problem-solving.”- Common Core State Standards Initiative Standards-Setting Criteria
  8. 8. CCSS Focus on Technology and MediaFrom the English Language Arts Standards:“Just as media and technology are integrated in school and life in the twenty-first century, skills related to media use (both critical analysis and production of media) are integrated throughout the standards.”“Students employ technology thoughtfully to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use.”
  9. 9. Focus on Technology and Media, cont.From the CCSS Mathematics Standards: “When making mathematical models, [students] know that technology can enable them to visualize the results of varying assumptions, explore consequences, and compare predictions with data... They are able to use technological tools to explore and deepen their understanding of concepts” and Math CCSS Media and Technology references: xHFtI6AMI7mlc/edit
  10. 10. CCSS Professional DevelopmentNeedsEducators need: to understand the the media and technology standards to understands how technology supports deeper learning throughout standards to understand the standards – overall - and how to align their teaching
  11. 11. Online PD for CCSS Approach Focused on content, pedagogy, and assessment Developed in a learning community model Provide time for teacher reflection Enables teachers to try out strategies in their classrooms and create new classroom-based CCSS aligned lessons Enables feedback from course participants and facilitator Focus on how media and technology support teacher and student deeper learning – providing important experience with technology resources teachers can explore and use with their students.
  12. 12. Two-Course Series for Mathematics and forEnglish Language Arts/Literacy English Language Arts-Literacy  Implementing ELA-Literacy CCSS – Focus on Assessment & Reading Standards  Implementing ELA-Literacy CCSS – Focus on Writing, Research & Presentation Mathematics  Exploring the Common Core Math Practices  Examining the Common Core Math Content Standards Preview: Username and Password: webinar
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  23. 23. Thank you!Barbara Treacybtreacy@edc.orgEdTech Leaders Onlinehttp://edtechleaders.orgEducation Development Center