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Bi Nsg401


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Bi Nsg401

  1. 1. @ Your Library! |! URS 401 Beth Transue, Librarian btransL: e@messiah eciu . AIM: BoolibMessiah Facebook X3810
  2. 2. Objectives I Review bioethics sources and searching in: I Library Resource Guides I Library catalog I Databases/ Periodical Indices I Controversial Issues Resources I Websites I News
  3. 3. Library Resource Guides http: //www. messiah. edu/ murrayli brary/
  4. 4. Library Catalog Books, DVDs Combine subject terms with keywords Bioethics it Medical ethics . ::V _ _c' _. Moral and ethical aspects ' -»‘e— Big: http: //www. messiah. edu/ murraylibrary/
  5. 5. Databases I CINAHL I Pubmed/ MEDLINE I Religion Index I Issues and Controversies
  6. 6. CINAHL Database of journal articles related to nursing and other allied health fields htltp: // L“ w. r‘r; :ssial1.: clu
  7. 7. PubMed I Database of articles related to the medical field I Coordinated by National go _s 5 Library of Medicine ( $7 - FREE, even when not at Messiah! http: //www. pubmed. gov
  8. 8. Religion Index General religious topics Use when searching for articles discussing Christian worldview of particular topic rvttp / /it-will’ r. “:: s,; an er? .1/I“urrayli13.273// cn| ?.1«
  9. 9. Issues and Controversies Provides factual analysis and explanations about controversial issues Contains background information and statistics http / /xrxrww messiah edu/ murraylibrary/ onI
  10. 10. Controversial Issues Resources I Hastings Center Report I Churches Speak I Reference Shelf I Opposing Viewpoints
  11. 11. Hastings Center Report I Articles on ethical issues in medicine, the life sciences and the professions I Access through ASP
  12. 12. Churches Speak I Official statements from religious bodies and ecumenical organizations I Contains current and historical statements I Search library catalog
  13. 13. Reference Shelf I Five volumes published annually on various topics. Some are related to health care. I Search through library catalog
  14. 14. Opposing Viewpoints I Collections of pro and con article and book selections. I Search through library catalog
  15. 15. Websites National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature - Kennedy Institute for Ethics http / /W‘-/ ’W. g€Oi"g€tOWfl ed u/ research / n rcbl/ *
  16. 16. News I Google (about 2 weeks) I Google archives (historical) I News databases